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Happy New Year, friends!! I hope you are enjoying your day to rest up after fun New Year’s celebrations with friends and family. I for one am enjoying my last day of vacation, as I will be back at work tomorrow. Womp womp. Hey, at least it will be Friday! Today will be a day for unpacking from Jamaica/doing loads and loads of laundry, plus putting away all of our Christmas decorations, cleaning the apartment, and hitting up the grocery store for a major haul. Fun times.

In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with my latest Fit Crasher review! In case you’re new around here, I am a contributing writer to the blog The Fit Crasher, where I join a couple of other fitness fanatics in reviewing various boutique fitness studios around DC. Today I’m sharing my review of the Power Playground class at MINT Dupont. You can find the full post here, and read my other Fit Crasher reviews here.

Here we go!FC06

Crash Course: This fun circuit-style workout utilizes a mix of equipment right in the middle of the lovely MINT health club that will get your heart rate soaring.

where: 1724 California St. NW | Adams Morgan
bring: water bottle (they have minty water available, but only small cups to drink out of)perks: small class size, variety of equipment

sweat score: 7 out of 10

wear: gym clothes
instructor: Mark
cost: membership is $98 per month | free trials available | included on ClassPass

Happy holidays, Fit Crashers! I hope you are all taking a break from your busy fit schedules to enjoy some rest and relaxation with family today! In the meantime, I’m here to share my latest fit crashing adventure over at MINT Dupont!


Established in 2006, MINT is a beautiful health club and spa with locations in the Dupont/Adams Morgan area and Downtown DC. The owners founded MINT upon a vision — delivering a well-rounded fitness experience within a warm, modern facility, and a close-knit community.


MINT claims to be much more than a gym with workout equipment, personal trainers, and exercises classes; they strive to make your workout more of an experience with friendly staff, a clean and well-maintained space, and top-educated professionals who offer services like nutrition counseling. MINT does have a membership limit to avoid overcrowding, so if you’re trying to get a membership there it could be challenging!


MINT definitely lived up to its online description; the gym was immaculate and provided every creature comfort you could ask for from towels and a clean shower, to tampons, razors, cotton swabs, deodorant, lotion, mouthwash, and minty-flavored water. They also had lockers with electronic locks that you could set to your own code, which were awesome.



Once I put my stuff down and used my share of the free goodies (how could I not?!) I headed out into the gym for the Power Playground class! According to the website, the class utilizes the gym’s synergy equipment to create a circuit training class with non-stop movement. Sounds right up my alley!


The class itself was held right in the middle of the gym, and while I waited for the class to start I sat with regular gym-goers who were using that space to stretch. I thought this was a little weird, and wish the class had been in a separate room so the instructor could control the music and I wouldn’t have felt like all the elliptical-steppers and treadmill-runners were staring at us the whole time.


{We wound up using this rowing machine during the class}

Soon our instructor for the evening, Mark, came over and introduced himself, and then our class of about 8 people got started with the workout.

Our warm-up began with a circuit of jumping jacks, burpees, squats, kettlebell swings, and two varieties of kettlebell lifts. Mark had us complete each exercise for 30 seconds before we switched to the next move. When we were finished with the circuit, we repeated it again.

I’m usually a big fan of these types of workouts, but since we were in the middle of a gym the energy felt a little dead – Mark couldn’t really yell to encourage us, and we didn’t have any loud music or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I was still totally winded by the end, but I would have liked a more pumped up vibe.


After our warm-up, Mark sent us each to a different station of the “playground” for the main circuit workout. The exercises in our circuit included kickboxing, squats with weights, hammer curls, trampoline medicine ball throws, burpees with a bosu ball, tricep extensions with free weights, rowing machine, and box step ups. Phew! It was fun and challenging in the best way.

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Question of the day: Do you prefer taking classes at boutique studios or do you like going to a more traditional gym?

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