May 122014

Helloooo, and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Here’s what was happening in our neck of the woods. (Any Al Roker/TODAY show fans out there? I watch it every day!)


Friday night was very relaxing at casa Chelsea & Fabio. Fabio had some work to do, so after making a simple quinoa and veggie dinner, I settled in to read and relax. (I may have also stopped by a couple stores on my way home from work to pick up two new spring blouses, but shhh- don’t tell Fabio!)

The movie Honey came on TV a little later in the evening, and whenever that movie is on I always get sucked in. That dance scene at the end is just so great! I watched Honey and then went to bed at 11:00 pm. It’s a wild life we live over here, my friends.


Saturday we were up bright and early for a super busy day!

Team in Training had a Nation’s Triathlon kickoff meeting from 9:00 – 11:00 am at Woodrow Wilson High School in DC, and since Fabio and I are thinking about doing a triathlon we wanted to check it out. I will write a full recap of this later on because I learned a lot about Team in Training and want to tell you about it, but overall it was a really nice meeting and we met so many great people. They also had a free breakfast set out for everyone with bananas, muffins, bagels, and more, so I was a happy camper. It was a great meeting and really helped us to make some decisions about where we want to take this triathlon idea. Details to come!

After the meeting we drove over to Captiol Hill to look at another apartment. Since we are still casually thinking about moving, we try to see at least one apartment per week. The one we saw on Saturday was SO CUTE and was probably my favorite out of everything we’ve seen so far. It was a little too small for our needs (it was only a studio, unfortunately) but everything else about it was perfect. I think this one really gave us hope that we will be able to find something we like if we keep looking. I already have a whole bunch of new places to check out, so we will see what happens!

Next we drove into Baltimore to help Fabio’s sister Diane move. She recently got accepted into school in Delaware to become a Physician’s Assistant, so she will be leaving her prestigious job doing pancreatic cancer research at John’s Hopkins to pursue her dream. She is so smart, and I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes her.

Fabio’s dad, older sister, and niece were in town from NY to help with the move, and to celebrate Diane’s birthday (which is today! Happy Birthday, Diane!), so we had a nice time catching up with them. Luckily the boys did most of the heavy lifting and I got to hang out with this little cutie.


Fabio’s niece Sophia is getting so big!

I also got to help Diane with her Save the Dates, since she is getting married to her fiance Alex in Jamaica next May! It should be a TON of fun and I’m getting really excited. It was a busy and exhausting day (all that driving to and from Baltimore and Delaware and DC…ugh) but it was good to pitch in and lend a helping hand. We got home at midnight absolutely exhausted.


On Sunday morning we drove back to Baltimore (well, it was technically Towson, which is even further), but this time it was for a lovely brunch with Fabio’s family and Alex’s family. We went to 7West which had a giant buffet and bottomless mimosas/bloody mary’s for two hours. Needless to say, we took our sweet time 😉


It’s pretty rare that we all get together (the last time was around Thanksgiving) so it was so nice to see everyone again.


This is Alex’s family!



The birthday girl!


Make a wish!


Fabio’s dad brought an awesome cake (and flowers for all the ladies! He is too sweet!), which unfortunately we didn’t break into at the restaurant. I’m sure Diane and Alex will be enjoying it throughout the week!


Brunch with Fabio’s family was really fun, and I’m so glad we got to spend the day with them for Diane’s birthday.


(BTW, I plan to visit my mom next weekend for a belated Mother’s Day celebration. It’s pretty rare that Fabio’s whole family from NY comes into town, so we didn’t want to miss out! Thankfully my mom is easy going and didn’t mind postponing the celebration by a week. Thanks Mom!)

Also, how cute is this picture of Fabio’s older sister Karen with Sophia? What a diva!


Fabio and I got back to Arlington later in the afternoon, and although we were exhausted from all the back and forth we didn’t want to waste the beautiful day. We decided to go on a late afternoon hike/walk with Jack to Theodore Roosevelt island, which was lovely.

And hey, I’m a mother too, right? Do fur babies count?


It was a great day for our walk!



Jack inevitably decided he wanted to get in the water.



Oops. Sometimes there is just no stopping him.

We sat in the big open area in the middle of the island to dry him off in the sun. It was gorgeous out!


Walking with dad.



It was still really nice out by the end of our hike, so we took our wet dog to the dog park to finish out our day.


A lovely Sunday evening!

IMG_2862After that we relaxed on the couch and of course watched Game of Thrones!! (What’s going to happen to Tyrion?!? And can you believe SHEA!! AH!)

All in all it was a great little weekend!

Question of the day: Do you watch any TV shows or listen to any specific radio programs in the morning?

I used to listen to the Kane show on 99.5 every morning while I got ready for work, but now I put the TODAY show on TV instead!


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  1. Fur moms totally count!!! I love the Today Show. The fiance and I watch Mike and Mike in the morning now. I like sports, so I enjoy the show.

  2. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! How great that you were able to spend time with all of Fabio’s family… and bottomless mimosas certainly don’t hurt 😉 Good luck with your apartment search, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place soon! And I don’t think I’ve actually seen Honey, but I love a good dance movie so I’ll have to Netflix it!

  3. You guys just find the coolest places to eat. I need to do more restaurant searching I think!
    Looks like a great fun weekend.
    Hope the apartment hunt goes well! Next year Ben and me will be looking to move into a bigger house. SO excising.

  4. I always listen to the Kane show on my drive to the train station in the morning! Looks like a great weekend though! It’s so great that you got to see all of Fabio’s family while they were in town! And got to spend puppy mama’s day (yes, I’ve decided that’s a thing) doing fun things with Jack!

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