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Hi there! I didn’t have anything specific to chat about with you all today, so I thought this would be the perfect time for a blog survey. I always like reading them on other blogs, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this survey too! Here are some of my responses to a fitness survey I stumbled upon from Tina’s blog way back in the day.

Let’s go!

1. Five fitness items I can’t live without

  • CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle – This is by far my favorite water bottle and I take it around with me everywhere. I’ve tried a couple of other bottles like the Contigo Jackson Water Bottle and although they are nice, for some reason I always come back to my Camelbak. Something about the straw just makes it so enjoyable to drink! I even drink from this bottle when I’m not working out, like when I’m feeling sick (i.e., hungover) and after my foot surgery when I wasn’t very mobile. Love it!


  • No Crease Hair Ties – I have really fine hair, so finding hair ties that stay put for me can sometimes be a challenge. A couple of years ago I discovered these “No Crease” hair ties, and they’ve worked great! I love that I can wrap them around my ponytail an extra time without them snapping, and it doesn’t hurt that they come in tons of cute colors and patterns too. hairties
  • Apple headphones – I have to admit I have a weirdly passionate relationship with these headphones. It’s like they are a part of me or something, and I get really upset when I forget to bring them with me somewhere. In addition to wearing them while running and working out, I wear them when I walk Jack, when I walk to and from work, and when I’m sitting at work. Basically, I wear them all day. They’re the best. appleheadphones
  • Level Terrain FlipBelt – I wear this belt every single time I run, and I also wear it for activities like biking, kayaking, and hiking. It’s so nice that it stores all my important stuff (cell phone, keys, credit card, driver’s license) and isn’t bulky or annoying. I’ve run multiple half marathons in this belt and it’s awesome!flipbelt
  • Good shoes – Everyone has their own preference when it comes to shoes, and now that I’ve slpurged on a really good pair (I have the Brooks Glycerin 12s) I can’t imagine going back to a cheaper, lower quality pair. Having good shoes that fit you well and make you excited to work out makes such a difference!

2. On my fitness bucket list

I have two big fitness bucket list items: run a full marathon and complete a triathlon. Some days I think running a full marathon is crazy. It’s not great for your body and I have struggled to complete some of my half marathons, so how would I ever run twice as far? Sometimes I think a full just isn’t for me, but then other days I hear people talk about it and see their pictures from races, and I know I can do it. I just have to have the mindset and motivation, which is not really in my cards right now. Maybe next year?

The same thing goes for a triathlon – while I would really love to do one someday (and one a little longer than just a sprint), I know I need some serious motivation to make it happen. Now is not the time, but I’d still love to do it someday! (Pssst…read about that time last year that I got really close to signing up for one here.)

3. Must-have tech tools 

I have two “tech tools” that I love when it comes to fitness: my Polar Heart Rate Monitor and my Garmin Forerunner GPS watch. I love having the GPS watch to track my runs, and it always gives me a little boost to see my pace and mileage displayed right there on the screen (although the RunKeeper app does a great job in a pinch!).

The Polar Heart Rate Monitor is good for every other type of fitness activity from bootcamps to barre to CrossFit, and I like being able to see how much I’m pushing myself compared to my other workouts. I highly recommend both of these gadgets, although I hear the new Apple watch supposedly does all of those things.

4. Top exercise gear

When it comes to exercise gear, I used to just wear whatever old clothes I had laying around that I didn’t mind sweating in. Old t-shirts? Yep. Oversized tanks? You betchya’. Then somewhere along the way I started investing in better quality fitness gear (probably thanks to my Aunt CC showing me the wonders of Lululemon) and now I swear by it.

A few months ago I started a VIP membership with Fabletics (you can read more about that here) and now each month I update my fitness collection with one fun new piece. It’s awesome, and I 100% recommend it. I have so many cute things now!

5. Motivational mantra

I’m not sure I have one specific motivational mantra because they change depending on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling. Sometimes on long runs I will tell myself to “just keep going” or make it to a certain landmark before I’m allowed to stop to walk (usually by the time I reach the landmark I set a new landmark for myself, and I keep doing this until I’ve made it through my whole run). Here are some other mantras that I like and have pinned over the years:





I really like these two quotes too, even though they aren’t really “mantras.”





7. Next big exercise goal

…I actually don’t have one! After so many months of not being able to do any high-impact exercise after my foot surgery, I am just enjoying being able to exercise! Currently I take about 3 classes on ClassPass per week and run when I feel like it, and that it just fine by me. I’m sure I’ll sign up for another race at some point or maybe define a more official goal (e.g., do an unassisted pull-up), but for now I am just enjoying my fitness adventures. I am really happy with where I am fitness-wise, and I don’t intend to change that anytime soon!

8. Favorite cardio exercise

Running. I also really like burpees!

9. Favorite strength move

Push-ups. I just feel so good when I can bust out a bunch of them, and I notice an immediate difference in my upper body after.

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way, though some affiliate links are included. Thank you, as always, for your support.*

Questions of the day: Where do you get your workout gear? What’s your favorite cardio move? Strength?

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  4 Responses to “Fun Fitness Survey!”

  1. You should run a marathon. They are absolutely amazing and if you put your mind to it, you totally can. There are so many fall ones and you still have time to sign up :).

  2. i also think that investing in good running/workout clothes is a must-do! it makes me so much happier and motivated. fabletics has some great stuff!

  3. Just found your blog and though we have different food philosophies, it’s nice to find someone else who’s successfully lost the weight and is now maintaining (there seems to be too few of us out there!).

    Now for the questions-I actually don’t have workout gear, except for a pair of ‘grippy’ gloves that I use when I do body-weight strength training exercises on playground equipment. They make a huge difference in hanging onto the bars, and save my poor hands when I do things like elevated pushups (feet propped up on park bench). There’s nothing worse then woodchips embedded in your palms ouch, lol.

    Cardio-I only walk 🙂
    Strength training (I do body-weight strength training)-current favorite is a movement called hanging leg lifts (Core/abs, hip flexors, forearms). You hang onto a bar (I use the top bar of monkey bars at a park), hang your entire body from it, bring your knees up to your chest, then back down without swinging.

    Now following your blog!

  4. Woah woah woah, not happy about you dissing the marathon there ;-P I would argue against it not being good for you. If you train well enough for it and be sensible then I think it’s perfectly fine. I think that not respecting the distance and not understanding your own body’s capability is where the issues lie. I personaly think you should do a marathon but that’s because I love them soo much 😉 If you have a good training plan (and it doesn’t have to be all about the running either!) then I’m sure you with smash it!

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