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Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was a lot of fun, and pretty relaxing too. Here’s a look!


After work on Friday, Fabio, Jack, and I hung out with our neighbor friend, Dom, and his puppy Riley.


She is getting so big! Jack and Riley had a blast playing together, and are truly becoming the best of friends. What a couple of goofballs!


After Dom and Riley went home, Fabio made us a couple of (very strong) gin and tonics. We put some music on and had fun just hanging out at home!

We used our new Kate Spade “his and her” glasses (even though it’s hard to see it here) and that put a big smile on my face. Friday vibesss!


Soon enough it was time for dinner, and Fabio and I decided to go out for a little date night! We walked over to our favorite neighborhood – Bloomingdale – in search of a restaurant that didn’t have an hour-long wait.


It wasn’t the prettiest evening ever, but at least it had stopped raining!


Isn’t this neighborhood with all the row homes so cute?

After walking into two restaurants with long waits, we went to our go-to: Boundary Stone!


We love this cozy little bar because it always has a great drink selection, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere. I wound up getting a Flying Dog beer on tap, and an unpictured chicken sandwich. Yum!


After dinner we headed over to our friends James and Shelly’s new condo (congrats guys!) and played a few games of heads up before calling it a night. I was in bed before 11:00 pm which was just perfect!


Saturday morning began with a delicious egg sandwich!


Then I cleaned the apartment for three hours while Fabio golfed. Oof. We have been so busy lately on the weekends that it had been a while since our apartment had had a deep clean, and it felt so good to scrub everything down.

Once Fabio got back around noon, we drove to my grandparents’ house for a day on the boat!


Once again the weather was pretty crappy, so we spent some time putting a cover on the boat to keep everyone warm.


It was quite the process figuring out how to snap and zip all those pieces together!


Finally we got everything put on and then it was boat time! The sun managed to peep out for about five minutes.



But we still had to bundle up from the cold wind! What kind of spring weather is this?


We still had a lot of fun, despite the cold!




Luckily it was nice and warm in the back of the boat where the cover was. It was definitely worth putting all those pieces on!


After a while on the boat, we headed back to my grandparents’ house to relax and play with the dogs. 🙂


Eventually it was time for dinner, and we took my grandma out to an early Mother’s Day celebration! We went to the Fisherman’s Inn in Kent Island, where I ordered a crab cake, shrimp stuffed with crab imperial, and a side of green beans. Yum!


Plus a shared vanilla milk shake for dessert!


Happy early Mother’s Day, Grandma! We love you!


Sunday began with pancakes! 🙂


Then it was time for meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prepping. Fabio and I wound up going to Costco and the regular grocery store, so it was quite a busy day! When we got home I also cleaned out some of the cabinets and the fridge, which meant giving Jack a mostly empty peanut butter jar to lick.


He was in heaven!


Then I prepped some couscous and (slightly burned) sweet potatoes for my salads this week…


…and made a big batch of fresh juice!


I always love seeing all the colors. I’m like a little kid, haha!IMG_1084

Yay! 🙂


We finished up our Sunday with the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Did anyone else watch? Ahh – I can’t wait for next week!

Question of the day: What is the number one thing you like to do on weekends to prepare for the week ahead?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Though I’m really not a fan of boats – which is bizarre considering I grew up next to the sea. But hey ho.
    Game of Thrones is so good!! Really loving it.

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