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Good morning! As you may remember, I’ve partnered up with Meaghan from The Fit Crasher to help review fitness classes in the DC area. Once a month, I’ll be posting over there with a review of my latest sweaty escapades, and today my next post is up! I really love this opportunity to write for one of my favorite local blogs, and I hope you’ll follow me over there to read my review!

Here’s a snippet of today’s post:


Crash Course: Edge Yoga is a no-frills yoga studio that will have you conquering your most sought-after yoga poses in no time. The Mixed Levels Yoga I class doesn’t mess around, and you’ll be engaging your core muscles for some complicated poses before you can say Namaste.

where: 2440 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 201 | Courthouse
bring: Water and a small sweat towel, if you want. Yoga mats are provided for free.perks: Tiny class size, hands-on trainer

sweat score: 6.5 out of 10

wear: tight-fitting clothes to get your flow on
instructor: Mark Greimcost: Drop-ins are $16 and $13 for students

Hey Fit Crashers! I’m excited to share another DC-area class with you today; this time we’re talking about Edge Yoga in Arlington!

Personally, I am not a huge yogi. Sure, I’ve taken a class here and there, but I’d much rather strap on my sneakers and run miles around DC, or pop into a super sweaty HIIT bootcamp, than get my “om” on. However, I’m trying to change that!

That’s why when my blogger friend Anne of fANNEtasticfood told me that Edge Yoga is a great studio for runners-turned yogis, I was excited to check it out with her. We signed up for the Mixed Levels Yoga I class online, and booking the class could not have been easier.

Edge is located in the Courthouse area of Arlington, right above Papa Johns Pizza. No seriously, it’s right above Papa Johns. Thankfully I did not smell any pizza during the class.


When I first walked up the stairs I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place – it shares a space with the bartending school – but after a quick look around, I saw the small studio with its soothing lighting, abundance of (free!) yoga mats, and calming music. Ah yes, this must be the place!


Upon arriving, the instructor Mark came over to introduce himself, and explained that this class is a little more intense than a basic beginner’s yoga class. He then said that I shouldn’t force myself into any of the poses if I wasn’t ready.

Yikes, what did I just get myself into?

Soon Mark got us started with some basic yoga poses, and the warm air (not super hot like bikram, but just pleasantly warm) helped me loosen up.


As we were getting started, three things really stood out to me about Mark’s class.

First, the atmosphere in the studio was no-frills and totally unassuming; I didn’t feel intimidated like I have in some of the fancier yoga classes I’ve taken. Everyone worked at a different level, and I never once felt like anyone was judging me. The atmosphere was totally positive and encouraging, which is exactly what a yoga studio should be in my mind.


Second, I really liked Mark’s teaching style. He talked pretty fast, and would give us as many tips as he could for each pose. For example, as we would be getting into a pose, he would say things like, “Don’t forget to turn out your shoulders. Your pinkies should be turned to the front. Remember to look forward. Start to bring your left leg back. If you’re looking at your toes, then you’re not looking forward.” He totally caught me with this one! I was definitely guilty of looking at my toes, haha! All of his verbal tips really helped me get into poses the right way, which I found to be super helpful.

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Thanks Meaghan, for having me again today!

Question of the day: Are you a yogi?

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  1. I am definitely by no means a yogi but in the past year have enjoyed the classes more and more that I have gone too. I especially like the free class on Sunday at Lululemon. Since being hurt I need to be much better about stretching and going to an hour yoga class ensures that I at least get some stretching done 🙂 That arm stand (not sure of the yogi term) is intense! I mastered this summer crows pose – something I never thought I would do!

  2. I am definitely not a yogi. I have done a lot at home, but going to a class still intimidates me!

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    I came across your site while searching for information about Kayla Itsines workout program. I just purchased it a week ago, yeey!

    However, after reading the gudie I still have a question. What’s the difference between unit and session? How’s 1 unit of LISS cardio training different from 1 session cardio training?

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