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Hello, and happy new year! My vacation is officially over, but it sure was a good one.


For five days and four nights, I stayed at the Riu Palace hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica, with my mom, stepdad, stepsister Maggie, her boyfriend Nick, and Fabio. The all-inclusive resort was just beautiful, and we had the most amazing time!



Here’s how our days unfolded.


Most mornings Fabio and I slept in until around 8:30 or 9:00, which was just glorious! We weren’t lazy the whole trip though, and we did pull ourselves out of bed for some sunrise runs along the beach.


Unfortunately our beach faced West so we didn’t get much of a sunrise, but it was still beautiful nonetheless.


The strip of beach we ran on wasn’t very long (about .5 miles) so we would run out and back twice for about a total of about two miles (I didn’t have my Garmin on so I couldn’t be completely sure, but it felt like around two miles).

Then we would hit up the hotel gym for a bit of ab and arm work.


Haha, Fabio! Not too shabby for vacation!

After our workout we would clean ourselves up a bit before heading down to breakfast. Around this time we’d usually point and laugh at a pair of fancily clad humans – oh wait, that’s my mom and stepdad.


Yep, in case you’re new around here, my mom and stepdad like to dress up. A lot. This is just their thing and they always get lots of compliments for looking so nice, so it makes them happy. Just picture Fabio, Maggie, Nick and I wearing bathing suits and cover-ups and sharing a breakfast with these two. It was quite the scene.

After breakfast we would hit the pool and beach! We mostly lounged in the sand by the beach, but would occasionally pop over to the pool for a dip too. The swim-up bar was especially fun!



Oh and don’t think my stepdad’s fancy ensembles stopped after breakfast – nope, he continued to wear his suit all day every day, even on the beach.


It’s crazy, I know!

Other fun morning activities included volleyball and ping-pong for the boys, with lots of reading and lounging for the ladies. It was so relaxing, and I soaked up every minute.





Before we knew it, it was lunch time! The restaurant where we ate for breakfast and lunch was a big buffet with pretty much every kind of food you could imagine, and although I tried a little bit of everything throughout our stay, the traditional Jamaican foods like curried goat and jerk chicken were definitely the best. Yum!

Here we are with our favorite waiter, Morris!


Then after lunch it was time for more fun in the sun! We would usually have a few more drinks around this time (they were free, after all) and the pina coladas were to die for. So good!



The boys also smoked some cigars – yuck – but I guess they had fun. 😉


More beach time!


Beach selfies FTW.IMG_8795

Late one afternoon it started to drizzle a bit (we had absolutely perfect weather other than this, BTW) so Fabio and I laid under a covered bed on the beach. It was so relaxing and we were even able to fall asleep for a bit. I wish I could take an afternoon nap on the beach every day!



One of my favorite memories from our trip was an afternoon when we took a taxi over to Margaritaville, a fun bar with great food and drinks and plenty of water activities.


After ordering a couple of delicious mango margaritas, Fabio, Maggie, Nick and I headed down to the water to unleash our inner seven-year-olds.


We started with a super fast three-story high water slide that took us down to the water. It was so fast! I definitely got some salt water up my nose on that one, haha! Then it was time to play on the water floats! Margaritaville had two water trampolines, a blob, a pyramid, a banana boat (unpictured), and a little hand raft thingy. There was also a fun tube connecting the two water trampolines that people would (unsuccessfully) try to run across. It reminded me of ninja warrior!


We made sure to play on each of the fun blow-up water activities and had a blast bouncing each other around and jumping into the water.

This actually wound up being a great workout, as it took a lot of strength to climb up all those pyramids and ladders. The kids around us made it look easy, but it was hard!


Here’s Fabio, pushing me down the slide, haha!!


Overall it was the perfect day, and I will always remember how much fun we had. Plus the view was hard to beat!


My next post will recap our evening adventures in Jamaica, since this post is already quite lengthy. Happy Monday!

Question of the day: Do you like water slides?

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  1. Oh wow it looks fantastic! I love the all inclusive style holidays – there’s so many different types of food you can try.
    It’s lovely that your step dad and mum dress so poshly all the time – but seriously, on the beach – whhhhy?? Wasn’t he hot??

  2. Those water activities at Margaritaville look like a blast! Glad y’all had a good time!

    Your mom and stepdad crack me up with their fancy clothes! They do look nice, though 🙂

  3. Looks like fun!! I went to Montego Bay last January for my best friends wedding, it was amazing! The coconut rum was so delicious! I still can’t believe how much alcohol they would put in one drink! So crazy!

  4. Ahhh, looks like you had SO. MUCH. FUN!!! You make me wish I was sitting on the beach sipping a nice, cold pina colada right now! I also love how your mom and stepdad always dress up. Makes me wish I had that kind of style!

    • I know! They are so cute with their fancy outfits. I used to be so embarrassed by it when I was a kid, but now I’m used to it. Whatever makes them happy!

  5. I went to the other RUI in Montego Bay!! But we took an afternoon cruise over to that Margaritaville. The three story slide is so much fun!

    The Jerk Chicken shack was by far my favorite food 🙂 I love how your mom and step dad get dressed up for everything…oh and I love all your suits.

  6. This looks like an amazing trip! I want nothing more than to be somewhere with a beach and warm water, not freezing my toes off 😉 xoxo, ganeeban

  7. Wow, it looks amazing there! I’ve stayed at a RIU Palace before and they are so nice 🙂 I like water slides if my stomach doesn’t go “up” while sliding down…I’m such a chicken haha.

  8. Omg. I want to go to Margaritaville! How fun!!!

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