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Hey guys! Thank you so much for your kind words about my crazy work schedule lately. Luckily those hours are only temporary and they are almost back to normal now that I turned in a huge report that was due to one of our clients yesterday. Phew!

As I explained in response to some of your comments yesterday, on the one hand I was totally flattered that I was chosen out of all of the great people on my team to be in charge of the report. I am one of the youngest members on our team, so it really was nice that they trusted me to take on so much responsibility.

On the other hand, it meant that I had to stay until the very last minute to make sure that everything went smoothly and that the report was completed correctly. Gotta do what you gotta do!

Luckily I really enjoy my job (and the people I work with- so important) and most days I just work a typical eight hours. It’s really not so bad!


Ok, so today I don’t really have too much to talk about, so I thought it would be a fun time to host a giveaway!

I was recently contacted by a representative from SlimKicker offering to host a giveaway for the blog. Heck yes, a giveaway for my awesome readers? Why not?!

SlimKicker is an online calorie tracker that takes your health/fitness goals and turns them into a level-up game. To participate, you upload an image of something you’ll reward yourself with (such as a new handbag), and when you reach a certain number of points, SlimKicker will remind you to reward yourself with that. I could definitely use a reminder now and then for when I deserve a new handbag, couldn’t you? 😉

SlimKicker also has over 100+ recipe ideas to help keep you on track with your goal.

It’s a really great idea and it could be really helpful for keeping you accountable on your health and fitness goals!

The prize they are giving away is pretty awesome too; it’s actually something I’ve been wanting for a while myself! Think I can enter my own giveaway? Haha probably not. And I love you all so much that I just want one of you to enjoy the prize 🙂

So, what are they giving away?

[Image Source]

This Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale. Yep, if you win this giveaway you can weigh all of your food so you never have to worry about how many ounces of potato chips you are eating (seriously, how are you supposed to know that?) or how big your pieces of chicken actually are. #Firstworldproblems

To enter the giveaway leave a comment below with a fitness/health challenge idea that SlimKicker could feature on their website. An example would be to “do 20 pushups a day for 1 week” or “squat during commercial breaks.”

SlimKicker will pick the best one after 1 week, and use it on their site. Then I’ll announce the winner and you’ll get the food scale in the mail! Woohoo!

Unfortunately this will be limited to USA residents (for shipping costs purposes…sorry Anna!)

Good luck!

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  19 Responses to “Food Scale Giveaway!”

  1. Go fencing with your husband every morning before work!!! 🙂

  2. Make conscious efforts to eat different colored foods per meal to vary diet and nutrition!

  3. Completely eliminate all BLTs. These are the Bites, Licks, and Tastes you allow yourself throughout the day. That one fry, two pretzels, or 3 M&Ms…completely gone! This does not include actual snacks. These are the side nibbles that happen to slip in your day.

  4. 10 squats
    10 situps
    5 pushups everyday for 7 days! (:

  5. That’s so cool! Hmm…I think a plank when waking up and right before going to bed would be a good challenge!

  6. Try one new type of exercise and one new healthy food or preparation method a week

  7. Eat more veggies! Try to have at least one serving of vegetables with every meal.

  8. Walk stairs between floors at your office twice a day! Over the past few weeks I have walked 5 floors twice a day. It’s great exercise and a nice short break!

  9. Great suggestions above! How about taking a break every 2 hours at work? Whether it’s doing 10 squats, walking over to the water cooler, or going outside… it doesnt sound like a lot but it all adds up!

  10. How about during commercial breaks, if you watch tv, do a different exercise during each break you are watching tv, sit ups, push ups, tricep dips, burpees, get up and walk around, I do this and it is invigorating!!

  11. Hehe I don’t mind missing out on the giveaway don’t worry…though it does look very nifty.
    Glad that you love your job, it’s so much better when you’re working hard at something you enjoy. It gives a good level of satisfaction! And I totally agree that who you work with helps as well. I work with a lot of really easy going people and they have a laugh and a joke and it’s just really nice to have that banter. It makes the hard times seem easier!

  12. Do one workout, i.e. push-ups, burpees, sit ups, etc., during commercial breaks. When the commercial changes, change your activity. If you don’t watch tv make sure you do 50 of one activity everyday morning and night to equal 100 🙂

  13. how about every time you walk into a room (i.e kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.) you do 10 burpees. Imagine how much exercise you would get on a day at home!

  14. Listen to “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers when you go running. For some reason that song motivates me every time!

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

    • ME TOOOO! I love whenever I hear that song comes on and I can’t help but sing every word 🙂 Too bad it wouldn’t last me the whole six miles I have to run tomorrow lol

  15. maybe eat one new veg or fruit a week

  16. Try one new (healthy) recipe a week. Sometimes it can be hard to get started with newer, healthier recipes, and is a great way to get out of a food rut, without being too overwhelming!

  17. While watching your favorite show each week, do the following workout during each commercial break: 30 seconds bicycle crunches, 30 seconds push-ups, 30 seconds alternating lunges, 30 second plank. (Additional challenge: repeat each day).

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