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Hello, hello! I hope you are all feeling mah-velous on this Monday 😉 My day was actually not so great due to a way-too-late bedtime last night and the freezing cold weather outside, but work went well and my day flew by. Gotta love that.

But anyway, enough gibber-jabbing. Let me tell you about my awesome weekend!!

Fabio and I kicked off the weekend by grabbing a quick dinner at Chipotle. I don’t know about you guys, but I looove Chipotle. I got my usual burrito bowl filled with brown rice, chicken, black beans, tomatoes, corn, cheese, and lettuce. So good!!

It had been a while since I’ve had Chipotle, so I was loving this bowl. Delicious!

After dinner I got ready to go out and my friends from home came to help me celebrate my birthday! Hi Sam! Hi Bianca!

These two have been my friends for years and I was so happy they came to visit. They make everything more fun!

After hanging out at my apartment and sipping on a few drinks, we relocated to my friend Kerri’s apartment in D.C. She has a beautiful patio lined with festive Christmas lights and we were planning to hang out up there, but it was freezing!! It was like all of a sudden we skipped pleasant fall breezes and went right into frigid temperatures. Whyyy??

We still had a lot of fun though and spent the evening chatting in her kitchen instead. At one point I went to the bathroom and when I came back all the lights were off and my friends started singing happy birthday 🙂 They didn’t have a birthday candle so they used a tea candle haha and I just blew that out. They are so thoughtful!!

The cupcake was from Crumbs, which is my absolute favorite cupcake shop. I like them even better than Georgetown Cupcake! Crazy, right?

Anyway this delicious cupcake had mocha-flavored icing. Yumm. We split the cupcake into bite-size pieces so that we all got a bite. I have the best friends ever!

After we ate the cupcake, we had a few more drinks and then headed out to the bar! We went to Marvin’s and Local 16 in U St. and danced the night away (I even convinced Fabio to salsa with me which never happens lol). It was such a fun birthday celebration with my friends!!

On Saturday morning Fabio and I went to a bagel shop with Bianca and Sam for a quick breakfast and then they left to go back home. Fabio and I decided to take advantage of the free Saturday morning to check out the Farmer’s Market near my apartment. We have been a couple times and unfortunately more of vendors sell clothes and trinkets than farm-fresh veggies, but we wanted to check it out anyway.

Then this happened.

AHHH!! So much cute jewelery!! I wound up getting a necklace and some earrings for $30. Fabio literally had to drag me away from the table because I wanted everything. Haha! I’ll have to remember this awesome jewelery stand in the future for birthdays, Christmas, or just days when I need a little retail accessory therapy. 😉

We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing, going grocery shopping, and just generally doing stuff around the apartment. Later in the afternoon we packed up our stuff and headed on a little road trip. We were off to Baltimore!

Fabio is a huge Yankee’s fan so when we found out they would be playing the Oriole’s in a play off game he couldn’t resist going! He has a bunch of friends who live in Fed Hill so we packed up the car with all our Yankee gear and hit the road! (Jack came too- of course!)

When we got there we enjoyed some beers (Natty Bo’s, duh) and then went out to the bar.

Sorry for the dark pic!

There was more dancing, and we had a great time! We even saw some of our other friends from college and had a great time catching up. Fed Hill is so fun!

On Sunday we woke up, hung out, and then decided to get some brunch. However by the time everyone was up and showered it was more like 1:30 and we thought it would be too late for any brunch specials. Then someone recommended the Abbey Burger Bistro, which was apparently a) world-famous for their burgers and b) half a block away. Sold!

We started out with the alligator bites, which I was told taste a bit like a mix between chicken and fish. I don’t know if I agree with that description, but they were really good!

Then again if you deep fry anything and serve it with an awesome dipping sauce I’m sure it would taste great haha.

For my entree I got the Baltimore burger, which is a burger topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and homemade crab dip.

Yes, crab dip served on the burger. It was fantastic and I loved the cheesy crab dip that dripped off the sides. Holy yum!!! There was a wide variety of burgers on the menu, including bison, elk, and even a peanut butter burger!! I loved the look of the veggie burgers too, including a fried green tomato burger that was calling to me. Next time! Anyway, I had a great time at Abbey’s Burger Bistro and will definitely have to remember to go back on my next visit to Baltimore!

After lunch we walked around Fed Hill a bit more and enjoyed the cheap beer and games that were outside as part of the “O’ster fest” (a fun oyster festival to celebrate the Orioles!). We tried our hand at a gambling table and originally I won $2. Woo! But then I lost it again on the next hand and gave up. I know, I know, I’m a big spender 😉 haha.

We had a great time at the festival, but it was so cold!! It was annoyingly raining in a way that was too light for an umbrella but just enough to get in your face. Ugh!

We braved the poor weather and then soon it was time for the game!! We walked over to Camden Yards and hung out before the 6:00 p.m. start. Unfortunately there was a rain delay, and the game didn’t actually start until 8:40 🙁 At least we had fun passing the time.

Soon the game started and we had a great time! I had a little trouble debating who to root for (I’m from Maryland but am more of a National’s fan…and I like watching the Yankees because I know the team better) and by the end I found myself cheering with the Yankee fans 100%. I guess it’s official, I’m a Yankees fan! Haha.

The game was freezing but luckily our section was covered by the overhang so our seats weren’t wet.Towards the end of the game a bunch of people left and were able to move down to better seats. Check out this view!

By this point the Yankees were up and we were all pretty excited!!

Check out this goofy picture of Fabio’s friend Jay! Haha

The Yanks wound up winning 7 to 2 crushing the O’s in the last inning. CC for the win!!

The game wasn’t over until around 1:00 a.m. (UGH) and then we still had to go back and get our car and drive home. We didn’t get home until 2:30 and waking up for work today was such a struggle. It was worth it though for such a fun weekend!

So tell me, what did you do this weekend?? Eat any really great food? Watch any baseball games? Go to bed way too late? Hopefully it wasn’t as late as my bedtime haha.

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  1. You seriously had one AWESOME weekend!! I’m ridiculously jealous of your burger. Crab dip? That would’ve had me won in a heartbeat!!

  2. Omigosh it sounds like this was a great birthday weekend with your friends! How sweet that they surprised you with a Crumbs cupcake, which really are some of the best cupcakes out there! And sounds like you had a great night at the bars too getting Fabio to salsa! I can’t believe you tried alligator too! I would have been way too freaked out! But a peanut butter burger?? Now that intrigues me!

  3. Yay! I made the blog! haha loved seeing you this past weekend and catching up! We have to make that happen more often!

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