Apr 012016

Hi friends! How is everyone doing? There were about a million times this week when I wanted to check in with a another post, but unfortunately life just got in my way. Sigh. I had things to do after work almost every day this week, so there just wasn’t a lot of time to get my thoughts written out.

I still want to share them with you though, so in lieu of a Favorite Things Friday post I thought I’d tell you about all my food and fitness highlights from the week, plus a few other things that made me smile. I’ll try not to get too wordy on ya! 😉


Workouts this week were great! In addition to a couple of runs with Jack, I took two awesome classes. The first was on Tuesday, when I took the TRX class at Reformation Fitness. This class is no joke and I’m always surprised by how hard it is. Tuesday’s class focused a lot on our core muscles, and I was so sore for the next few days that coughing and laughing was pretty painful. I sorta love that feeling though!

Here I am afterwards, enjoying the feeling of finishing an awesome, butt-kicking workout. Yay!

The other class I took this week was a spin class at FlyWheel!


For some reason I wasn’t feeling as energized as usual/didn’t think I was pushing it as much as I usually can, but then again it might have just been a tougher instructor. Either way, I was dripping in sweat when I was done, which is always a good thing in my book. Love those classes!


Breakfasts this week consisted mostly of eggs! We had them in every way – scrambled with mushrooms and peppers, fried on a piece of toast with avocado and hot sauce, and just plain scrambled on their own.


While I was loving the egg kick, I did switch things up on Thursday with a yogurt bowl. This mix included plain Greek yogurt, honey, raspberries, blueberries, and crushed pecans. Yummy!



I had a bunch of my standard salads this week (as usual…) but I was able to switch things up for two of the days. On one day, I made some lettuce wraps with hummus, grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, and pickles. I wound up having three wraps this size, and it was a nice break from my salads! I especially loved the pickles on top. Yum!


We also ran out of produce by the end of the week and our fridge was looking pretty pathetic, so I hit up Cava Grill for lunch on Thursday and got a nice big salad from there.


In the mix: mesclun mixed greens, baby spinach, 1/2 chicken, 1/2 spicy lamb meatballs, feta cheese, hummus, tzatziki, pickled onions, cucumber/tomato salsa, quinoa, plus a fresh lemon wedge squeezed over the top. So delicious!

This Cava Grill just opened near my office and it’s always been one of my favorite fast-casual places, so I’m definitely going to be getting lunch from there more often. Yum!


Pretty much every day this week I had mixed berries and nuts as an afternoon snack.


It gets the job done!


Dinners this week have been very yummy!

One night we had pork loin again (we bought a HUGE one from Costco a couple weeks ago and froze a bunch) and this time I served it with peas & carrots and sautéed apples.


This meal totally reminded me of something my mom would make for me as a kid. Those sautéed apples were always my favorite!

We also had more of the lightened up Pad Thai that I mentioned last week, which was great for using up the second half of our head of cabbage.


So good! Love that recipe.

Overall it was a really good week of eating and exercise, and I will tell you that I am officially two pounds below that stupid number that I’m always stuck at. Hooray! Now I’m not usually one to care about a number on the scale, but I really did set a goal for myself to get under that darn number for our engagement party (which is tomorrow!!!) and I’m pretty proud of myself for getting to it. 🙂

Other Highlights from the Week

Here are some other things that made me smile this week!

Leftover candy from Easter + Dance Moms on TV when Fabio was out playing a softball game. YES.


Coffee in my favorite new mug!


This guy when I come home from work and all he wants is a belly rub.


…and also when he just wants to snuggle with us on the couch.


When your hair salon gives you wine while you’re waiting for your highlights to finish up.



And when you love how the highlights came out!


I’m ready for my party!!

Aaaaand, now we’re all caught up! Have a good weekend my friends!

Question of the day: What was the best thing you ate this week? Have you ever dyed your hair?

I haven’t had highlights in more than a year!! It’s usually more money than I want to spend on myself, but I decided it was worth it for my engagement party. 🙂

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  1. Love the hair!!!! Chica bonita!

  2. I love Cava Grill! I wish we had them here in Richmond. They do sell their tabouli and tzatziki at a local grocery store so I get those a lot!

  3. I love your new hair cut! Looks fresh and nice. Also, what`s your Snapchat? I like add new people there.

  4. What salon do you go to? You’re hair looks great!

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