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Hey there! Did you have a nice weekend? Ours was really great – and it included the first snow of the season! Here’s a peek at what we were up to.


After work on Friday, Fabio and I joined our friends Jon and Liz for drinks and dinner at Little Serow! For those who haven’t heard of Little Serow, it’s a popular Thai restaurant in D.C. that usually requires standing in line for a few hours to nab a table. Jon and Liz are going to Thailand for their honeymoon next week, so we thought going to Little Serow to share Thailand tips would be the perfect send-off for them! Jon got in line at around 6 p.m. on Friday, and he was able to get our name down for a 9 p.m. seating.

While we waited for our table, we headed to a nearby Peruvian bar, Nazca Mochica for cocktails. The bar had a nice, quiet atmosphere and incredible drinks. I started off with a rosemary and beet concoction (!!) and then got a spicy cucumber drink. Yummmm.

Before long, our table was ready!

You don’t order anything off the menu at Little Serow – they just bring a bunch of stuff to your table and tell you what everything is. At first I was confused by this basket of (beautifully cut) raw veggies, but once I tasted how spicy some of the other dishes were I understood their purpose. 😉

I do enjoy spicy food so the heat wasn’t too big of a deal, and the waiter did a good job at alerting us to the dishes that were more on the spicy side. One of the spiciest (but tastiest) dishes we had was this amazing ground duck course, and my other favorites were probably the sticky rice “tater tots” and the tom kha soup. Yum! These buttery mushroom topped with a runny fried egg were also quite delicious.

And Fabio and I were excited to see our favorite Thai beer, Singha on the menu!

It was such a great night out, and I left feeling so thankful for these great friends. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how their trip goes!


On Saturday morning, we woke up to snow! Fabio and I suited up and took Jack to the park, and it was quite fun being out with all the snowflakes blowing around. (This picture was taken when the snow had just started, and though nothing stuck to the roads or sidewalks, we wound up getting a decent amount on the grass by the end of the day.)

We let Jack off his leash to run around a bit in the field, and two other dogs showed up to run with him! Before we knew it, we had an impromptu doggy play date! 🙂

Once we returned home, Fabio and I headed out for a late breakfast/early lunch at our favorite local cafe, Northside Social. Two large lattes, please! 🙂

For my breakfast, I got the smoked salmon breakfast sandwich with a perfectly poached egg on top. Yum!

After that, Fabio and I headed home to snuggle on the couch and watch TV by the fire. It was so cozy with the snow falling!

Later in the afternoon, Fabio headed out to meet up with his friends for a Christmas party in Baltimore (he spent the night there) and I got all of our Christmas shopping done and even got some gifts wrapped. Phew! It was a productive afternoon.

In the evening I had some leftovers for dinner and then wound up switching between reading Bon Appetit magazine (I recently subscribed since I love their podcast so much) and watching The Santa Clause on Freeform. I love that movie! (And all the holiday Freeform movies.)

I was in bed nice and early with my book (I’m currently reading Ken Follet’s A Column of Fire and it is SO good!), so basically, I had the perfect Saturday night. (Except I missed my hubby, of course!)


Fabio arrived back at home by 9 a.m., and then we were off to my dad’s house! As you guys know, my little sister (technically my half-sister) is 12 years old now, and for Christmas this year she asked for stuff to redo her bedroom and bathroom. I can totally remember being that age where you are tired of your “kid” stuff, so for her Christmas gift we decided to outfit her with a bunch of new stuff for her bedroom and bathroom including a new headboard and shower curtain, and then spend some time over at their house helping her update everything.

Once we arrived, we spent our whole day emptying out cabinets, cleaning drawers, scrubbing the tub, making piles for donations and trash, and just basically fixing everything up in the bathroom. It wound up taking the whole day, but it looked like a brand new bathroom by the time we were done! My sister seemed super excited when we left (apparently she went upstairs to try out the shower immediately), even though we didn’t get much done in her bedroom and will have to go back another day for that.

We did get the Christmas tree decorated at my dad’s house before we headed back home, so I would definitely call it another productive day!

Fabio and I arrived back at home at around 8:30, which was just enough time for me to prep a bit for the week ahead and read approximately 4.5 pages of my book before my eyes got heavy and I went to sleep.

And there you have it – our productive and fun snowy weekend!

Question of the day: How spicy do you like your food?

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