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Hi friends! Long time no talk, huh? As I mentioned, last week I was super busy packing everything up for our move and then flying off for a quick work trip in Boston. Verizon wound up turning off our internet midway through the week, so I couldn’t have blogged even if I had had the time. Boo. But now we’re all moved in and I’m back at it!

Since a lot happened while I was away from the blog, I thought I’d give you guys a bit of a recap to catch you up.

First of all, my entire week looked a lot like this:


And this:


We got the keys to our new apartment on Monday, so every day after work last week Fabio and I brought over a load of boxes. My dad wound up coming to help one of the days, which was awesome since he has a really big car that we could cram more boxes into. 🙂


In an effort to try to clear out our kitchen before the move, Fabio and I tried to eat everything out of our fridge, freezer, and cabinets before we left for Jamaica. Of course that meant we had no food in the apartment all last week, so I wound up buying lunch a lot. Luckily we have a Whole Foods near my office, so I got pretty familiar with the hot bar. Make your own salads FTW!


I also love the chicken caesar salad wraps from the little deli across the street from my office, so I had that one day too.


Overall I tried to keep my meals on the healthy side, which is obviously a bit challenging when you’re eating out every day. I think I managed to do a decent job!

On my last night in our Arlington apartment, Fabio and I decided to celebrate this new milestone with a nice dinner out. We wound up trying Tupelo Honey, a new southern-style restaurant that opened literally across the street from our apartment.


This restaurant just opened last Monday, and I already can tell it’s going to be a huge hit. When we walked in at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, there was a 20 minute wait and the bar was packed! Since we live so close, we decided to walk back home during the 20 minute wait to continue packing boxes. #MovingProblems. Soon we got a text message letting us know our table was ready (cool!) and then we were taken to our table.

Fabio and I each started off with a tasty beer. I can’t remember what I had – Fabio picked it out for me – but it was delicious! (It was also much needed after this stressful week…)

Then we were each given a delicious buttery biscuit and fruit preserves to smear on it. Yum! I am a huge sucker for biscuits, especially when they are warm and buttery like this one was.


As I perused the menu, I couldn’t believe all the delicious-looking options they had! I thought the sides in particular looked really tasty.

IMG_2484 (1)

Fresh blueberry and lemon quinoa with arugula and feta?? French green beans with brown butter and basil?? Yes please!

I wound up ordering the shrimp and grits (which sadly didn’t come with a side – next time!) and I was so impressed by everything.


The shrimp were cooked perfectly, and the grits were cheesy and thick. Yum! I wound up having tons of leftovers for the next day, which is always a win in my book. 🙂

I am actually kind of happy this restaurant opened at the same time as our move; if we were still living right next to it I think our wallets and our waistlines would suffer. Everything was fantastic! I definitely recommend trying Tupelo Honey if you’re ever in the area.

The next day I hopped on a plane and headed to Boston for a quick work trip. Bye DC!


Although the weather was dreary and cold when I left DC on Thursday, it was very pretty and sunny when I arrived in Boston around 3:00 pm.


I didn’t have to meet my manager until around 5:30, so I killed some time by hanging out in Boston Common, a beautiful park near the hotel where we stayed. While in the park I munched on a fruit tart and sipped an ice coffee from the Thinking Cup, a cute cafe I found while walking around.


I had such a nice afternoon sitting in the sunshine and reading my kindle in the park. The fruit tart didn’t hurt either. 😉 Sometimes you just need a little treat! It was delicious, and worth every calorie.

Later that evening when I was done with work, I met up with my friend Britt for dinner at Joe’s Bar & Grill. The restaurant was right on the water, and I had a lovely view of the harbor while we ate (I had scallops which were phenomenal!).


After dinner we headed over to a fun bar called Tia’s where we met up with a few of Britt’s coworkers. It was a really fun evening and I’m so glad I got to experience some Boston nightlife!


The next day I had an important meeting from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (this was what I flew in for), but after that I was free to explore! I wound up walking all over Boston and saw everything from the Boston tea party museum to the Old North Church to Paul Revere’s house.


It was a beautiful day to walk around, and I finally feel like I know Boston a little better now! It’s a beautiful city, and I had so much fun exploring.


Britt and I wound up having one more lovely dinner together (we ate on the rooftop of Legal Harborside where we split a lobster roll and some sushi) and then I had to head back to the airport.

I arrived home around 10:30 pm and spent my Friday night packing up the rest of our stuff. Ugh. Luckily Fabio’s dad had driven down from New York to help us pack, which was SO helpful! The rest of my weekend was spent moving boxes and unpacking at the new apartment, and I think we’ve finally made some really good progress! Thank goodness this whole process is almost over – moving is SUCH a pain. Yesterday afternoon we met with the landlord of our Arlington apartment to hand over the keys. Now I can say we are officially DC residents!

And now we’re all caught up. Phew!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite way to explore a new city?

For me it’s by walking or running!

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  1. Ahh sounds so stressful! But wow that meal looks amazing. I think I would have just ordered about 4 sides lol!
    I have all this to come soon with moving out of my house into a flat…gargghh!

  2. What book are you reading at the moment??

  3. Eeek! Sounds like you had a crazy week! Hope the work meeting went well and I love exploring new cities for work, its a win:win situation! Congrats on the new spot and I wish more places in CA gave away biscuits instead of bread. xoxo, ganeeban

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