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Hi friends! How was the weekend for you? We actually stuck around this weekend, which was really nice after what feels like a whole Summer of being away. Here’s my recap!


On Friday night, Fabio and I joined a few of my coworkers for a fundraising event for a very special nonprofit organization, the Luv U Project. My former coworker Christin and her dad created the Luv U Project after a tragedy struck their family, and it’s so inspiring to see how they’ve been able to take their grief and turn it into something positive. I’m so proud of Christin for what she and her family have been able to accomplish, and I love being able to attend these events to show my support.

Friday evening’s event was a booze cruise along the Potomac, which made it even easier to show our support. 🙂 Who wouldn’t want to raise money for a great cause and still have a fun evening out with friends?? Here we are pre-booze cruise with my coworker Carly, her husband Matt, Christin, and my other coworker Dani!

The cruise set sail at 9:30 p.m., and though it was an incredibly humid night, the air was slightly cooler on the water.

After some quick remarks from Christin and the honoree of the evening, we enjoyed an open bar, lots of food, and plenty of good music! At one point there was a hula-dancing contest among three guys, which, as you can imagine, was pretty entertaining.

Overall we had such a fun night at the Luv U Luau, and I felt so lucky to have coworkers that I also consider to be great friends. 🙂


Fabio and I slept in on Saturday, and then made our way over to Northside Social for breakfast! I opted for the smoked salmon and poached egg sandwich, and it was as amazing as I remembered.

We also shared a bacon scone – meaning I ate most of it, no shame – and each got an iced coffee.

The rest of the day was spent running tons and errands and getting some stuff done around the house that we’d been putting off for a while. Around dinnertime, we broke out the new pasta machine we got for the wedding.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make fresh pasta!! You basically dump in one measuring cup full of flour, then one measuring cup full of a beaten egg + some water, and then turn the machine on. Out comes fresh pasta!!

We enjoyed our pasta with some tomato sauce that my mom made with all her fresh tomatoes from the garden, and it was SO delicious. We will definitely be using this machine a lot!

We finished up the night with a few episodes of Shameless on the couch. 🙂


We slept in again on Sunday (one of the best parts of spending the weekend at home!) and then I took Jack for a quick run before it was time to head over to Diane and Alex’s house so we could meet our new nephew!

Baby Michael Leon is just a few days old now, and we had fun holding him, burping him, staring at his adorableness, etc. 🙂

I wound up making this quinoa veggie enchilada casserole and these no-bake oatmeal nut butter balls for the new parents to enjoy since I figured cooking wouldn’t be at the top of their priority list right now. Both recipes seemed like they were hits! It was so great to catch up with them and meet our new family member!

And now I’m back at home while Fabio is squeezing in a quick 9-hole game of golf with our friend Jason. We are looking forward to watching Game of Thrones later tonight, and I might try to take a short nap since I heard it’s going to be an extra long episode! (And I’m a Grandma and hate going to bed so late.) Can’t wait to see what happens!

Question of the day: How good are you with babies?

I’ve held newborn babies before, but today was the first time I tried burping one. It was hard because I couldn’t see the baby’s face when he was on my shoulder, and I wanted to make sure I was doing it right! I guess you get better with practice, right?

P.S. It’s really hard for me to type “burping” – it seems like my fingers only know how to type “burpees.” Haha!

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