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Hi guys! Happy Halloween!! I hope you are all having a super spooky day! Mwahahaha (ahem…pretend that was an evil laugh). I feel a little conflicted this year because part of me wants to drive to my dad’s house tonight and trick or treat with my little sister, whereas the other part of me wants to park it on the couch and not have to spend an hour and a half in the car tonight. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, I hope whatever plans you all have turn out to be a ton of fun!

I feel like Halloween got a bit blighted this year by Hurricane Sandy. I don’t know how the storm was where you all are, but for me it was quite scary! The federal government and metro were both closed on Monday and Tuesday so luckily my office let us work from home. Although it was nice to lounge around in my PJs all day, the wind did have some pretty strong gusts and quite a few trees went down in my area, which was very scary. I’d rather go into the office and have no storm, thankyouverymuch.

One of the fallen trees was gigantic and fell across one of the main roads in Arlington (Wilson Blvd, if you are familiar with the area). Luckily the crews got everything cleaned up by early Tuesday morning, but many apartment buildings surrounding mine were still without power when I left for work this morning (I guess my prayers to the power gods were answered!!).

Although the storm was pretty bad in my area, it cannot begin to compare with what happened to the poor folks in NY and NJ. I have many friends with houses on the Jersey shore and they are all pretty terrified to see what has become of their property. Also my boss will be out of the office all week helping his mother get out of her home in Long Island, where two huge trees are currently blocking her in. Lastly, for those who were wondering, although Fabio’s family lives in Queens, none of them had any trouble with fires or flooding, thank God. Luckily everyone I know was relatively spared from the storm! Phew!

Ok so now that we’ve gone over all of that, let’s switch to a lighter topic, shall we?? Do any of you guys want to hear how Fabio’s birthday celebration went?? Can you guess what we did??

Here’s a hint:

Yes, we went up in a plane! And Fabio was the pilot! Haha but I’ll get to all of that in a minute. First let’s start with Friday.

Friday evening Fabio and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner (it was packed btw, with people stocking up for Sandy). I even let him pick out an ice cream cake for dessert (which he prefers over my homemade regular cake. Sad.) and he couldn’t decide between a Carvel cake or a Snickers ice cream cake.

Oh the decisions we have to make as adults, I tell ya.

Once we got home, I made Fabio one of his favorite meals on the planet, lasagna. He is obsessed with Italian food and for past birthdays and special occasions I have made him baked zitti and stuffed shells. This time it was lasagna!

I followed this amazing recipe from The Pioneer Woman (because she is a genius and I love her/am obsessed with her). It was really easy and so good. I also made gargantuan sized garlic bread (can you tell Fabio was in charge of slicing bread to the size he wanted? lol) to go along with the lasagna. Because 5 lbs. of cheese and pasta weren’t bad enough for me??

Phew. So many carbs/calories but it was worth every bite!! So good!

After dinner it was time for cake!

Jack wanted a piece too 😉

Sorry Jack, no cake for you!

After enjoying some cake, Fabio and I spent the rest of the evening on the couch relaxing. We were still sort of recuperating from the previous night’s birthday celebrations (aka, the tequila was finally wearing off) so we just wanted to relax. Also, we had big plans in the morning and I didn’t want either of us to be hung over!

When we woke up on Saturday morning I made Fabio a quick breakfast (while we watched Dogs 101 which seems to be a Saturday morning routine. Don’t judge.) and then we hopped in the car. Fabio had no idea where we were going and I wasn’t about to tell him! I wanted it to be a complete surprise!

We started off in the direction of my parents’ houses but we got off at an earlier exit. I could tell Fabio was confused but then, when we were about 2 minutes away, we started seeing signs for an airport! Before we knew it, we had arrived at the Montgomery County Airpark.

Back in June I found a Groupon for a one hour flight lesson in a small plane via the Washington International Flight Academy. Fabio always told me he wanted to take flying lessons but we thought they were too expensive (uhh yeah try like $10,000 to get your license!). When I saw this Groupon I knew it would be perfect for my wanabe-pilot!

When we got there, we signed in and then waited for the instructor. Shortly after, out came Tom, a really nice flight instructor who explained to Fabio everything he needed to know about the plane. Fabio would be driving the plane the whole time, but, like in Driver’s Ed, Tom would be able to override any of the movements at any time. Pretty cool, huh?

I wish I could tell you what all those gadgets do, but honestly I kinda zoned out for that part lol. My job was to just sit happily in the back seat and prepare for the flight!

Soon, we were ready for take off!

Once we got up in the sky I snapped about 1,000 pictures of scenery lol. It was just so pretty with the changing leaves!

Hello, Montgomery County!

In the pictures everything kinda looks the same, but since I am familiar with the area, it was really cool to see roads that I drove on in high school from the air. I recognized all sorts of landmarks from churches, to supermarkets, to schools. How cool!

Plus the leaves were gorgeous from up there.

Hello from the back seat!

Fabio even got to do a cool turn in the air so the plane was basically flying on its side. I was really worried I was going to get motion sickness but I was fine!! It was so weird being on your side and looking at the ground. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re afraid of heights (and, speaking of being afraid, this plane was tiny and I was definitely a little scared at first, especially since Fabio was going to be flying. Once we got in the air though, I got more excited and it sorta felt like a rollercoaster! It was really fun!).

Soon we landed and Fabio taxied us back to the parking spot. We said goodbye to Tom and left! Fabio could not stop talking about the flight lol. I think it’s all I heard about for the rest of the day.

After the airport, we stopped by my dad’s house since we were so close. We grabbed some lunch and then headed over to Butler’s Orchard to pick some pumpkins!

It was quite fun, and we all had a blast picking the best pumpkin in the field!

My sister wanted them all and even though she already had one at home, she went home with two more lol. #spoiled (and who does she get it from?? haha)

I picked a good sized one, and later on I carved it to look like Jack!

I guess it sorta looks like him, right? Lol. Fabio went the more traditional Jack-O-Lantern route.

After picking pumpkins we headed back home. Fabio and I made it back just in time to go out for the evening. Neither of us really had any costumes planned, so we threw something together at the last minute.

I went for Clarissa Explains It All

And Fabio was a Yankee (as if you didn’t see that coming…)

Here he is at the bar with “RG III” lol who I may have confessed my undying love for since he is saving my Redskins from another embarrassing season (which backfired on Sunday. Ugh!)

We had a great time out on Saturday night and spent about 98% of the night dancing. Not a bad way to go!!

(P.S. at the bar we saw an unbelievable amount of guys dressed up in huge penguin costumes. I am thinking it was probably a frat thing or a big group of friends, but the guys weren’t even all together at the same time. Anyone have any ideas?)

Sunday was much more relaxing, and most of the day was spent reading, watching football games, and doing a little baking.

I accidentally made these. Oops. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I also went on a nice walk with Jack to enjoy the rest of the colorful leaves since I knew the wind from Sandy would probably blow them all down. It was peaceful and relaxing 🙂

We had leftover lasagna for dinner (as we have had every night since lol) and it was delicious!!

Anyway, that’s about it for my weekend recap! It was definitely a fun weekend and I think Fabio had a really great time celebrating his birthday 🙂 Now I just have to figure out how I am going to top this next year!!

Question of the day

What are your Halloween traditions?

My family almost always goes to Butler’s Orchard to pick pumpkins, and we always have candy corn and apple cider. Yum!!


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  16 Responses to “Happy Halloween & Fabio’s Birthday Weekend!”

  1. I think you win the best girlfriend award between the delicious dinner and the flying lessons! What a fun day! The pumpkin picking is always a crowd favorite, too. I didn’t end up carving my pumpkin because of the hurricane, but it’s sitting out on the front step, so at least we look kind of festive?
    Hope you have a happy halloween!

  2. Yum! So glad you made the soft peanut butter cookies. they are my favorite 🙂

  3. That’s such a good present! Sounds amazing. Fail prefers icecream cake to regular?? No! Real cake all the way hehe.
    How scary about the storm! We’re hearing about it on the news and it’s just terrifying 🙁

  4. wow you are the best girlfriend ever! that birthday gift sounds like a blast! I love your halloween costume.. such a throwback! Also your pumpkins turned out great!

  5. I grew up in Derwood and I always knew that airpark existed and as dumb as this sounds never knew what happened over there. Anyways that lasagna looks delicious I might have to make some this weekend.

  6. I have so many comments to make…so, like a dork, I will number them! 😉

    1. Most importantly, glad to hear that you are okay after Sandy hit.
    2. That birthday dinner looks delicious. Carbs are just sooo good aren’t they? 😉
    3. I am a big fan of ice cream cake…well, really just cake in general. I especially love Dairy Queen’s ice cream cake because it has the most delicious, crunchy chocolate layer that nobody can beat.
    4. Your outfit at the apple orchard is fabulous!
    5. I LOVE your Halloween costume. So easy and yet so creative. That used to be one of my favorite shows and I have seriously contemplated buying the seasons of it on DVD. For some reason I have a feeling that it is probably not quite as good as I remember it being as a 10 year old girl haha.

    • 1. Me too!
      2. My dinner was a delicious carb overload haha
      3. I will definitely have to try Dairy Queen’s ice cream cake next time!
      4. Thank you!
      5. I definitely used to LOVE Clarissa Explains it All! It was one of my favorite shows along with All That, Are you Afraid of the Dark, Rugrats, and Hey Arnold. So Good!!

  7. I think it’s pretty safe to say that you deserve & win the best girlfriend award! I’m completely jealous of Fabio’s present! I can’t imagine how happy he must of been 🙂

  8. I love your costume! I forgot about that show clarissa explains it all haha. I used to watch that all the time! Loved it!
    The birthday dinner you made for Fabio looks great! I love a good italian feast! Ice cream cake is always a winner as well. My sister is obsessed and always get the carvel cakes!!

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