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Hello there! Did all my American friends have a nice Labor Day weekend? Ours was amazing, and I’m feeling really bummed that it’s already behind us. I was looking forward to this one for a long time!

We spent most of our long weekend up at my Aunt CC and Uncle Steve’s house in the Berkshire mountains. Their house is located in Otis/Sandisfield, which is in southwestern Massachusetts. It’s surrounded by lakes and mountains, which makes it the perfect summer (and winter) getaway!


Here’s part one of my recap, with the rest coming tomorrow.

Thursday/Super Early Friday

Fabio and I drove up to CC and Steve’s house on Thursday evening, and we spent the 7ish hour drive listening to a combination of podcasts and random music on Spotify (the “Singing in the Shower” playlist saved us!). When we got close to Manhattan I sent this snapchat to all my NYC friends. So close, but so far!


We arrived at CC and Steve’s house at a little after 2:00 am, and instead of going to sleep like normal people we opened up a bottle of wine and snacked on some cheese while we caught up with CC and Steve until almost 5:00 am. Welcome to vacation!


We woke up at around 9:30 am on Friday, and CC and Steve made us delicious egg scrambles with apple chicken sausage and English muffins. Yum!


It was a beautiful morning – right around 70 degrees – and I was definitely feeling happy that I took off from work for the day to make the most of our trip.


Yep, this sure beats sitting in the office!


After breakfast it was time for our main adventure of the day: paddle boarding! CC and Steve have four paddle boards (and some kayaks that we could have used if we preferred) so after breakfast we strapped them up on the trailer and drove about 5 minutes down the road to one of the lakes.


I had been dying to try a paddle board for years, so I was really excited. I was no expert for sure, but with some guidance from Steve, I got the hang of things. He also loaned me his waterproof phone case so I could document the fun. It worked great!


Fabio was a great first-time-paddle-boarder too!


After paddle boarding for a little while, Steve took off ahead of us toward the shore, and before I knew it he was jumping off a rope swing into the water!




Apparently there used to be a lot of houses along this lake a while back, and someone had set up the rope swing when this area was inhabited. It was perfect for us to play with!

I went off the rope swing two different times, but on the second try I grabbed the rope way too low and wound up completely dragging in the water. Oops! Guess I need some practice.





It was a lot of fun. 🙂

Steve went off a couple more times and even did some tricks into the water, but CC and Fabio didn’t try the rope swing. I guess it’s not for everyone!


After that we continued paddling out for a while before tying our boards together and lounging in the sunshine while the current pulled us back to shore.


What a fun adventure!


After boarding we headed home for a quick lunch (we had wraps with all the fixings) and then Fabio and Steve left to play golf while CC and I caught some rays at the lake.


Like usual, we enjoyed spending a few hours in the sunshine chatting about anything and everything. 🙂


It was a beautiful afternoon and so peaceful on the lake!




Later in the afternoon we returned home and hung outside for a while with Jack, who absolutely loves coming up to CC and Steve’s place.


He has such a blast romping around the woods and running in their backyard.


Eventually the boys returned and we all enjoyed some beverages and snacks (more cheese).


Steve made us the most delicious cucumber mint cocktails, which I’m determined to recreate at home. They also have these huge ice cubes which make drinking cocktails more fun somehow. I must get an ice cube tray like this!


We wound up eating dinner outside a while later, and enjoyed steaks and corn on the cob. Delicious!


After dinner Fabio and Steve played darts, ping pong and pool, while CC and I continued chatting.


We wound up going to bed at around 1:45 am, which was actually pretty early for this gang.

Part 2 is coming at you tomorrow!

Question of the day: Rope swing, yes or no?


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  1. This all looks like so much fun! I love that you guys cracked a bottle of wine open at 2am. #FamilyGoals

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