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Hellloooooo there! If, like me, you were away from work for part of last week due to Thanksgiving and therefore were not checking blogs on a regular schedule, then welcome back!!

If you are an international reader, or maybe you just don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then hello and sorry for my absence! 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving filled with fun family time! I know my weekend was awesome and I cannot wait to tell you about it.

I kicked off my Thanksgiving-tastic weekend on Wednesday afternoon when I was able to leave work at 3:00 p.m. Wooo!! Leaving early is the best feeling ever. I felt like I had so much time to do things (although in reality, the time ran out quickly haha). I wound up going straight over to my dad’s house to hang out with my little sister, who had a half day at school. We spent the afternoon playing Glee singalong on the Wii.

We also did some type of dancing game on Wii which was really hard! I tried to follow the routine for “Oops I did it again” (oooh yeah, former Britney fan over here) but it was really difficult to follow the moves without knowing what was coming next. My sister didn’t have any trouble with it all though, so maybe I’m just uncoordinated? Who knows.

After playing around for a while, we had a quick dinner and then I headed out with my high school friends! We went to two bars in downtown Bethesda: Union Jacks (they actually have one of these in Ballston which I’ve been to before and had wayy too much fun) and Blackfinn.

It was so great catching up with old friends!

Here I am with the main girls- Hana and Sam! These two (along with Bianca, who was unable to come unfortunately) were my BFFs in high school. I’m so glad we are still just as close!

Here we are with the boys- Kiku and Tim. They were part of our main crew in high school too.

Then we ran into one of my sorority sisters, Betsy!! I loooooove Betsy and was so surprised to see her there. She is living in NYC now (a few blocks from Hana) and I had no idea she was going to be at the bar. What a great surprise!

Betsy is also friends with Hana through another friend, Lauren, below. I actually knew they were friends but apparently I forgot lol woops. So many great friends to see!! (and a random photo-bomber lol)

We had such a great night!!

On Thanksgiving morning I woke up bright and early to watch the parade with my little sister. My dad got us some fresh bagels (remember I mentioned them last week?) and we ate them while watching all the floats go by on TV. Watching the parade with a seven-year old is quite fun!

Soon it was time to help my dad with the cooking and get ready for our guests! Everyone came over around 1:00 and I was busy in the kitchen helping my dad with the squash, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

Then it was time to eat!

We had about 15 people come over (all from my stepmom’s side) and had two turkeys, a ton of stuffing, and all the usual sides.

My plate:

Everything was delicious!! My dad doesn’t cook too often, but when he does he doesn’t hold back!! I was so proud of him for pulling it all together. It’s hard to cook for so many people!!

After dinner the cousins all sat around playing Clue. We weren’t all that clear on the rules and we kind of messed up at the beginning, but it was really fun! I’m sure all the wine I had by this point only increased the fun level haha.

After our stomachs had time to digest we broke out the desserts! My cousins brought a huge pumpkin pie (it was soooo good! I need to get the recipe for you guys) and some fruit cake.

After dessert I spent the rest of the evening watching the Cowboys/Redskins game with my dad (and the Redskins won baby woooo!!!!) while my aunts were all chatting downstairs.

It was a fun Thanksgiving!

On Friday morning my mom came to pick me up and we caught a bus to NYC!! My aunt recently moved to a beautiful apartment in the Upper West Side, and we went up for the weekend to spend some time with her. We arrived around noon and spent the whole day hanging out with my aunt and uncle! Plus since we were in New York Fabio was able to come over which made me a happy camper 🙂

Of course my aunt pulled out all the stops and made some amazing appetizers for us to much on.

Seriously, is she amazing or what?

After enjoying some appetizers and wine, we headed out into the city! They live right near Central Park so we took a little stroll through there and wound up in Columbus Square. Luckily for us, they already had their Christmas decorations up (man are they on top of it).

It was beautiful!

Sorry for the blurry pic- all that wine will do that to ya’ haha.

We found a cute little bar that overlooked Central Park and we all enjoyed some cocktails. I chose a “juice box” which was delicious but very sugary and I knew it would give me a headache so I only had one.

Fabio ordered a raspberry martini which was hilarious since it was bright pink. After this, Fabio wound up ordering pink drinks all weekend as a joke. My uncle tried to tease him about his feminine drinks but Fabio was good at “owning it.” Or so my uncle says 😉

After this bar we went to one more bar called Whiskey Park, but at this point I was content to just chat with my family and I didn’t snap any pictures. Sorry!

After that bar we headed to dinner. We chose a really cute little Italian place across the street from my aunt’s apartment and we were charmed by its friendly staff and delicious food.

We all had some meatballs to start…

And then I had a chicken mushroom dish for my entree.

I’m aware that the pictures look horrible (bad lighting + too much alcohol = crappy pictures) but please trust me- it was all delicious!!

After dinner my mom and Fritz went back to their hotel while Fabio and I decided to hang out with my aunt and uncle some more. We went back to their place where Fabio and my uncle ensued in a fierce game of darts.

Unfortunately Fabio lost every. single. game. Haha! Poor guy- my uncle was pretty serious and actually played so that you have to hit a specific number and a specific section of the board. Have you guys ever played that way?? I usually just go for the bull’s eye haha.

After darts we convinced my aunt and uncle to go to the bars with us (haha yes!! awesomeeee) and we enjoyed plenty of unnecessary extra drinks and even a few tequila shots (ugh what a terrible/awesome idea).

It was such a fun night and was so great to be able to go out with my aunt and uncle!! Fabio and I kept saying they were just like us…plus a few years 😉 Love them!!

The next day we all walked through Central Park and then headed to Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I had never been to that particular museum before and I was blown away by how big it was!! There was so much to see and it would have taken us forever to get to it all. My favorite exhibits were the Egyptian and Bernini ones.

The Egyptian exhibit had tons of ancient scrolls with hieroglyphics on them that were so well-preserved! I couldn’t believe how in-tact everything was! There were also some mummies that were pretty cool.

As for the Bernini exhibit- you could easily say he is my favorite sculptor of all time. We saw some of his work in Rome at the Borghese museum, but it was really great to see more. He is just so talented and so great at capturing movement. If you’ve never seen his work before I definitely recommend checking it out. I’m not huge on art but anyone can appreciate his realistic style.

After the museum we had a nice brunch at Arte Cafe where we enjoyed bottomless drinks for $18 and some great food.

Fabio ordered a pink drink, again.

And we split a pizza and a chicken sandwich (unpictured) for our meal.

After brunch we went back to my aunt’s place, packed up our stuff, and said our goodbyes. My mom and Fritz took the bus back to Maryland while I went with Fabio to his house in Queens.

We had a relaxing evening and spent most of our time recovering from all that drinking 😉

On Sunday morning we packed up our stuff once again and drove back home to Virginia, but not without stopping for some obligatory pizza first!

Nothin’ better than NY pizza, I tell ya’.

We got home in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day unpacking, cleaning, and relaxing. Although I didn’t expect us to be very productive once we got home, we were actually able to get our Christmas tree up and decorated!!! Hoorayyy!!!

Now everything feels much more festive 🙂

Phew. Sorry that was such a long recap, but I had so much fun and wanted to share it all with you!!

Question of the day: Do you travel over the Thanksgiving weekend or stay in one place?

I’m so glad I traveled this Thanksgiving weekend because I had such a blast both at home and in New York. And, if I’m being honest, the NYC bug kinda bit me after talking to my high school friends, sorority sister, and family who lives up there. Maybe I should give it another try in a year or so?? We will see…


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  1. LOVE your blog! You are so talented and so beautiful, I’m the luckiest aunt in the world. Can’t wait for you to come back 🙂

  2. Oh wow this is SUCH a fun vacation!! You were able to do so many different things and see so many people! I love running into people from high school. That happened on Tuesday night for me at a ski benefit fundraiser. It’s always nice to catch up with old friends 🙂 And the food- oh wow it all looks delicious! We had 3 turkeys for just 9 people, and only 6 eat meat! This was definitely the week to indulge. Love that your aunt and uncle went to the bars with you… too funny 🙂

  3. Your turquoise shirt is too cute!

    I love that you played Clue. That is one of my all-time favorite board games 🙂 .

    Lastly, that pizza looks amazing! Then again, I feel like I am always commenting on people’s pizza pictures telling them how amazing they look. I guess I just love a good slice of pizza!

    P.s. Tell Fabio that there is nothing wrong with a pink drink!! 😉

  4. Woah, I’m not even sure what to comment on. Your whole weekend sounds absolutely AMAZING! I love how close you and your dad are. I love your aunts brunch spread. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you & fabio @ Central Park. Okay, maybe you can just say I love this whole post 🙂

  5. What a great weekend! So much fun packed into such a short time, that’s what the holidays are all about! Your tree looks great 🙂 And all the food, ah. I want it all! Looks so delicious, way to go dad for pulling off Thanksgiving!

  6. What a lovely weekend! Your dad did himself proud I think with all that food – and cooking for 15 people, wow. And it looked so good. And your aunt’s food looked like a caterer had been – really impressive looking food. I’m so jealous, my weekend was so dull in comparison hehe.
    And you and Fabio are so sweet together 🙂

  7. Wow it looks like you had such a fantastic weekend! There is so much to comment on here! That Glee karaoke thing sounds awesome- I would have loved that as a kid/would probably still think it was really fun! The meal at your Dad’s house looks delicious and then how nice that you were able to go your Aunt’s the next day! What an incredible meal she prepared too! And it’s so nice that you were able to spend time with your family and that you enjoy each other’s company that much- I always feel blessed because my family is the same way! Wow and then you got your Christmas tree up when you got home?? I’m impressed!

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