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Hey folks! Happy Monday!

I am officially back after a whirlwind weekend at the beach with some of my best girlfriends.



As I mentioned to you guys on Friday, I opted to use one of my last vacation days (tear) on a fabulous trip to Fire Island in New York. I’d never been to Fire Island before, but my friend Megan’s family rents a house there each year. She invited me last year as well as the year before, but for one reason or another I have never been able to attend. This year I was determined to participate in the fun weekend at the beach and I’m so glad I did!

Fire Island is a quaint beach town off the coast of Long Island. There are no cars allowed on the island and you have to get there by ferry. Because there are no cars on the island at all, the deer are super friendly and really brave.fireislanddeer

A few of them came right up to me, and I totally could have reached out to pet them had my friends not lectured me on the dangers of petting wild animals. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear ‘ya. My friends are clearly not as obsessed with animals as I am haha.

Anyway, last time we chatted I was hanging out on the sand enjoying the most fabulous beach day. It was sunny, breezy, and absolutely perfect for soaking up rays. We spent the afternoon lounging in our beach chairs, catching up on life, and frolicking in the ocean (though the water was pretty cold, so we didn’t stay in too long).

Once the sun started to get lower in the sky we made our way to the beach house Megan’s family rented for the week. Megan’s mom Eileen is such a fantastic hostess and set up tons of snacks for us to munch on.


The cooler was also fully-stocked with beers and sodas, and the occasional pina colada came our way as well 😉 We wound up spending the rest of the afternoon playing Catch Phrase (you know how my friends love Catch Phrase), listening to good music, and just chatting about life. Most of these girls live in NYC and I haven’t seen some of them since May so it was great to see them all.




A little bit later in the evening we showered up and changed for dinner, which was delicious! Megan’s family did a great job cooking for all of us and everything we had to eat was fantastic.

Here I am with Britt! You can see we are a little sunburned…


After dinner the drinks kept flowing and we continued chatting and goofing around 🙂

Here I am with my two sorority sisters, Britt and Kristen!



Here are Kristen and Megan!


Some of the group 🙂

The house Megan’s family rented was pretty huge and a bunch of their family friends stayed there on Friday night as well. It wound up being quite crowded, but in a fun family way. Coming from a very small family myself (I don’t have many cousins and I grew up as an only child) it was really nice to spend so much time with Megan’s family and family friends.


We finished up the evening at a local bar in town and had a fabulous time. I love these girls.


Unfortunately Saturday morning wound up being rainy and cold. The girls and I went into town and did a little shopping, and Britt and I decided we really needed some neon Fire Island sweatshirts as souvenirs.


Nothing better than a cozy sweatshirt on a chilly day! Despite being a little grumpy about the rain, it was still nice to be in such good company 🙂

A little bit later we headed back to the house where we relaxed for a bit and hung out with Megan’s little cousins. Britt is a trooper, haha.


Around 1:00 pm it stopped raining but was still pretty overcast for the beach, so we broke out the beer pong tables instead. Gotta love a little BP action!


We were all feeling a little silly and giddy, so we took some goofy/awkward pictures.


Eventually around 3:30 it cleared up a lot so we headed back to the beach! I’m really glad we were able to get a little beach time in, even if it was only a couple of hours.

Once the sun started going down, we headed back to the house for dinner. It was very similar to the night before in that we drank some cocktails, played Catch Phrase, and ate a delicious dinner.

We tried (unsuccessfully) to get a group picture.


One of my favorite parts of the night was when we went around the circle and basically said our favorite things about each person. My friends and I often to little activities like this when we are drinking (e.g., what is your happiest memory ever, what do you love about this person, etc.) and it’s a really nice opportunity to just express our appreciation for each other. It’s not very often that people express their feelings so openly like this, so I think it’s a great little tradition we have. Sometimes it’s just so nice to hear what people love about you!

We also did a little silly dancing at the table. Ah well, so you can’t be serious all the time!



Then we went to the bar again and had another fun evening out!

Here I am with Catrina!meandtreen

Britt, Megan, and Catrina 🙂


Megan, Kristen, and Britt at the bar…


And me and Britt!



Sunday was a beautiful day, however I spent the majority of  it travelling back to DC and didn’t get to enjoy the weather much. I started by taking the 9:45 ferry back to Bay Shore, where I caught a shuttle and then got on a train. Then Fabio picked me up from the train station (he had been staying with his family in Queens) and then we drove back home.

On the way home we stopped in Manhattan to pick up Fabio’s sister, who was visiting from Baltimore. When we got to the place where she was eating, she asked us if we could wait a few more minutes so she could finish up her meal. This was just fine with us since we just happened to be about two blocks away from Fabio’s friend Hayden’s apartment. We brought Jack with us into his building, but Jack wasn’t allowed on the lobby floor – Fabio had to carry him! Haha it was such a funny and awkward sight- I guess those buildings aren’t used to big dogs!

lobbyEventually we made it home by around 9:00 pm and I was pooped. What a fun weekend!

Question of the day: Have you ever gone on vacation with a big family? Have you ever been to Fire Island?


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  1. Wow, that is amazing that the deer are so friendly there. It would have been so cool to pet one! But yes, slightly risk I suppose.

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! I’ve never heard of Fire Island before – but seems like quite the experience to have deer be so friendly and no cars at all! But a weekend with your girls is sometimes the best vacation of them all. I’m glad you had fun!!

  3. It looks like a great way to use your last vacation day!!! Ya’ll look like you had a blast!!

  4. I’ve never before been to Fire Island but it looks so lovely! Definitely my kind of vacation spot—laidback with lotsa wildlife. That photo of Fabio holding Jack…I dieeeee. Jack’s face! He looks almost embarrassed, like he’s sorry that he’s so big with those huge paws just dangling there. Cutie pie!

    Also, I totally would’ve pet that deer too. 🙂

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