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Hey there! Happy Friyayyy!! 🙂 As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been having some great workouts lately and I wanted to take some time to tell you about them! Here’s a peek at what my workouts have looked like for the last two weeks, all of which were made possible through ClassPass. Yay! 🙂 (Psst – use this link to get $20 off of ClassPass registration!)

Last week

Monday: TRX at Reformation Fitness

I told you guy all about this class already; it was the one that was supposed to be a spin class but due to a dumb mistake on my end wound up being an awesome TRX class. Not a bad mistake at all, really! It was pretty hard and my glutes were really sore after this one, probably from all the weighted jumping lunges. Those get me every time!


Tuesday: Fly Barre

Ah, this class is always SO incredibly hard! It’s a totally different kind of hard than the TRX class too – instead of sweating my butt off and being out of breath, my muscles shake and quake and I have to force myself to keep dipping and pulsing. The class was taught by Stephen, who is without a doubt my favorite fly barre instructor. I pretty much only take his class! (Side note: I actually talked about this class in an interview I did with WTOP radio recently! Check it out!)


Wednesday: Run one mile/rest

Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day for me (which I definitely needed – I was really sore) but I still wanted to get moving a little so I took Jack on a rainy one mile run. It was nothing crazy, but it felt good to get my blood pumping.


Thursday: Run 3 miles

Another rainy run with Jack! This time we covered three miles and made it over to Union Station. Hello, Capitol building!


Friday: Metabolic Resistance Training class at Definitions

On Friday I joined my friends Anne and Kathleen for the Metabolic Resistance Training class at 6:15 am at Definitions! We love this class and try to take it every few weeks. It’s a small space, but the instructors really maximize the area and equipment to deliver a really fun and challenging workout. Love it!

Recycled picture, same crew!

Saturday & Sunday: Rest (Jess’ Bachelorette in the Poconos!)



This week

Monday: Rest

Aka recovering from the weekend. 😉

Tuesday: HIIT at Reformation Fitness

I liked the TRX class at Reformation Fitness so much last week that I decided to go back this week for their High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. I wound up taking the 6:00 am class with instructor Julie, and it was a great workout! One thing I really liked about her class was that she had us focus on technique/form before sending us off to the do the workout (sort of like at a CrossFit class). For example, we practiced doing snatches with pieces of PVC pipe to make sure our form was correct before we spent five whole minutes doing as many snatches as possible with a bar. Phew! It was a really good workout (it was mostly upper body on Tuesday) and the muscles in my back were pretty sore afterwords.

Wednesday: Urban Athletic Club

On Wednesday I joined Anne for one of our favorites, Urban Athletic Club! We always love the variety in these classes and they fly right by. The workout of the day was a particularly hard one, and we went through lots of push ups, pull ups, burpees, mountain climbers, (more) snatches, lunges, and more.




Thursday: Rest day!

Friday: Run 3 miles

I’m actually writing this up on Thursday evening so this hasn’t happened yet, but I’m planning to run 3 miles with Jack tomorrow or hit the treadmill if it winds up being snowy. We will see!

Saturday: I have plans to join Anne for a special Soul Cycle class on Saturday, and I am pumped! You know I’ll tell you all about it. 🙂

Sunday: Rest day!

So there you have it, a review of two weeks’ worth of workouts all in one post. Phew!

Question of the day: How many times a week do you work out?

Anywhere between three and five workouts per week is good with me! I like my scheduled rest days. 🙂

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