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Hi friends! I hope you’re having an awesome Thanksgiving Eve! Today I’m actually romping around NYC (and will be watching the parade tomorrow – woohoo!) which means there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for sitting down to blog. Luckily, my good friend Catrina stepped up and is here today to tell you all about training for a 10K.


Me with Catrina this past summer

Catrina is new to running (though not new to fitness!) and it’s so refreshing to hear a real perspective from someone who is new to this activity that I have totally fallen in love with. I hope you guys can relate to her and appreciate her story! Take it away, Treen!

Chelsea, being the angel that she is, has given me the privilege to share my experience training for a 10k with you all while she heads to NY to celebrate the eat-a-thon holiday that is Thanksgiving!

A little background: Two months ago I packed up my things in NY and decided to make a huge leap of faith and move to beautiful sunny San Diego on my own (can you tell I love it here?).


Being the carb and chocolate lover that I am, during my last month in NY I ate as if everything was being taken from me and I would never see a bagel or a slice of pizza again. Then I got to California and ate ALL of the tacos. I mean all of them.

So after two months of non-stop eating, I decided I needed a workout plan I was going to stick to, to get my butt (literally) back in shape. As an avid CET reader I knew race training was something Chelsea has done in the past and has been able to stick to, so after discussing the idea with her I downloaded a 10k novice training program online and got to it!

She even sent me a “Will run for beer” shirt for my birthday to get me motivated. What a great friend right?!

run for beer

However, there’s a reason I’ve always chosen CrossFit or an elliptical over running…and that’s boredom. It has always been the reason I hate running. I get so unbelievably bored.

My body has been in and out of good physical shape my whole life, but running, no matter how fit I am, is hard for me.

That being said, here are a handful of tips/tools that I’ve learned that have helped to keep me going through this training process:

  • Running by the beach is way easier than running the streets. Not only do you have amazing views (the ocean, the sand, the men with six packs 😉 ) but there aren’t any streets to count as you pass by. I no longer have an internal struggle about how many blocks I’ve actually run compared to how many it feels like I’ve run.


  • I give myself set walking breaks. For example, if I have a 5 mile run I tell myself I am not allowed to stop and walk until 3.5 miles. This provides me a mental end goal that’s shorter than the actual run so I can keep working towards the next ‘goal.’
  • New music! I’ve gotten into the habit of adding at least 5 new songs to my “On the Run” (big Beyonce fan over here, could you tell?) playlist before each long run. This lets me rely on my older songs for the beginning of the run but have new ones when I need that extra push towards the end.
  • I’ve stopped skipping songs as much as possible. When I first started running, I had this incessant need to keep switching my songs after about ½ of it played, but it kept making me think “jeeze I already listened to 10 songs and it’s only been 2 miles.” Now I keep the song jammin’ until the end as much as I can.
  • Hold yourself accountable. My training sheet sits next to me at my desk, and each and every day I highlight an activity in yellow if I do it, and in pink if I missed it. Seeing those pink highlights is just such a horrible feeling and being able to pick up my yellow highlighter and check something off is so satisfying! I also take snapshots of my RunKeeper app and send them over to Chelsea after each long run. I think it helps because I’m sharing my journey and experience with someone whose been there and is SUPER supportive and helpful.

Hopefully this helped you think about your running strategies and what might work for you! Next week is the 10k so wish me luck!!! And of course thank you again to Chelsea for letting me share this with you!

Guys isn’t this awesome? Not only did Catrina pack up her stuff and move across the country alone, but she is totally rocking her 10K training and she doesn’t even like running. Go Treen!

Questions of the day: Do you like running? If so, how did you get there? If not, what do you do instead/in spite of that?

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  1. Congrats on rocking your training!! It is great to have friends to keep you accountable and I love your music recommendation. 🙂

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