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Hi friends! When we last left off, I had just recapped part 1 of our amazing Labor Day weekend. If you missed that post, read that first here! Here’s the second half of my recap.


On Saturday morning, CC and I decided to check out the Otis Farmer’s Market!


It’s a relatively small market but has a bunch of cute little stands. We wound up getting a few goodies from the Maple Corner Farm stand, including maple syrup and corn relish.


I can’t wait to try them both!



CC also picked up a few more veggies for the day, and then we returned home to find the boys right where we had left them: playing whiffle ball in the back yard.



We then headed inside where Steve made us lattes, and CC cooked up some eggs.



Then we all headed out for a hike! We decided we wanted to take Jack over to Lower Spectacle Pond – a lake similar to the one where we’d gone the day before – and Steve offered to drive the paddle boards over so we could take them out as soon as we got to the pond. Perfect!

CC, Fabio, Jack, and I enjoyed a nice 2.5ish mile over to the pond, where we found Steve waiting for us with the boards. Jack instantly jumped in the water to be with Steve, and we decided to try to get Jack onto one of the boards.


It was slow going at first since Jack totally didn’t understand what we were trying to get him to do, but we kept trying.


Finally we got him on, and then Steve had to get on himself.





Good job Steve and Jack!


After that, CC and I decided to paddle out ourselves while Steve helped Fabio get Jack onto his board.


It took some time, but they got there in the end!



My boys! <3


Although Jack didn’t seem to love being on the board (especially when I got too close, as he’d try to jump off and swim to me) he didn’t seem to hate it either. Fabio even said that toward the end when he was paddling back to shore that Jack was looking all around at the trees and the birds and not trying to jump off into the water. I’ll call that a success!

After our hike, the boys went off to play tennis and CC and I relaxed on the back deck for a while, and when they came back we enjoyed more snacks and drinks.



We wrapped up the evening with some bocce ball and another delicious dinner! (We had amazing BBQ chicken and more corn.)


There was even some badminton that took place late at night, which was the perfect way to end our amazing weekend in the Berkshires.

Thank you so much for having us, CC and Steve!


We hit the road on Sunday morning, and headed over to Long Island for a rosé and oyster party with our friends! This was the perfect way to break up the drive home too, so we were really happy with the timing.


There was so much wine, and SO many oysters.



I loved that there were different types to try too!


In addition to oysters, our friend Brian’s dad (our host and chef for the party!) made four different types of sliders: cheeseburgers, crab cakes, pulled pork, and chicken parm. Amazing! Everything was delicious.


After dinner, the boys had a fantasy football draft so the girls played some drinking games!


It was a lot of fun, and I think the boys were slightly jealous when they came up to join us after their draft.





On Monday morning we made the drive back home. We arrived home at around 3:30 pm and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and getting a few chores done around the house (plus writing this post!).

Overall it was such an incredible Labor Day weekend, but I’m definitely feeling exhausted after all the fun. I have to thank our amazing hosts CC and Steve for everything; we had an absolute blast!!

Question of the day: Are you playing fantasy football?

I’m playing with my friends this year, but honestly have no clue what I’m doing.

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