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Good morning! As I mentioned last week, I’ve recently partnered up with Meaghan from The Fit Crasher to help review fitness classes in the DC area. Once a month, I’ll be posting over there with a review of my latest sweaty escapades, and today my first post is up! I’m really excited about this opportunity to write for one of my favorite local blogs, and I hope you’ll follow me over there to read my review!

Here’s a sneak peak of today’s post:

UFC Gym Arlington

Crash Course: Taking after parent company Ultimate Fight Club, UFC Gyms provide the perfect atmosphere for honing in on your fighting skills in the sweatiest way possible. The UFC Gym’s hour-long kickboxing class will get your heart rate soaring with intense punching and kicking combinations, with plenty of opportunities to “rest” with burpees and pushups. Bring your sweat towel and your best ass-kicking attitude for this awesome workout! Check out the UFC Gym website for a full list of class times at their Virginia, DC, and Maryland locations.

where: 1200 N Herndon St | Clarendon
bring: water bottle, towel, and hand wraps if you’ve got ‘em!
perks: small class size, hands-on trainer, awesome music
sweat score: 9 out of 10
wear: clothes that won’t flop around during burpees, high knees, and jumping jacks
instructor: Gary Peebles
cost: first class free | membership $99 per month

Hey Fit Crashers! I’m Chelsea and I’m so excited to share my first crash with you today! When I’m not posting on The Fit Crasher, I’m blogging about my sweaty adventures over at, so there’s more than one way to stay in touch. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

UFC Gym Arlington

If you’ve ever watched an Ultimate Fight Club – aka UFC – match on TV, where professional fighters sidekick, uppercut, and body slam their opponents, then you know what to expect from a kickboxing class at one of the UFC Gyms.

UFC Gym Arlington

Formerly known as LA Boxing, UFC Gym has locations all around the country, with 13 gyms in DC, MD, and Virginia. Although they have a wide variety of classes available, I decided to pop into a kickboxing class at the Arlington location last week to see what all the hype was about.

First-time UFC Gym visitors can take one class for free, which is, of course, awesome. The class schedule is available online and all you have to do is click “Try Free” when you sign up for a class. So easy! From there, you’ll get a ton of confirmations before the class via email, phone call, and text – seriously, they did all three – which were nice reminders throughout the week.

I had no trouble at all finding the gym, which is about a two-minute walk from the Clarendon Metro. There’s also metered parking available right outside, assuming you can find an empty spot.

UFC Gym Arlington

The staff recommends arriving 15 minutes early to your first class so you have time to get everything set up. Once I arrived, I signed a quick waiver and bought a pair of hand wraps to wear under my boxing gloves.

The hand wraps are mandatory as a safety precaution, but if you have your own you are certainly welcome to bring those instead of buying them. The wraps cost $11, are totally washable/reusable, and come in a ton of fun neon colors, so I didn’t mind buying a pair. Then the trainers wrapped me up, handed me my gloves, and sent me over to my very own punching bag for the evening.

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Thanks so much Meaghan, for this awesome partnership! I can’t wait to see where I wind up sweating for next month’s review!

Questions of the day: 

1) Did you click over to read the rest of the post? If not, do it!

2) Have you ever tried kickboxing?

3) For my local friends, where should I crash next?

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  11 Responses to “Fit Crasher Feature: Kickin’ it at UFC Gym”

  1. Yay, loved your review post! Kickboxing with bags is such a fun and awesome workout. I’m super curious to hear about Orange Theory (although I know you said one of the others was reviewing that).

    • Yes, I’m curious about Orange Theory too! I’ll probably check it out sometime soon since it’s right across the street from me, and I have a coupon for a free class 😉

  2. We have Title Boxingt in the KC area. I definitely should check it out. Great review! 🙂 Piyo would be a fun class to try out next!

    • I honestly just had to google what that was lol. “Piyo is a strength, stretch and flexibility workout promising to deliver the same results as yoga, pilates and interval training combined.” That sounds amazing!

  3. I’ve never tried kick boxing but I really want to, awesome post! Hmmmm, fit crash a hot yoga class?? I’m so scared I’m going to die slowly in one that I’ve yet to go.

  4. I love kickboxing!! It is my new obsession!! It definitely challenges me and the longer the combos the more I like it!

  5. I wish there was one in my area. I am a lackadaisical fan of MMA, but watch all the big fights. I’d love to ‘pretend’ to get my MMA on in a UFC gym! I like that they offer a free first workout, that’s a bonus! xoxo, ganeeban

  6. So happy to have you on the team Chelsea. Thanks for the “knock-out” review (see what I did there?) of what appears to be the toughest kickboxing class of all time. Can’t wait for another one next month!

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