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This weekend, I attended the beautiful wedding of my friends Jess and Erick at Shadow Creek in Purceville, Virginia. It was so much fun, and I wish we could do it all over again!


Yep – this weekend recap is starting off on a Thursday, when my friend Catrina flew in from San Diego. We met up with Catrina and my friends Megan and JR at Cantina Marina for dinner on Thursday evening, and it was so much fun! The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed sitting out on the water, sipping margaritas, and ordering a gigantic plate of nachos to share.


What a fun night!



On Friday morning, Catrina and Megan joined me for a class at Urban Athletic Club! Megan and Catrina are both into fitness, and I’ve been dying to bring them to a class with me. They did great and seemed to really enjoy the class! Yay!


After class I said goodbye to Catrina and Megan and headed off to work. It was really hard saying goodbye – especially since they both had the day off from work and were planning to do fun things like get their nails done – but I knew I would see them later!

After a work day that dragged on and on, I finally headed home, packed, and then Fabio and I scooped up my (other) friend Megan from Union Station and my friend Britt from Regan airport. The timing worked out perfectly, and before we knew it we were all reunited at Megan’s apartment for snacks and wine!



We spent the evening catching up and eating some delicious grilled wings while the boys smoked cigars outside. Toward the end of the evening we played a bunch of games of charades, which was absolutely hilarious.


In this one, Megan is a palm tree! Haha!



Such a fun night with my favorite gurlays. 🙂


Saturday was wedding day! Upon waking, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon, courtesy of Megan’s husband JR.


Plus mimosas and fruit! Yum!


We spent the rest of the morning getting ready for the wedding and then made the drive down to Leesburg, Virginia where our hotel was. After dropping off our bags and quickly changing, it was time to head over to the wedding! Jess and Erick had arranged for buses to take everyone to the venue, so no one needed to worry about driving. Yay!

When we arrived at Shadow Creek, I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was! The weather was perfect for showcasing the beautiful rolling hills of this amazing property.


So pretty!

I got to sit next to this handsome guy for the ceremony. 😉


Jess and Erick had a lot of cute printouts and decorations at their wedding, many of which Jess made herself! I’m definitely going to need some tips from her when it comes time to plan my own wedding next year.


Soon enough, it was wedding time! A couple of our good friends were bridesmaids, and they all looked so beautiful. Hi, Vic!


Here comes the bride and her parents!


I really loved Jess’ dress and thought she looked so elegant.


The ceremony was officiated by Jess and Erick’s friends Nick and Jake, and they did such a good job making it personal. Jess and Erick also wrote their own vows, which were incredibly heart-felt and beautiful. Then their friend Janie read a Beyonce poem about love (Jess LOVES Beyonce), and I think it’s safe to say the entire audience had a lot of laughs and a lot of tears during the ceremony. Phew – what an emotional roller coaster!


Then before we knew it, Jess and Erick were married! Yayy!! What a beautiful bride and groom. 🙂


After that, it was time for cocktail hour!


Naturally our group took advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery to get some pictures!







Love this guy. Can’t wait for our own wedding next June!


Sloppytown! (Minus a few…)


Jess and Erick had the most adorable guest book, which was a map with a heart linking Maryland (where they’re both from) to Amsterdam (where they live now). What a cute idea!


While we enjoyed the cocktails and signed the guest map, Jess and Erick were off being adorable. Here’s a sneak peak at their pictures! (Borrowed from Facebook…)


Aren’t they just the best looking couple?



Then it was time for the reception! Shadow Creek is a really beautiful venue, and I loved all the exposed beams inside. It was perfectly rustic but had all the modern accompaniments you’d want in a venue like clean bathrooms and a beautiful bridal suite.


The flowers and decor were beautiful too!




When the bridal party made their entrance, they encouraged everyone to circle the dance floor to welcome them in. Loved this idea!



First dance!


After the first dance and before dinner was served, we took advantage of the remaining daylight and got a few more group pictures.


Plus one with the bride!


Then we enjoyed a delicious meal and hit the dance floor!


So fun!


After the wedding, the buses took us to a local bar for the after party!


We continued having an amazing night with amazing people.


So fun!


Oh, and the bride enjoyed some chicken fingers. Necessary. 🙂


Once we got back to the hotel, I stayed up until nearly 3:00 am catching up with some of my best friends. I wouldn’t have wanted to end the night any other way!


On Sunday morning we enjoyed a group breakfast at the hotel and then lounged around for a while before eventually we all headed back home.


Overall it was such an amazing wedding weekend, and I have to thank Jess and Erick so much for inviting us to take part in their special day. Congratulations you two!! <3

Question of the day: What is your favorite part of a wedding?

I obviously love the dancing, but I also love the beginning right before the ceremony starts because you still have the whole event ahead of you!

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  1. Love your shoes!! Do you happen to have a link to them? Thanks!

  2. Ahh so so beautiful! Looks like a lovely wedding – and beautiful weather!
    The best part is the cake for me 😉

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