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Hi friends! How’s everyone’s Monday treating them?

Today I have to wish my friend Hana a very happy 26th birthday! Hana and I have known each other since first grade, and this weekend I went up to NYC to celebrate with her.

Here are some highlights!

  • Fabio and I had dinner from Shop House on Friday night while we waited for our bus to NYC that was an hour late. Not so fun waiting for the bus, but I do love Shop House!


  • On Saturday morning, I ate a giant cookie from Levain bakery for breakfast.




A giant cookie for breakfast = the best breakfast.

  • We took the ferry over to Hoboken, New Jersey, where my friend Bianca just moved. It was beautiful!


  • We spent about a million dollars (ok, not a million) on cab rides and Uber rides. It was ok though, since I was with my best friends. 🙂


  • We drank mimosas and ate some delicious food while brunching at a cute place called City Bistro.



  • We met a bunch of Bianca’s new friends.


  • We ordered takeout salad bowls for dinner from Pita Grill and enjoyed them while watching Sex and the City and catching up.


  • We celebrated Hana’s 26th birthday at a club called Bounce with all her NYC friends. 🙂



  • We spent Sunday morning being silly and relaxing before Fabio and I hopped back on the bus to come home.




The end!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite activity to do with friends you don’t see often?

Even though going out was a ton of fun, my favorite moment of the weekend may have just been when we sat on the couch watching Sex and the City!

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Sometimes you do just need to eat a cookie for breakfast! 🙂

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