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Well, I’m back from gallivanting around the beautiful country of Italy. It was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed every minute. I want to go baaaaaack!

That being said, there is something nice about sleeping in your own bed, snuggling up to your dog, and showering with an actual SHOWER CURTAIN (what’s with the weird half-doors that don’t block any water in Italy?)

Anyway, it’s kind of bittersweet to be home, but luckily I get to relive my vacation a bit by giving you guys a nice recap πŸ™‚

Thursday night

I left work around noon on Thursday and quickly headed home to grab my bags and go to the airport. Our friend Keith (hi Keith!) picked us up (and watched Jack for us while we were away!! What a guy!) and before long we arrived at the airport.

After some lines at the checkin and security, we met my mom and stepdad at a restaurant near the gate where we enjoyed some pre-flight dinner and gin and tonics πŸ˜‰

Then it was time to fly!

Despite a two hour delay on the runway (Fabio and I watched an entire movie before the plane even took off) the plane ride went smoothly and we slept a lot of the way. When we woke up, we were in Rome!

Friday morning

Our plane landed at 10:00 am (Italy time) and we didn’t waste any time wandering around! Our first stop was Trastevere to check out some old churches and enjoy some food (BTW- I’m saving all the food pictures for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post, so that’s why they are mysteriously lacking).

Anyway, we wandered around an awesome church that had some really old inscriptions and drawings on the walls.


The inside of the church was gorgeous and made up of mostly mosaics. Can you imagine the patience these artists must have had to lay down all those teeny tiny tiles? Sheesh.


Then it was time for some refreshment! Fabio enjoyed quite the large beer, while the rest of us drank some good local Italian wine πŸ™‚ There were a lot of this throughout the trip, which was just fine with me! Hey, it’s vacation!


Then it was time to get ready for dinner! Our hotel had a lovely terrace overlooking the Santa Maria Maggiore church.


We had a lovely dinner at our favorite place by the Pantheon and then went to bed early. I think we were all a little jet-lagged and sleepy from the long day.


Thanks to an early bed time the night before, Fabio and I woke up nice and rested on Saturday. Check out the morning view from our window!



Beautiful, no?

It was so amazing to wake up in the morning with a sight like that! It really made you want to jump out of bed!

Once we were up, Fabio and I went for a quick three-ish mile run around the city.


It was a great run, but of course Rome was “built on seven hills” so it was not easy. The whole first half was down-hill and lovely, until we turned right around and went back the way we came. Ugh. It was tough. However, there’s not much to complain about when you’re running in such a pretty city, hills or no hills.

After our run we showered up (without a shower curtain, as I mentioned) and had a quick breakfast on the terrace with my mom and stepdad. Then it was time to head out for the day!


Isn’t my mom super cute?

We hopped in a cab which took us over to the Capitoline Museums. I have now been to Rome three times, and each time we go we try to visit new museums and sites. I have loved every museum we have seen in Rome, and this one was no exception!


We met our tour guide, Wolley (spelling? It’s pronounced Volley) at the square and began our tour. Wolley has a contagious enthusiasm for art history and we loved having her guide us around the museum.




The museum also had a fabulous view of the forum, which I have never seen from this angle. It was breath-taking! I can’t imagine how the ancient Romans built such huge, beautiful, amazing buildings.


Fabio & me!


My mom & stepdad! They’re so cute πŸ™‚


BTW- that’s the purse I bought for my mom πŸ˜‰

We also got to see some beautiful works of art at the museum, including a couple Berninis which are my absolute favorite.



After spending a few hours at the museum, we had a nice lunch and then wandered over to Castel San Angelo to see if there was anything special going on for the St. Peter and Paul holiday. We didn’t see too much in the way of festivities, but it was a beautiful day to walk around the river and enjoy the sights.


Then we stopped for a bit of wine and enjoyed listening to a spontaneous accordion player!


So Italian.

After that we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner! seconddinner1 Β  Aren’t my mom and stepdad so cute? seconddinner2 We wound up going to the Intercontinental Hotel for dinner, which is where we stayed last year when we went to Rome.Β  They have such a gorgeous terrace overlooking the city.seconddinner3 So pretty!Β  seconddinner4 Β They also had a live band, which my mom and stepdad enjoyed by dancing around the terrace. They just love to dance.seconddinner5Β  The sun set over the city and we had a lovely dinner together πŸ™‚ seconddinner6Β  Then, to our delight, we got to see some fireworks from the terrace to celebrate St. Peter and St. Paul! It was gorgeous. seconddinner7 Β 
Β We had so much fun at dinner, that we decided to continue the night by heading to a dive bar near our hotel. The place was filled with a ton of younger twenty-somethings (like maybe between 19-22) so although Fabio and I sort of fit in (we were quite overdressed and a bit older) my mom and stepdad stood out like sore thumbs. That didn’t stop them however from staying out with us until super late and enjoying another bottle of wine, a shot of limoncello, and -gulp- a shot of jager. Yuck.


I totally regretted this decision the next day (especially since Fabio and I stayed out once my mom and stepdad left for the hotel) but it was a lot of fun. When in Rome!

Ok that’s it for part one of Rome! Next up- Naples and Amalfi!

Question of the day: How do you spend your vacations? In museums? Exploring the town? Going to bed early? Staying out late? As you can see, I like to do a bit of everything πŸ™‚

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  1. Your white lace dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. I love how smart you guys look on holiday. Definitely no socks and sandals in sight hehe!
    And nice work getting a run in. How cool to be able to run around Rome? Very jealous!

    • Haha yep my mom and stepdad always dress up so Fabio and I try to do the same so we don’t look so out of place! It’s a little different, but I don’t mind!

  3. Looks like SO much fun, Chelsea! I went to Rome once a couple of years ago and these pictures are bringing it all back. Wish I could go again! It’s just such a beautiful city with so much to do. That photo overlooking the forum is gorgeous! What an angle.

  4. Oh wow — your pictures and trip look so much fun!! Also, I love all of your clothes!! That white dress is gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  5. First of all, AMAZING!!! I’m so jealous!! Second of all, your mom looks so Italian in her dress and hat! Third, I LOVE that teal skirt you are wearing!!! Finally, I’m so excited to keep reading this recaps. I’m going to live vicariously through you!

  6. LOVE that white dress!! Also love how you captured young lovahs in the last vine

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