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Hey there, and happy Monday! I’m feeling a bit sluggish after a super fun bachelorette weekend in the Poconos to celebrate my friend Jess‘ upcoming wedding. Let’s jump right in to the recap!


I took half a vacation day on Friday so we could drive up to the Poconos in time to meet the gang for dinner. My friend Mia drove, and even though we got stuck in tons of traffic, our journey wasn’t too bad. Eventually we arrived and were greeted by this beautiful bride to be!


How amazing is her veil, with her new last name in pink glitter across the back? Love this!


After everyone arrived, we hopped in some cabs to take us to dinner. In the past when I’ve gone to the Poconos, we’ve only ever spent time by the house and the ski resorts. I didn’t realize there were some good restaurants and bars in the area, and it was fun to see something new!

We wound up going to Garlic for dinner, which was an excellent choice.


Our friend Vic is one of the bridesmaids, and she set everything up for our group ahead of time. Our party of 18 had a few tables in the back of the restaurant, and she arranged to have different meals come out to the table family-style so we could all share. Everything was delicious! Plus is was so fun to have everyone together.


Here I am with some of my best friends from college – aka sloppytown!


After dinner, we walked down the street to a local bar where we had fun dancing the night away.


Jess, of course, was the star of the evening. 🙂


My beautiful friends!


Overall it was an amazing evening, and it was the perfect way to kick off the bachelorette weekend.


Saturday morning began with brunch at the house! Everyone divided and conquered to make a delicious meal of eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, bagels, and fruit. Everyone also had their own personalized mason jar to drink mimosas out of. So adorable!


At 1:00, our bus arrived to take us to the mountain for some snow tubing!


Yes, we took a (short) bus to the mountain and it was awesome. That way we could safely keep the mimosas going without worrying about someone having to drive.


The whole crew!


The bus ride was a ton of fun, and we had music blasting the whole way.

Me & Megan!




Eventually we made it to the mountain and got our tubes! I had never been snow tubing before, but it was a lot of fun.


There was even a conveyor belt to take us up the hill, so it wasn’t too bad getting to the top. It was really fast going down!


We wound up going down the mountain in mostly groups of three or four, although some brave souls went down by themselves with a running/jumping start. Phew!


We spent a few hours tubing before hopping back on the bus and coming home to…pizza! And pasta, and salad, and bread. #allthefood


The catered food was delicious and we happily tore into the spread.

Next, Jess opened up a bunch of lingerie and had to guess who bought it for her. She got some great pieces! And yes, she’s wearing some of them as a scarf in this pic. Haha!


And then we concluded the night with wine and dessert.


I wound up staying up until after 2:00 am because I was just having so much fun talking with my friends. It’s not even like we were doing anything crazy – just drinking wine and catching up – and to me that was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night.


On Sunday morning we had a quick breakfast, cleaned everything up, and then hit the road!

I wound up getting back home at around 3:30 and then I watched The Martian with Fabio in anticipation of the Oscars. It was really good!

This weekend was such a blast, and just made me even more excited for Jess’ wedding in April. I can’t wait!

Question of the day: Do you prefer skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, or neither?

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  1. Snow tubing is great! My best friend celebrate her birthday to the mountain and it was amazing 😉

  2. Hi Chelsea! I’m planning my friend’s bachelorette party in the Poconos this spring and I think we’ll be in a similar area as you, so I’m really happy to have come across this post! We’re checking out Garlic as a restaurant possibility, but can you also let me know which bar/bars you went to that night? Since you seem to have had a good time I’d love to be able to go off your recommendation 🙂

    Also, I went to UMD and see that you are friends with a few girls from my sorority! Small world!

    • I think we wound up going to Siamsa? Whatever it was it was right down the street and one of our waiters from Garlic actually walked us all over there, haha. It wasn’t amazing, but there was a DJ and cheap drinks so it worked!

      I was in KD at UMD and graduated in 2011! How about you?

  3. where did you stay? is that a hotel or a house?

  4. I just reread this an felt all the feels all over again <3

  5. Hi! Planning a bach for april and looking at transportation…Can you tell me where you rented the short bus from and how much it cost?? Thanks!

  6. Hey! Where was the house you stayed in and what mountain did you go tubing on?

  7. Hey! I stumbled on your page while googling ideas for my BFF’s bachelorette party. Looked like you girls had an awesome time!! Would you happen to have the link of the house you stayed at? I’ve been searching homeaway and lots of the rentals wont let bachelorette groups rent 🙁 Thanks in advance!

    • Sorry – unfortunately I wasn’t the one who booked the house so I don’t have the link. I think it was through Home Away or something similar. Maybe they just didn’t specify that it was for a Bachelorette?

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