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Hey friends! Long time no talk, huh? Honestly I’m really happy with my decision to remove any pressure to blog in 2018 – work has been insane lately and I’ve been getting home around 7 or 8 p.m., at which point the thought of sitting down to blog makes me want to die. So I guess this was a good time for me to make that switch! That being said, I still want to share my life with you guys, so I have a bunch of random updates to share today! Let’s see…where to begin…

Well first, I will say that I’ve been eating some really delicious dinners lately, including this lightened up pad thai (an old favorite)….

This cilantro lime chicken meatball bowl with cauliflower/broccoli rice (a new recipe I tried and loved)…

And some unpictured sweet potato peanut soupbacon brussels sprouts fried rice, and golden soup. I’ve been trying my best to meal plan smartly for the last few weeks, and it’s been working out great. I know for some people cooking can be stressful, but it’s been a great way for me to unwind after a hard day. Plus having leftovers for lunch isn’t bad either!

I’ve also been getting up to lots of great workouts, including some with Anne! Yes, she’s back in action after having her baby girl in November, and I couldn’t be happier to have my workout buddy back.

Honestly, having a workout buddy to help keep you accountable makes SUCH a difference for me, especially when it comes to crawling out of bed for an early morning class. I’m so happy she’s back! We’ve been working out with Kathleen a lot too – it’s so nice to have our trio reunited.

We’ve also had some fun around here on the weekends, including bartender Fabio making us some delicious Saturday night cocktails…

…meeting up with cousins and my sister for a nice brunch at Summer House in Bethesda….

…and traveling up to New York to surprise my best friend Bianca for her 29th birthday. This was such a fun weekend, and I’m so glad we were able to surprise her. 🙂

Also, this is probably the MOST typical picture of Bianca and me. LOL!

Yep, sums us right up!

And now, what I know a bunch of you have been asking for, a kitchen update!

Ok so just a reminder, this is what we’re currently working with.

[Cue screeching horror movie music.]


A few weeks ago we met with a designer who took a bunch of measurements of our kitchen and then worked with us to lay out a cabinet design exactly the way we wanted it. We went through about 4 rounds of different designs before landing on the one below.

I knew there were a few things I wanted (hood over the oven instead of the microwave, a few open shelves, some corner lazy susan cabinets, a cabinet for trash, etc.) and the designer worked with us to incorporate everything.

I love that the microwave is going to go below the new peninsula – we don’t use it much and I think the hood looks so much nicer above the oven.

I originally wanted gray cabinets on the bottom and white up top, but the gray ones were going to cost a lot more, so I decided I’m ok with going all white. This will allow us to splurge in some other areas, like adding crown molding throughout the downstairs and adding a fireplace mantle. Woot!!

We placed our order through cliqstuidos.com after looking around/getting some different quotes, and the cabinets should be here in about a month. Yay!

The next thing on our to-do list will be to pick out flooring (we are thinking hardwood or laminate that looks like hardwood – any recommendations?) and the countertop. We’re hoping to find something in quartz that looks like the image below:

And then from there we can buy the appliances, backsplash (we are thinking white subway tile with a gray grout), and hardware (I like some of the darker options).

Here are some of the new inspiration pictures I’m working from now that we’re doing white on white cabinets.





So what do you guys think? Which picture do you like best? What color do you think we should get for the floor – something dark and grayish maybe?

As far as the timeline goes, the new cabinets will be here in one month so it’s time to get moving! Demo will start on Feb. 15, so we need to get everything moved out of our downstairs area before then (since we are redoing the flooring for the whole first floor). Eek! It’s going to be a lot of work (and a lot of money) but I think it’s going to turn out so great!

And one more question for you guys – since our kitchen will be out of commission for about a month, I’m thinking of doing a meal delivery service of premade dinners at that time. I would be interested in checking out one that’s Whole 30 or vegan or something (though I don’t know if I could get Fabio on board with that plan…) so please let me know if you have any suggestions.

*Edited to add:


Alright that’s all for now – I hope to be able to check in again relatively soon!

Question of the day: What do you think of our kitchen plans? Any recommendations?

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  5 Responses to “It’s Starting – The 2018 Kitchen Renovation!”

  1. So glad to see you back for an update! Love your new kitchen design = me, envious! And I think the grey floor in your inspiration photo is awesome, that’s what I would do. Enjoy your weekend! Can’t wait for another update. BTW, don’t kill each other during this reno!

  2. The kitchen plans look awesome!! With the meal delivery service, will you still have access to your oven or microwave? We used Galley when we lived in DC and it was pretty good and had a lot of variety and I liked that you could decide what you wanted to order up to 12:00 pm that day and pick the time slot it could delivered. Only thing is you need a microwave or oven to heat it up!

  3. Remodels are so fun but stressful too! Having remodeled a kitchen a few years ago and just moved into in a brand new house (an unexpected move!), I’ve learned you have to go with your gut and what you like. A few things I changed this time: I used all the same door knobs (similiar to the long knobs in your 3rd pict) instead of using a mixture of long and round knobs; utilized more cabinets (like turned the cabinet face below the sink into a pull out cabinet for sponges); spent extra to get the higher cabinets for more storage; invested in more pull out drawers in the cabinets (I have them in all cabinets now and I think they are more useable). We have white cabinets with darker wood floors and the only issue is showing dirt (although ours are a medium wood so they don’t show too much dirt). During our remodel, we used an electric skillet, microwave and crock pot – making pastas, using frozen crock pot meals, quesadillas, tacos and anything easy. The kitchen will look amazing and be so functional!! (Sorry for the book I wrote 🙂

  4. Hi! I found your blog through your comment on Nicole’s Pumps & Iron, noticed that you also live in DC. TERRITORY is a great meal delivery service that’s delish, fresh and made by local chefs (I’m not affiliated with them at all!). They do delivery or you can pick up (for free!) at a location (I pick up at a nearby gym). You can cutomize diet (Whole30, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc), portion size and even specific ingredients (no peanuts, no dark meat, etc). I love cooking, so I wasn’t interested when a friend first told me about it, but now I love the convenience and the variety (I just do 3 lunches per week), especially things I wouldn’t take the time to make myself (Whole30 compliant green curry braised beef? tagine chicken salad?) Right now thay are offering a give $25/get $25 referral special. No strings attached! 🙂 https://www.territoryfoods.com/yum/PLIV
    Good luck with your kitchen!

  5. I’d definitely go with the hardwood for flooring as opposed to the laminate, it looks good but it’s just not the same. As for the splashback, tiles are very out of favour for that here in Australia, most people go for glass which is what I am planning to do in my kitchen. Each to their own of course!

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