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Even before I got engaged, I thought about who my bridesmaids were going to be and how I was going to ask them to stand next to me on my big day. My friends are very important to me, and I knew I wanted to ask them by doing something creative. Once we were engaged I spent a few days scrolling through Pinterest and different blogs to get ideas, and I then I set my plan in motion! Here’s what I did. 🙂


First, I ordered these bridesmaid tank tops from Etsy.


The tank tops shown in the Etsy shop say “bride tribe,” but I thought a more traditional shirt fit better with my personality. Luckily, the seller was able to totally customize my order for me! I also needed a bunch of different sizes, two maid of honor tank tops, and a white tank top for myself that says “bride.” The seller accommodated all of my requests, and got the order exactly right. Woohoo! I definitely recommend this Etsy shop if you’re in the market for something similar. She has a lot of cute stuff!

Then I purchased these cute little gift boxes from another store on Etsy! These were relatively inexpensive and I thought they made the perfect package for wrapping up all the cute tank tops. I wrapped each folded tank top in a few pieces of tissue paper, popped them into the boxes (which were very easy to assemble!) and then tied the packages with some twine I already had. Easy!


(One note about these boxes: they ship all the way from South Korea and don’t come with a tracking number, so if you do wind up purchasing these make sure you plan to order them about two weeks before you actually need them.)

Once the packages were assembled, I made a little card for each girl. On the front, I printed this design that I made myself using PicMonkey:


Cute, right? Then on the inside of the card I wrote each girl a note explaining why I want them to join me on my special day. Then I placed each card in an envelope and tucked it under the twine. It was really important to make sure I didn’t mix up which shirt went with which card!


Then I took all 10 of my packages (yes…I’m having a gigantic bridal party) to the post office and mailed them off to my girls! Everyone said they loved the tanks and I think sending them in the cute polka dot boxes was a fun touch. It wasn’t the cheapest project in the world, but I wanted to make it special! 🙂

Question of the day: If you’ve gotten married, how did you ask your friends to be bridesmaids? If you haven’t gotten married, how would you like to do it?

Even though I wanted to do something creative for my friends, I know that everyone is different and no matter how you ask your bridesmaids, they will be thrilled to join you on your big day!

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  1. Ah this is so helpful! I’m in the midst of figuring out how to ask my girls! I’ve been thinking about personalized stemless champagne flutes and tiny bottles of bubbly. My hold up is that I’m asking my 14 year old cousin too. I want her to be included but obviously I can’t give her champagne. Ideas?

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