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Hi friends! Today I’m coming at you with my latest Fit Crasher review! In case you’re new around here, I am a contributing writer to the blog The Fit Crasher, where I join a couple of other fitness fanatics in reviewing various boutique fitness studios around DC. I was out of the game for a while after my foot surgery, but now I’m back at it!

Today I’m sharing my review of the pool and track at Arlington’s Washington-Lee High School. You can find the full post here, and read my other Fit Crasher reviews here. I highly recommend reading this one if you want to see some sexy horrendous pictures of me in a swim cap and one-piece. 😉

Washington Lee High School pool and track

Crash Course: With an affordable public pool for practicing your strokes, and a free track for running sprints and speed drills, Washington-Lee High School is a hidden fitness gem in the heart of Ballston.

where: 1301 N Stafford St. | Arlington, VA
bring: [pool] towel, shower shoes, lock [track] sneakers
perks: cheap swimming, free track, large, clean facilities
sweat score: Up to you!
wear: swimming/running gear
cost: swimming is $5.50 for Arlington residents and $7 for non-residents

Hello Fit Crashers! I’m so happy to be back crashing with you all today. After undergoing surgery on my foot back in January, I took a bit of a break from the crashing scene, as my crutches limited me to Pilates videos in my apartment. Eventually my doctor cleared me for swimming, which brings me to today’s crash!

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you just want to add something different to your fitness routine. Of course I love barre, yoga, spin, and Pilates as much as the next girl, but doing the same thing from week to week can get old fast. Adding something different to your routine – like swimming – is great way to work different muscles and get you out of a fitness rut.

Washington Lee High School pool and trackI had heard lots of great things about the pool at Washington-Lee High School in Ballston, so as soon as my doc cleared me for swimming I jumped right in! (Pun absolutely intended.)

The pool is located on the N Quincy Street side of the high school, and has free parking for two hours for pool visitors.

Washington Lee High School pool and track(I like to work out at the crack of dawn, hence the dark photo!)

Swimming at Washington-Lee doesn’t cost much; it’s just $5.50 for Arlington residents and $7 for non-residents.

Truthfully the locker room is a bit dated and nothing special, but it gets the job done. Be sure to bring your own lock, shower gear, and towel!

Washington Lee High School pool and track

Sexy swimming selfie FTW!

Once you exit the locker room you’ll walk over to the pool, which has about nine lanes for swimming. There’s also a tank area where you can swim if you’re a little slower or just want to work on some drills.

Washington Lee High School pool and trackWhen I went at 6am on a Thursday morning it was pretty crowded (there were two people using each lane), and since I’m not the best swimmer I did my laps in the tank area. It got the job done!

Overall I was really impressed with the pool, and definitely plan to go back to get my cardio in while my foot finishes healing.

Washington Lee High School pool and track

In addition to the awesome pool facilities, Washington-Lee High School offers a great track for getting your running workouts in!

Washington Lee High School pool and trackAlthough running around the various paths in DC is my favorite way to pound the pavement, I also recognize the importance of getting some speed drills in if you are trying to set a new PR.

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Question of the day: Have you ever gone to a nearby school to get your workout in?

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  1. Hi! Random request would you consider doing a post on work shoes that you’ve found that don’t (/didn’t?) hurt your bunion? (Or have you already done one that you could point me to?) I need to do a little spring refresh on my shoe collection and I just can’t decide on shoes that are cute, but work for a bunion. Thanks!

  2. How awesome! Sadly the high schools around me don’t really have facilities like this – they all go to the local indoor pools for practice. Booo. But my gym does have a pool, I just haven’t used it yet. Somehow I just cant convince myself to get back into a sexy one piece suit! haha.

  3. Hey, I love how you try out all different kinds of exercise! I know you work out a variety of ways and was wondering what kind of music player do you use? I need some new music to workout to!

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