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Hello! Happy Friday! In lieu of a Favorite Things Friday post today, I thought I would continue with my Italy recaps! I mean really, what could make me happier this week than to go back and look through all these Italy pictures again? That makes me smile all by itself!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve covered already, in case you missed it or need a refresher:

I still have a lot of my trip to talk about, so let’s get to it! Today I’ll show you pictures from last Monday when we went to Pompeii.

Monday morning

When Fabio and I woke up on Monday morning, we opened up the curtains and were greeted with this view. Woah!


Beautiful, right?! Apparently a cruise ship pulled into the bay overnight, which they say happens about once a week. I just loved the location of our hotel since it was right in the middle of Amalfi and only a few steps to the sea. Gorgeous!

Here’s a panoramic view that I look on my cell phone so you can get a sense of what was to the right and left of our balcony as well. To view it bigger, just right click the image, select “Open in a new tab” and click the little magnifying glass.


Phew! So pretty.

With the sun streaming in through the window, Fabio and I popped out of bed, quickly dressed, and then met my mom and stepdad on the terrace of the hotel for breakfast. Not bad, huh?


After we finished eating, we had a few minutes to kill before our driver arrived to take us to Pompeii, so we walked around by the docks for a bit. The views, once again, were just breathtaking.

This was to my left:


This was to my right:


And when I turned around at the end of the dock I saw this. Seriously.


Ok so you really need to open that image up bigger in a new tab. Like, really. Just open it in a new tab and click the little magnifying glass. Go on, I’ll wait.

Ok did you do it?

Right?!?! It’s probably one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip!!

Here’s another version of this awesome view.


And a close up of the church in between the mountains. SO PRETTY!!


We also stopped to look down into the water and noticed that it was really  clear. Although the water here obviously isn’t Caribbean blue, it was still a really pretty color and you could see straight down to the bottom even in the really deep areas. You could see fish just by standing on the dock! So cool.


At 9:00 am our driver arrived and drove us to Pompeii, which took about 45 minutes. Before long, we arrived at the ancient city that was destroyed in 79 AD by Mt. Vesuvius.

Look how well-preserved it is!


Upon arriving, we quickly met up with our enthusiastic tour guide Fiorella who walked us all over Pompeii. She is so knowledgeable and I really, really enjoyed our time with her!


I loved how you could really get a sense for what Pompeii would have been like in the height of its day. The streets were still in great condition and you can see the stepping stones that pedestrians used to use to cross the street!


We saw all kinds of buildings that were well-preserved under the layers of volcanic ash, including this one that was sort of a “fast-food” restaurant for the ancient town.


There were even grooves in rocks where customers used to tie up their horses outside! It was amazing.

When Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, there were some warning signs (an earthquake, smoke coming from the volcano, etc.) and a lot of people were able to escape. Unfortunately not everyone made it out, and the volcanic ash that fell over Pompeii was able to preserve the bodies really well. In the 1800s (I think?) the archaeologists who were digging up Pompeii had the idea to use plaster casts in case they came across any remains of people. The team was very careful as they excavated, and they were able to save the remains of some of the inhabitants of Pompeii who got caught in the volcano.

These are a little graphic, so feel free to scroll past these if you get squeamish.




I thought being able to see the positions of the people as the volcanic ash came down around them was fascinating but, admittedly, a bit creepy. There was even a cast of a dog (though we didn’t get to see it since it was out for an exhibit) which was really interesting. We were told that most of the dogs sensed something bad was going to happen and they fled the area, but apparently the cast of this dog shows how he was chained up and unable to escape 🙁 Very sad.

There were so many relics found in Pompeii that many of them weren’t even on display; they were just thrown onto shelves in a storage facility! Can you imagine finding so many ancient things from the year 79 and not even having enough room to show them all? Wow.


Here we are in the forum of Pompeii, with Mt. Vesuvius behind us in the background! Please don’t erupt today, Mt. Vesuvius!


We had a great time wandering around Pompeii with Fiorella, and I was surprised by how much I learned during our time there. Wow. It was a really great tour.


After exploring Pompeii all morning, we were hungry! Our driver took us to a lovely lunch spot overlooking the town of Sorrento.


The picture above gives you a good idea of where our lunch table was in relation to the awesome view.

Here’s Fabio and me!


And me with my mom 🙂


Lunch was wonderful (this was the place that brought out the variety of appetizers) and we were all pretty sleepy on the car ride back to Amalfi haha.

Back to Amalfi

When we got back to Amalfi in the afternoon, Fabio and I didn’t waste any time changing into our bathing suits and checking out the beach scene. We really wanted to rent a kayak, and were thrilled to discover it would only cost 8 euro for the two of us for one hour. Sign us up!

I gave the camera to mom and stepdad (obviously) and then we headed out!!


The water was so gorgeous and we had a fantastic time exploring the coast by kayak 🙂


When we got back to the beach Fabio jumped off the boat to finish pulling us to shore, only to discover he couldn’t stand! The water was really deep in places where at home it would only be about 2 or 3 feet deep. It was really amazing.

Here we are after our adventure!


Then we sat with my mom and stepdad for a while, sipped some wine, and just enjoyed the afternoon outside.



A little while later, we all got changed for dinner. We weren’t too hungry after our big lunch, so we decided to walk around the town square in Amalfi to see what we could find.


It was another gorgeous evening in Amalfi!


The town square was really beautiful and had a lovely church.


We found a little place to sit that overlooked the church and all the little shops that lined the streets.




We ordered some drinks, munched on some snacks, and then a quartet showed up!

My mom and stepdad wasted no time before getting up to dance in the square, obviously.  Because that’s normal.


We stayed in the square for a little longer, popped into a few shops, and then called it a night around midnight. It was another fun day for sure!

Question of the day: Does your family do anything weird/embarrassing on vacation?

Oh you know, like wear a tux for no reason or dance in the middle of a town square while onlookers pull out the cameras? 😉


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  1. I need to quit looking at your Italy posts because you are making me serious envious ;). Also, I need to come raid your closet!

  2. Yeah seriously, all of you look so fabulous! Is there some sort of formal dress code in Italy I don’t know about? Haha =)

  3. You’re trip looks and sounds so sophisticated and cultural. A nice way to have a vacation! And those views…wowowow!!
    Glad you guys had a great time 🙂
    I think it’s so romantic that your mum and stepdad got up to dance as well. Very sweet!

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