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Another weekend, another wedding! Fabio and I are lucky enough to be attending seven weddings this year, and this past weekend we crossed another one off the list. Fabio’s good friend and fraternity brother Brian (aka, Gill) married his college sweetheart Daria on Saturday!


On Friday evening, Fabio and I joined Gill, Daria, and bunch of our other friends from college for a pre-wedding celebration at the Frederick Keys baseball game. The Keys are a minor league team with relatively cheap tickets, so having a big BBQ at the Keys game was the perfect way to kick off the wedding festivities.

After the game, we were all treated to a beautiful fireworks display!



Of course the bride and groom were incredibly adorable as they watched the show.



After the game we drove over to my mom’s house where we were spending the night, and stayed up way too late talking to my mom and drinking wine. 🙂 It was the perfect end to a fun evening!


On Saturday morning we awoke to breakfast cooked by my stepdad!


His poached eggs and potato hash combo is out of this word. Yum!

After hanging around with my mom and stepdad for a while we drove over to my dad’s house to meet my sister’s new puppy!!


Some of you may notice that this lab puppy is black and the picture I showed last weekend was a yellow lab. Apparently there was a mix-up with the breeder, so my sister got this puppy instead. We are a family full of black labs (my grandparents, dad, and I all have one) so this little cutie was a welcome addition to the family! (Though of course we would have loved a yellow one too.)

My sister named her Lexi!


She is just the sweetest, most adorable puppy ever.


Though I probably would say that about any puppy. 😉


She’s going to be big too – just look at those paws!

After playing with Lexi for a couple of hours it was time to head back to Frederick for the wedding! The ceremony and reception were both held at the Stone Manor Country Club, which is the same place where Megan and JR got married last year.

While we were playing with the new puppy, our guy friends in the wedding party were busy getting dressed up for the big day.


[Photo borrowed from my friend Disanto’s snapchat!]

Love this group!

Unfortunately the weather was really rainy (once again) so when we arrived at the venue we waited inside the tent for the ceremony to start. Everything looked so beautiful!


My handsome date!


Daria and Gill had snapchat filters for their wedding, which is actually an idea Fabio and I had discussed doing as well. We’ll have to ask them how they did it!

Then before long it was time for the ceremony! They had the guests stand under a tent to stay dry, and the immediate family sat in chairs in the front row. The venue provided white umbrellas for the bridal party, which actually looked really nice.


It was wet and cold out, but it couldn’t ruin this couple’s big day!


…and then they were married!



One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the purple rain boots that Daria wore under her dress. It just shows so much about their fun personalities and demonstrates that a little rain can’t stop them from celebrating!





[Photo borrowed from Facebook]

Then we headed inside the tent for cocktail hour!


We had a lot of friends in/at the wedding, so it was really fun getting to spend time with all of them.

Cait and me!


Sigma Nu boys!


Soon enough we sat down for dinner.


Fabio and I both had the chicken, which we agreed was super delicious and REALLY big! We couldn’t believe we each got half a chicken!


After dinner the evening was filled with lots of dancing, drinking, and other silly shenanigans. Fabio even got to do some silly dancing with the groom.




When the reception was over, we took a shuttle back to our hotel and continued spending time with some of our best friends.


[Another picture borrowed from Facebook – I wonder where I am in this one?]

Congratulations, Gill and Daria! Thanks so much for letting us share your special day!


[Borrowed from Gill’s snapchat]


Sunday was another super rainy day, and after driving back over to my mom’s to have breakfast (this time my stepdad made scrambled eggs and potato pancakes, which I forgot to photograph) Fabio and I did some house hunting! We saw one place that we really liked, but we will have to see what happens with it. Eek!

Then we finished up the evening with Game of Thrones. Loved this episode!! Hodor?!

Question of the day: How would you handle rain on your wedding day?

Daria seemed totally calm and collected, but I would have been freaking out!

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  1. I love the snapchat filter! How do you even do that?! You guys should totally look in to it 🙂

  2. Love love love the purple rain boots. How playful!

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