Nov 192012

Hey there people!! Happy Monday to you all! I for one am in a fantastic mood this Monday because work has finally calmed down (yay!!) and it’s a short work for me. We even got an email from our office director saying we could all leave at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday instead of the usual 5:30. Woohoo!! Now let’s just hope I get all my work done by then so I can actually leave on time!

So, let me tell you about my weekend!! First of all, I should tell you that it was quite relaxing. Fabio and I didn’t do too much, except for running some errands and visiting both of my parents on Sunday. Two of our friends from Baltimore were supposed to come stay with us for the weekend, but at the last minute they told us they couldn’t make it 🙁 That turned our busy weekend into a suddenly empty weekend with no plans. I’ll take it!

One thing we did do was celebrate Jack’s second birthday!! We rescued him from the shelter one year ago (or at least- it was the Saturday before Thanksgiving – close enough) and when we got him, the people at the shelter told us he was about one year old. By our guess-timation, that makes him two!! We had a fun weekend celebrating Jack’s birthday (minus an obligatory stop at the vet’s office to update his vaccines and get his annual exam) and I think he had a great time!

Anyway, since we didn’t too much else this weekend I will leave you with the pictures and some brief captions to explain 🙂 Enjoy!


Breakfast of champions…whole wheat pancakes and turkey bacon 😉

A trip to the vet and one overly-excited pooch.

A celebratory trip to PetsMart. Happy Birthday Jack! Choose your toy…

The winning toy (P.S. the ball in this picture is already separated from the rope. He doesn’t mess around haha).

A birthday trip to the dog park.

Playing around with Fabio.

Jack’s birthday cake cookie.


Brunch at my mom’s house.

Delicious home-cooked food (that left me stuffed).

Brandy milk punch.

Jack sharing a stick with Emmy.

On to my dad’s house! Jack ran around with Fabio and Max.

Jack was faster than Fabio.

Spaghetti for dinner 🙂

And there you have it! My pictures from the weekend 🙂 As you can see it was nothing too crazy, but it was nice to have a weekend relaxing with my family.

Question of the day: If you have a pet, what do you to celebrate their birthday? Do you know when your pet’s birthday is??

I wish we knew when Jack’s real birthday is, but even more than that I’d like to know what breeds he is mixed with (other than labrador) and where he was before the shelter found him (they said he was a stray). Hopefully Jack doesn’t mind that we kind of “made up” when his birthday is and that it’s not even specific to the day. Woops! Somehow, I don’t think he minds too much 😉 Haha!

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  8 Responses to “Jack’s Second Birthday!”

  1. This sounds like a great weekend 🙂 I love how your dog is just another member of the family! My mom would love to take our dog into PetSmart to pick out her own pet, but she’s crazy so that would definitely not work out, haha. Brunch at your mom’s house looked delicious!! Home-cooked meals are absolutely the best, hands down. Hope you have a good day and get out of work early!!

  2. Aww, what a happy puppy! It looks like he had a great birthday 🙂 .

  3. Happy Birthday Jack!! Sounds like the three of you had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of family time & good meals 🙂 Can’t beat that!

  4. That birthday “cake” for Jack is way too cute! I need to steal that idea for my dog’s first birthday in the spring!

  5. yay for Jack’s 2nd birthday! It looks like he had a blast going to the PetSmart and the dog park! I can’t believe it but Harleyyybear will be 2 next month! His birthday is on Christmas Eve {also my half birthday} yah we are kind of meant to be! (: Last year I threw a party for him. Invited over a lot of our friends who have dogs and they brought them. They hung out… I made them a cake… and then gave out goodie bags to the dogs and him. Yah I went pretty hardcore but Harleyyy is my favorite “child” haha. My mom actually got Hunter and Harleyyy a stuffed skunk on Saturday… yesterday they had it ripped into 3 pieces.. the stuffing out… the squeakers out… They are so weird haha.

  6. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend even though your friends weren’t able to make it! That brunch at your Mom’s house looks epic! And brandy milk punch?? I’ve never even heard of that before! And hope you get to leave work early tomorrow to start celebrating Thanksgiving!

  7. Our dog’s birthday is my birthday so we both celebrate it together hehe. Looks like Jack got a proper celebration – I love that you even gave him a dog bone with a candle hehe!
    And that Sunday brunch looks immense! What was it?? It looks so good 🙂

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