Meet the Crew


Here’s a little bit more about the most important people in my life that you will see pop up on the blog from time to time. This is by no means a full list – these are just a few people that mean a lot to me šŸ™‚


This is my boyfriend, Fabio.

We met in the fall of 2008 when we were both sophomores in college in the same economics class. Fabio lived with his friends in the dorm next to mine, and one day I realized I had econ homework due and had no clue how to do it. I walked next door to ask Fabio for help, and we became instantĀ friends. Fabio is caring, outgoing, and funny, so after a few months of hanging out together we realized we wanted to beĀ more than friends. We never really had the ā€œwill you be my girlfriend”Ā talk, but after a few months we just sort of realized we wanted to beĀ together.

We have been dating ever since and have been through a lot. Fabio has been there to support me through good times and bad, and I donā€™t know where Iā€™d be without him. He is definitely my best friend and we talk about absolutely everything. We have a very easy-going relationship (at least most of the time; I donā€™t think anyone is perfect) and we are very happy together! šŸ™‚



This is ourĀ dog, Jack!Ā In the fall of 2011 we adopted him from a shelter in New York,Ā andĀ he was about one year old at that time.

Here’s his mug shot from the day we adopted him!



He is such a little bundle of joy and he makes me happy every day.Ā I run with him all the time and we love takingĀ him to the dog park near us after work. JackĀ is such a cuddle bug and I love him so much! You can definitely expect to see lots of pictures of this buddy here on the blog.

Other Friends and Family

This is my beautifulĀ mom and my step-dad, Fritz. This picture was taken in Italy, which is basically their favorite place ever. They visit Italy every couple of months, andĀ have even brought us along a couple of times! You can read more aboutĀ that here.


Here we are with Fritz’s daughter Maggie, and her boyfriend Nick in Jamaica! (Read more about that here.) Maggie is just a couple of years younger than I am, and I am lucky to haveĀ her as my step-sister. šŸ™‚


Here I am with Fabio, my dad, my stepmom,Ā and my half-sister Nicole at Yellowstone National Park (read more about that here).


And these are my best friends from college, Sloppytown! I mention them a lot on the blog so to help you keep everyone straight, here are their names from left to right: Britt, Megan M, Catrina, Megan C, me, Jess, and Kristen. I love them!


I also have a couple of great girlfriends from home who pop up on the blog from time to time, so here they are:

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  1. Nice job! Liking the blog a lot! šŸ™‚

  2. Hey, nice blog! You give some great tips!

  3. That is pretty awesome to have a boyfriend named Fabio! Your love story sounds eerily similar to my hubby and my story….in fact, ALMOST exactly the same….the only difference was that it wasn’t econ homework. Having met in nursing school, we helped each other with our nursing homework. He began spending more and more time at my apartment right off campus and, like you, one thing led to the next and we just pretty much just become bf/gf. I love your blog here and can’t wait to read more! — Julie

  4. I’m from the DC metro area but currently living about 30 minutes outside of it! I love running too! Excited to have found your blog and follow along šŸ™‚

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