Apr 182014

I wasn’t planning to blog today (you guys should know by now that blogging 5 times a week is rare for me!) but I went to a Nationals game last night with a bunch of friends and just wanted to share the pictures with you all!

Although the weather was pretty chilly freezing, the company was wonderful and I had a fantastic time. Here are my photos!








Have a great weekend, everyone!

Question of the day: Do you like going to baseball games?

 Posted by on April 18, 2014

  5 Responses to “First Nats Game of the Season! {Photos}”

  1. Yay for the Nats!! Even though they are struggling a bit this year… I love going to baseball games though! Such a fun atmosphere!

  2. Love going to Nats games!!

  3. Sotheby’s girl in the Blackhawks jersey lived on my floor when I was an RA in college! Crazy small world!

  4. So the***

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