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Hey friends! It’s currently Sunday night and I am in the car on my way back from a fabulous weekend in New York City. Fabio and I headed up to the city on Friday evening and spent a lovely couple of days with our friends. Here’s a recap of our time there!


When we arrived at Fabio’s dad’s house in Queens around midnight on Friday, we spent a little time canoodling with Jack and talking with Fabio’s dad before heading to bed. We were pooped!


On Saturday we left Jack with Fabio’s dad and took the subway into the city! From there we met up with Hana– one of my closest friends from home who I’ve known for twenty years. Wow- I can’t believe we’ve been friends for so long. Even though Fabio and I go up to New York all the time, we don’t get to see Hana very often so it was great catching up with her this weekend.

After dropping our stuff off at her adorable apartment, we headed to a boat/bar called the Frying Pan!

The bar was on a boat and had a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline, which was lovely. A bunch of Hana’s friends were at the bar, and some of our college friends (including Catrina!) joined us as well!

It was a beautiful day (if a little hot) and we had a fabulous time!

After a few hours at the Frying Pan, we headed off to get a late lunch, and then relaxed at Hana’s apartment for a while chatting and watching movies. It was a great afternoon!

Soon it was time to go out! A bunch of Hana’s friends came over for a pregame before we headed out to a few fun bars in the city.
My favorite bar that we went to was called Hotel Chantelle and it had a lovely rooftop as well as a dingy basement with a fantastic DJ who played 90s hits. It was the best of both worlds- the classy roof and the dance party frat basement. So fun!


On Sunday we all got brunch together and I enjoyed eggs Chesapeake, which is essentially eggs benedict on a crab cake. Delicious.

I also shared some homemade biscuits and bacon with Hana, which were incredible. Yum!!

Fabio got a bacon cheeseburger which was about as big as his head.

Later in the day we watched the World Cup Final and my friends Kristen and Megan came over. Fabio’s friend Hayden came over as well, and the two of them spent the game snuggling with Jack. Just make yourself comfortable buddy.

As soon as the game ended we hopped in our car and began our long trip back to Arlington. So far the traffic hasn’t been too bad (we’re in Delaware right now) but we shall see what time we wind up getting home!

My weekend in Manhattan was an absolute blast and I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with my friends! I’m sure I’ll be feeling exhausted tomorrow, but it was worth it! Now I just have to force myself not to skip my workout in the morning….what will seem better, sleep or a workout?

Question of the day: What do you do during long road trips? (Clearly I’m using this as an opportunity to blog!)

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  1. Hahaha, Jack’s eyes in that top picture – hilarious! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!! I always want to blog during long car rides, but sadly have a terrible habit of getting car sick if I try to do it for longer than like 15 minutes. Bummer! Instead Chris and I usually take that time to talk about life, plan for the future, and listen to awesome throwback music!

  2. I’m salivating over your delicious looking breakfast!

  3. I’m new to your blog, and I love it. You seem to live a very balanced lifestyle, and you’re a great example to all those wanting to live healthier lives!

  4. Looks like such a fun weekend! I must say this every time but you have seem to live such a cosmopolitan life – very cool popping into New York. Very jealous! The breakfast looks awesome as well.
    I love your dress with the yellow skirt – so pretty.

  5. I love all your cute dresses! I have such a hard time remembering to buy/wear/think about dresses unless it’s a more formal occasion. It’s just so much easier for me to thrown on shorts and a t shirt!

    I love long road trips, but I love them even more if I am by myself. When I drove to GA for FitBloggin it was so much fun! I just put on music and the windows down and rocked out. Plus I could stop to pee whenever I wanted to! If I’m not alone, we will usually also rock out, but pepper in some good conversation as well.

    • I like road trips alone too, but I do get bored after a couple hours (I think I just don’t like driving for a long time). Being a passenger on a long road trip is much better in my opinion!

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