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Well, it’s freezing cold and snowing like crazy in my neck of the woods, so to make myself feel a little warmer I’m going to spend one more day reminiscing about my time in the Jamaican sunshine last week. Today we’re going to be chatting about one of my favorite parts of the trip – our evening activities! If you missed my recap of our daytime adventures, you can find that here.


After lounging on the beach all day, our group of six would head back up to our rooms to shower and get ready for a nice dinner at our hotel. As I mentioned yesterday, we stayed at the Riu Palace hotel which is a bit of a fancier version of the larger Riu resort next door. The resort offered several different restaurants including an International buffet, a steak house, an Italian restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, and a “Fusion” restaurant. All of them were really delicious, especially for an all-inclusive resort where the food can be somewhat bland. I was pleasantly surprised!

Here we are on our way to dinner on the first night. (You can tell it’s the first night because we are all so pale!)


As I mentioned yesterday (and have mentioned many a time here on CET) my mom and stepdad like to dress in very fancy clothes. While I used to be super embarrassed by this when I was kid (oh those middle school years…) I am now totally used to it and enjoy the opportunity to dress in fancy clothes myself. I never turn down an excuse to put on a fun cocktail dress!

The first night we wound up eating at the International buffet since we had arrived too late in the day to make reservations anywhere else. We didn’t mind though because although this was the least fancy of all the restaurants, it definitely offered the most variety. Check out Fabio’s plate here – I think he got a little bit of everything!


Everything was delicious and I remember being particularly impressed with the rice and beans, plantains, and jerk chicken. Jamaican food FTW!


The second night we ate dinner at the steakhouse, where I apparently didn’t take any pictures. Womp womp. The steak was delicious, but my steak knife was super dull so all I remember is that I was having a really hard time cutting anything. Haha! I do also remember there were some Parmesan potato wedges that were out of this world delicious. Yum!

The third night we headed to the Italian place!

photo (4)

Here I ordered lobster raviolis in a pumpkin sauce, which were quite good! The lobster was a little chewy/overcooked, but I think that might just be how Caribbean lobster is. It was still delicious!


My favorite dinner of all though has to be the night we went to the Fusion restaurant, Krystal! It was our last night and the fanciest restaurant, so everyone wore their best outfits. 🙂


I was loving my new Lilly dress!


Doesn’t Fabio look handsome?


Anyway! Back to the food. I started out with a delicious squash soup with creamy goat cheese (yum!), and then ordered duck with plantains as my entree. Everything turned out just phenomenal, and I was quite the happy camper.

photo (2)

Post-dinner Fun

After our group finished eating dinner, the real fun began! We were lucky that our hotel offered a few fun nighttime activities for us to partake in.

One of my favorites was karaoke! If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, then you’ll know I just loooove karaoke. I actually think I might enjoy watching other singers/singing along more than getting up there myself! Nevertheless, my stepsister Maggie and I got up to sing Taylor Swift’s “Love Song” and then she went back up for a solo rendition of the Goo Goo Doll’s “Iris.” Maggie is a singer by nature, so she killed it.


There was also some dancing enjoyed by my mom and stepdad, which always draws a ton of attention. Just look at these hams!


Maggie and I took part in a different kind of dancing – namely doing the cha-cha slide, cupid shuffle, and wobble on the sand. Oh yes, we did the wobble.



Our most favorite evening pastime though included sitting around at the tables set up on the beach! Pretty much every night after dinner we would hang out at these tables talking and laughing as a family, and of course taking in our fair share of the free booze. Drinks all around!



While we sat at these chairs we would play cards (Kings!) and other fun games like the charades iPhone game “head’s up” (they had wifi everywhere, even on the beach, so we could use our phones). We just had so much fun laughing and joking together.

One night the hotel’s professional photographer stopped by our table, and snapped some awesome family photos for us. How precious are these?


These two! <3


And us kids…RNS_6576

Lastly, after wrapping up our time on the beach, Fabio and I would occasionally wander over to the larger Riu hotel next door and dance the night away in the discotheque/club that they have on the property. The music wasn’t always fantastic, but at least it made for some great people-watching!

Overall it was a lovely vacation, and I couldn’t have wished for anything more. Between our swimming adventures at Margaritaville and our ridiculous shenanigans on the beach in the evening, this vacation is going to be hard to beat!

Now I can’t wait to go back to Jamaica in May for Fabio’s sister’s wedding!!

Question of the day: When on vacation with your family, how do you spend your evenings?

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun!! I love all of your dresses too – you always have the best cocktail dresses! I wish I had more of an opportunity to dress up like that!

  2. I love reading these recaps even more because I have been there! I LOVE your Lilly dress too. This makes me want Spring to be here even sooner. And I was really surprised with how good the food was at RUI. The resort I went to previously that was all inclusive had terrible food. Did you hit up the after hour food spot? My friends and I would always go there too! Ha. So much food.

    Oh and the discoteca was prime people watching…

  3. Love the last dress, so pretty. I think my favourite meals when I was in an all inclusive were the buffet ones as I could pick and choose all my favourite foods and have whatever combo (however weird) I wanted hehe. And go back for seconds (and thirds)!

  4. That was definitely a great dress you found! I love doing the wobble and wish I could do it more at random times and places.

    Im impressed with your packing of so many fancy things. I have my husbands holiday party on Friday and I was annoyed just packing for one event. The shoes and jewelry and everything take up so much room!

  5. A beach vacation is a perfect getaway during the winter!! It seems like you guys had a blast!

  6. I LOVE your Lilly dress from the last night! It’s adorable and looks great on you 🙂
    Sounds like a fun trip 🙂 I love all the activities all-inclusive resorts have in the evening. On our honeymoon in Mexico, there was a show every night which was fun to watch!

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