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Hi there! Happy Monday to you 🙂 I had a lovely little weekend around here, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


After work on Friday I met up with two of my girl friends, Hana and Sam, for dinner and drinks! Hana and Sam are two of my best friends from high school, and I’ve actually known Hana since first grade. She was visiting from NYC this weekend (yep- this is third weekend in a row we’ve had visitors from the Big Apple) to see her family for Easter. While she was in town we couldn’t waste a perfectly good Friday dinner date!

For dinner we wound up going to Chef Geoff’s, which was really nice since I hadn’t been there since December 2012. It was about time I made my return! We arrived with just a few minutes left of happy hour, so we quickly ordered glasses of delicious white (er..pink?) sangria. It was delicious!

Once we were seated we ordered an appetizer of spiced plantain chips with guacamole. The chips were spicy and sweet at the same time, and the guac was fantastic. Yum!!


Sam knew right away that she wanted a burger of some sort, but Hana and I couldn’t decide between two items on the menu- shrimp with “very Gouda grits” and halibut with lima beans, bacon, and gnocchi – so we decided to get both and share! Our waiter was even nice enough to plate them separately so we both got half a portion of each dish. Even with splitting the plates, there was so much food!


Everything tasted fantastic and Hana and I were so happy with our decision to share. When we were done eating there was still plenty of food left on our plates which got packaged up to go home. When the food was in its to-go box you could barely tell we’d eaten any! I definitely recommend Chef Geoff’s if you’re looking for delicious, reasonably-priced food with huge portion sizes. 🙂 Loved it!

After dinner we decided to walk around DC a bit since we were already downtown. Since I’ve been running all around the city for a while now, I am finally getting pretty good at navigating and remembering bits of touristy information, so it was fun to lead Sam and Hana around a bit.

Hello, Obama family!


 Obligatory White House photo.


Yet another weekend spent on the grounds of the Washington Monument; that makes three weeks in a row!


It never fails to impress me though. Our monument is so pretty!


 And of course we had to take a selfie 😉

Washington Monument

After touring around for a bit we headed back to my apartment and Sam and Hana drove back to Maryland. Fabio had some of his guy friends over so I hung out with them for a bit while they played video games, and I was in bed by around midnight. Not too bad!


On Saturday morning I took Jack for a lovely run!

Potomac River

It was a pretty day and there were tons of people out and about so it felt nice to join the crowds and get moving. Once we got near the Potomac River I stopped to let Jack take a drink of water, and instead he plunged into the river to chase after some geese. I guess I saw this coming but was naively hoping he would only stop to take a drink, haha. Fail.

Potomac River Geese

Technically I’m not sure he was allowed to swim in there, but no one said anything? Haha does anyone know the rules about letting pets swim in the Potomac?

Unfortunately after about three miles, Jack was running in the grass next to me and I guess he pulled on the leash weird or something because I stepped off the path into the grass, rolling my ankle in the process. Ruh roh.

I first broke my ankle at cheerleading camp back in high school, and now I roll it/sprain it about once or twice a year. Sam (who is studying to be a physical therapist) says I really need to strengthen my ankle, and I know she’s right. Anyone have any thoughts on the best way to do this? Do I need to see a physical therapist or can I just look up some stretches on YouTube or something? Sam, any tips?

Luckily this is one of the more minor sprains I’ve had (it’s just a little swollen and painful) so I should probably be able to run again in a week or two. Still annoying, but it could definitely be worse!

After hurting my ankle Fabio came to pick me up (what a guy) and took me home. Then he was off to Baltimore with the boys and I headed to my mom’s house for some family time!

While I was at my mom’s I laid out by the pool, sipped on white wine, chatted with my family, and enjoyed some delicious food.

For Easter my mom had made her famous cinnamon rolls, and I definitely didn’t waste time enjoying one. Hey, I only get to eat these once a year! Go big or go home, right?

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls


For dinner we had Polish kielbasa, potato pancakes, and asparagus (I wound up having more asparagus than this, FYI). My mom’s grandfather was from Poland, so it’s an Easter tradition around my house to eat Polish food. I don’t mind one bit- it’s delicious!

(Sorry for the weird coloring in this picture- we were sitting outside under the heat lamp which made everything orange!)

Potato Pancakes and Sausage

After dinner I drove to Jimmie Cone to meet my dad and sister for some ice cream. It’s really nice that my mom and dad live so close to each other; it makes it easy to see them both in one visit!

Another side note- my sister is getting so big!! She’s going to be 9 next month and I can’t believe it. When I left for college she was just a toddler!!

Jimmie Cone


On Sunday morning I scooped up Fabio from Baltimore, and then we headed off to have brunch with my mom and stepdad for Easter. We went to the Comus Inn which is definitely one of our favorite places (we go there a lot). It was a beautiful day to be in the country!

Comus Inn

 Me & my handsome guy 🙂

Comus Inn

 My wonderful mom and stepdad! <3

Comus Inn

Brunch at the Comus Inn is set up as a huge buffet with every breakfast and lunch option under the sun, and we all had a great time getting different things to eat. The shrimp were a highlight for me. So good!


Fabio and I also shared a waffle with fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate chips for dessert. The other half had just syrup. So good!


 There was also a table with homemade pastries, cookies, and brownies. We made a pit stop there too, of course!

Fabio Brunch

 It was a lovely brunch and I was so happy to be able to spend Easter with my family. 🙂

My mom & me

After brunch Fabio and I drove back to Arlington. When we got back, Fabio was tired and decided to take a nap (in other words, he wanted to sleep off his food coma/recover from the boy’s weekend in Baltimore) but it was a beautiful day out so I decided to go for a little walk into Georgetown. It was too nice a day to stay inside!

Georgetown Tulips

I tried to do some shopping but many of the stores had closed early for Easter. Oh well! It was still a nice day to be outside. I wound up walking a little more than 3 miles and even stopped for groceries on my way back.

Pretty successful Easter weekend if you ask me!

Question of the day: Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what are your traditions?

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! So much good food!!! I love Easter brunches – there are always so many options! Although I have to be careful not to go too crazy! I gave up sweets for Lent this year, so I may have enjoyed the dessert table a little more than I should have… haha. Hope your ankle starts to feel better quickly!

  2. What an eventful weekend, glad you had fun! Minus the ankle – hope its heals up fast! And YES PLEASE I need that lemon bar recipe…they look amazing!!

  3. Oooohh Chels, you and that ankle! I had SUCH a good time with you this weekend – double dose! Definitely needs to happen more often (my semester is almost over yayyy). As for the ankle, it’s going to continue to get rolled cause the capsule is so loose but you can strengthen the muscles around it to help (similar to my shoulder dislocating all the time).. You can do things like calf raises and just range of motion stuff… and I can steal a theraband for you from my school so you can do that stuff. We’ll chat 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear about your ankle! What a bummer. Love the photo of Jack swimming in the Potomac—he’s such a cutie. Such yummy food pics in this post! It doesn’t help that I’m hungry while I’m reading this 😉

  5. Ahh that sucks about your ankle. I love your outlook though no running for a week or two “oh well” – I’d be in a pit of despair by now 😉 In terms of strengthening, maybe aim for strengthening your calf to help things? I do calf raises on a step holding a dumbbell.
    Wow the brunch sounds amazing. And those cinnamon rolls look very tasty – your mum is very talented!

    • Thanks, Anna! I will tell her you said so; she’ll be thrilled. And yes not being able to run is definitely annoying, but compared to past sprains I’ve had where I had to stop running for more like 3 or 4 weeks, 1 or 2 doesn’t seem too bad!

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