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Hi friends! We just wrapped up one of my favorite weekends of the summer so far, and today I am truly feeling the Monday blues. Let me tell you about it!


Friday night was nothing crazy – Fabio and I hung out at home and finished hanging up our travel wall collage (pictures to come – there’s a sneak peak below!). We had cauliflower “fried rice” for dinner and went to bed early. It was a rockin’ Friday night. 😉



Saturday morning began with a run! I took Jack with me through the adorable Bloomingdale neighborhood and we covered around 3 miles. I wore my Garmin but sadly the battery died before it could even get a signal, so I have no idea what our pace was. I’m thinking it was pretty slow which was fine with me. It was hot!


I just love all those cute row homes.

Then it was time to clean up the house and get everything ready for our housewarming party!


At around 2:00 pm, guests started trickling in. Two of my best friends from high school, Bianca and Hana, came all the way down from New York for our party! They’re the best. Our friend Sam drove over from Maryland as well, and we had fun celebrating with her since she just passed her boards and is now an official physical therapist! Go Sam! 🙂


(Loving Jack’s photobomb here – haha!)

They were so sweet and brought us a whole box of goodies! I love the wrapping paper they used. 😉


We kicked the party off with some mimosas and strawberries while I finished making sangria and salad for the party.


Then at around 3:30 more guests arrived! A bunch of my old coworkers came for the fun, and I was so happy to have them there. We haven’t all worked together in more than a year and a half but I love that we’re still so close!


Soon Bianca brought out her selfie stick. 🙂


After hanging out in the apartment for a while, we took the party outside to the grill!


I spy a handsome grill master!


Fabio and his brother-in-law Alex manned the grill for most of the party, and people absolutely loved their food. They wound up cooking 40 burgers and a bunch of hot dogs and they all got eaten!!


We had spinach salad and potato salad on the side, and all of that got eaten too. People were hungry!

While I ran around playing hostess, Bianca continued capturing the party with her selfie stick. 🙂


The boys! These are mostly Fabio’s fraternity brothers. 🙂


Jack loved being outside with us! He bopped around from person to person and kept hoping for dropped cheeseburgers and hot dogs. 🙂


Eventually we came back upstairs for dessert! In addition to about a million chocolate chip cookies that I had made, we got a cheesecake to celebrate my good friend Megan’s birthday, which was the day before. She was actually so surprised when we started singing happy birthday that she started singing too! She didn’t know whose birthday it was! Haha – it was definitely a good surprise. 😀


The party continued late into the night with a lot more shenanigans.


It was so much fun, and I can’t thank all our friends enough for coming to celebrate with us!




When we woke up on Sunday morning, Fabio, Hana, Bianca, Sam and I headed over to Union Market for some coffee and breakfast.


Catching up after a fun party is one of my favorite things. I’m so glad I got to spend a few more hours with these ladies before they had to go back home! Thanks again for coming!!


After we cleaned up the apartment a bit and said our goodbyes, Fabio and I drove over to my grandparents’ house for a day on the bay!


When we arrived my dad broke out his new drone which takes some awesome aerial pictures.


Check these out!



So cool, right? We had a lot of fun flying it around.

After putting the drone away it was boat time!


My aunt Teri and two cousins were visiting from Arizona, so we had a lot of fun spending time with them out on the water. Here’s my sister and cousin Sean!


Sunday funday! 🙂


After boating we enjoyed a nice dinner outside while the sun set.


After eating we took a break for a family photo! (Thanks to Fabio for taking this!)


Grandkids, minus two.


After dinner we spent a few minutes running around the back yard with the dogs and we played a bit of catch.


It was such a perfect end to an amazing summer weekend.


Take me back!


Question of the day: Hot dogs or cheeseburgers?

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  1. Can we repeat Saturday pleeasseeee?! So much fun, I am definitely feeling the Monday blues too.

  2. That literally is a perfect weekend! Friends and family, you don’t need much more than that! xoxo

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