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Good morning, and happy Friday! Today is another one of my glorious flex Fridays, and I am loving this unexpected day out of the office. Flex Fridays are the best Fridays!

I started out my morning with a 4ish mile run with Anne! It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve worked out together, so I was really happy for the opportunity to catch up.

Before meeting up with her, I ate half a package of these Belvita breakfast biscuits. I first tried these biscuits a couple years ago, and I recently picked up a box again after remembering how good they are. Half a package makes the perfect snack! I always like to eat a little something before a run, so this was great.


Then I walked up the street to meet Anne, and we headed off! It was a beautiful day for running, although it was a bit humid.


We ran down the Mt. Vernon trail, which, as you probably know, is one of my favorite running routes.


Of course, being the pair of bloggers that we are, we had to stop for a selfie by the water 😉 Hello, sun!


At 2.5 miles there is a set of benches that mark my typical turnaround point, so we turned there and headed back. The views were just fantastic this morning!


I honestly haven’t been running too far lately since I’ve been doing the Kayla Itsines workouts, so it was nice to get back to my favorite running route.


Anne and I had lots to talk about, which made the run pass by quickly.


When we got back to Rosslyn, the thought of running up the giant hill sounded pretty terrible to us, so we decided to sprint to Starbucks, grab some water, and then walk home. Anne is really trying to focus on her speed work, so this was probably better than casually jogging up the hill anyway. We sprinted for a couple of minutes, bought some water, and then leisurely walked back 🙂


Overall  it was a great run, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t my best. I was feeling pretty slow and sluggish (our pace wasn’t that great) and I got tired much more easily than I used to. I know I’ve been focusing more on strength training lately, which has been really great, but I do miss being able to pound out the miles like it was no big deal. We only wound up covering 4.3 miles, which should have been easy for me, but was actually a bit of a challenge.

I was originally feeling a bit bummed about this, but then I remembered how tough summer running was for me last year too. I remember feeling super frustrated with my pace during long runs, and feeling that the “easy” runs were way too hard. I also haven’t been running much farther than 2 or 3 miles lately since I’ve been doing so much strength work instead, so my body is a bit out of shape for this particular type of exercise. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m out of shape – I’ve been working hard! – but I’m just not as in shape for running, which is ok.

If it really bothers me I know what I need to do- just start running more! Anne I are going to start meeting at the track every Thursday morning (well, when we aren’t traveling) so I think that should help me get my running mojo back. Plus it will help me with my speed, which will be great! Can’t wait!

Thanks Anne, for the great run and conversation this morning!

Now I’m off to pack and get some things ready for my trip to NYC later today. I’ll catch up with you guys on Monday!

Question of the day: When you’ve had a bad run, what do you do to improve for next time?

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  1. Love those Belvita bars!! The banana bread ones are good too! 🙂

  2. Girllll I hear you on ALL of this! That’s how I felt several months ago when I took a step back from not running as much and CrossFitting more, but now I have 2 or so days during the week that I dedicate to running… such as 2 HIIT runs and a fun, casual run. That has totally helped me keep my running endurance. Keep it up, and I know your Thursday run plans will be helpful! 🙂

  3. It’s always so hard to get in a run when it is humid. I’m glad you’re not beating yourself up. Sounds like you did great and had fun chatting! I try not to focus on bad runs…I’m just happy when they are over! 🙂

  4. So fun running with you this morning and look forward to our track dates! 🙂 And you’re totally not alone on the sluggish runs lately – this humid weather crushes all of us! Have fun in NYC!

  5. I totally feel your pain! I just started half marathon training again and it feels SO much harder than I’m used to! I’m in DC as well (for the summer) and this heat is definitely a different beast!

  6. I feel you! My pace has been slower than usual, but I don’t worry about it because running in the summer heat/ humidity is much harder on our bodies!

    I figure as long as I’m hitting the distance I set out for that day, taking a few more minutes to do it is no biggie (unless I’m dying in the heat, then I may cut it short and finish up on the treadmill)!

    Also – great idea to hit the track each week. Those workouts fly by and really help us gain the speed we crave! Plus, running with a buddy helps 🙂

    Have a great time in NYC – I’m heading there Sunday!

  7. I had a “bad” spin class earlier this week. I just wasn’t feeling it, and had trouble keeping up. I think it’s because I’ve been running more lately to train for a 15K, and was tired out.

  8. What a beautiful view for your run!

  9. Summer running is always super rough for me! But the way I always see it – it just makes fall running a million times easier! Those hard 4 miles in the summer are going to turn into easy 6+ milers come 70 degree weather!

  10. Yeah it sucks when you take just a tiny break from running. It’s like you go back to square one. But the good news is you’ll get it back quickly I’m sure. And track workouts will definitely help. Sadly there’s no track near me to do that but I do have some hills which I use to sprint up if I’m looking for a good speed session. Though it hurts like hell.

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