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This past weekend when we visited Fabio’s family in New York, his dad gave me a fitbit flex!


Some of you may remember that I used to have a Nike fuel band to track my daily steps (you can read my review of it here), but unfortunately the fuel band has undergone some major software updates since my edition came out (I got it in early 2013), and I can never get my band to sync up with the newer software. Last spring I tried reviving it again, but it just gave me yet another error message. Boo.

My job encourages the staff to stay active, and we even have a walking challenge each summer to see who can take the most steps. Last year I tried downloading an app on my phone to track my steps, but it totally drained my battery. I then resorted to wearing one of those cheap plastic pedometers, but then one day I wore a dress and had no place to put it, so that was the end of that.

Basically, I really needed a new pedometer, and was so happy when Fabio’s dad gave me a fitbit. 🙂

Overall, the fitbit flex is a pretty good size. It’s not too bulky, and unlike my white Nike fuel band, it doesn’t show dirt after you wear it for a while. Woohoo!


If you really don’t like the way it looks, you can always drop $200 on this adorable Tory Burch fitbit band.



Or, you know, not. 😉

While I expected the fitbit flex to pretty much do everything my Nike fuel band did (track my steps, help me reach an activity goal, etc.) I was happily surprised when I set up the app to see that it actually does much more!

Through the app, you can track the number of steps you’ve taken, the number of miles that equates to, how many calories you’ve burned, and how many minutes of the day you’ve been active. You can also set a weight loss goal, and it will tell you how close you are to reaching it. (I decided to try to lose some weight for Fabio’s sister’s wedding in Jamaica this May, FYI.)


While all that is pretty standard, the app also tracks how you slept, what you ate, how much water you drank, and how many calories you have left to eat in order to stay within your weight loss goal.


This is maybe my favorite part of the fitbit. With other food logging apps, you have to load your exercise separately (if at all) and it can be really difficult to tell how much you can eat given the workout that you did that day. So for example, if I walked 11,000 steps and also took a spin class, I could log all of that into my fitbit app. Then my daily calorie allowance would increase based on the number of calories I burned exercising/being active. It lets me know when I’m close to my daily allowance, and I love that if I work out a little harder I know exactly how much more I can eat that day. So nice!

Logging your food is pretty similar to any other food tracking app. You can search for individual foods from the database, or add your own foods by scanning a barcode or entering the nutrition information manually.


Pretty cool, right?

Logging my exercise has also been easy. All I have to do is search for the activity (e.g., type “yoga” or “spinning” into the search bar) and then enter the amount of time spent doing the exercise. Done!


Of course I know the number of calories burned are just rough estimates, and if I really wanted to I could strap on my heart rate monitor and include a more scientific number. While I know I could do this, I probably won’t for now. That’s just a few too many gadgets! I’m totally fine with an estimate – I just want an idea of how I’m doing.

I also like that fitbit sends emails and push notifications to your phone congratulating you on your activity.


Hey what can I say, I walk a lot!


The fitbit flex is also waterproof so you can wear it while doing dishes, washing your hands, running in the rain, etc., but it’s not recommended to be worn in the shower or pool, FYI.

Overall I’m really loving this new gadget, and I’m hoping it will help me lose a little weight before this wedding at the end of May. You know I’ll keep you posted!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite health gadget?

I really like my Garmin Forerunner for tracking my runs, but this fitbit is pretty awesome so far too! Of course I’m excited for the Apple watch which will combine all of these features (if you haven’t seen what it does for health and fitness yet, check it out here) but they’re so expensive! $349? Yikes. Maybe some day!

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  1. I love my fitbit flex! It’s so motivational to get my daily activity in. I also love that you can add friends and do challenges with them-great accountability! I actually wore mine in the ocean during the summer and the fitbit itself was fine! The salt messed with the band though, but the company sent me a new one free of charge.

  2. I won a Fitbit Flex at Fitbloggin last year and wore it for awhile, but eventually stopped. I know they are great for some people, but a lot of the features were not applicable to me and since I don’t track calories I wasn’t going to spend time adding individual foods in. I also drink a TON of water so I didn’t need to track that either. In the end it just wound up being a nuisance for me so I stopped. Glad it is working for you though!

    • I know what you mean – I stopped wearing my Nike Fuel Band while training for a half marathon because I was tired of not meeting my daily goal some days, and way overdoing it other times (e.g., on days where I had a long run planned). I think it’s good to wear now and then though!

  3. I got a Jawbone Up for my birthday last September, which is kind of the same of thing, and I do love mine! I mostly use it for the step tracker and the sleep tracker, but I love that it gives me a visual for how active I am in a day. I think they can be really great tools for people who a) sometimes need a little extra motivation or b) who are numbers/visual people (like me) who find it to be very informative and motivating to physically SEE how they are doing. Love the review!

  4. So happy to see your Fitbit review! I love mine too, great motivation to work on that daily goal!

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