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Hi friends! This past weekend I spent two nights in a large house with 12 of my best college girlfriends in Fire Island, NY.


Fire Island is a long narrow island south of Long Island that is only accessible by ferry. There are no cars allowed on the ferry or island (except for the occasional golf cart), so it has a great beach town vibe.fireisland


To get to the ferry, my other DC-residing friends Megan and Mia took a 6:30 am Amtrak train with me to Penn Station, NYC, and then a 10:22 am Long Island Railroad train into Long Island. We met up with a few of our NYC-residing friends at Penn Station and a bunch of us took the journey together out into Long Island. From there we had to take a shuttle to the ferry, and then the ferry to the island. Phew!


The whole journey took quite some time (we finally arrived at around 12:45 pm) but being with friends made it manageable. We wound up taking up a huge part of the ferry!


Once we arrived on Fire Island, we had to lug the nearly $700 worth of groceries we had shipped over on a freight ferry to the house. You need a lot of food to feed 12 hungry girls for a long weekend!


From there we quickly dropped everything off, made some sandwiches, and hit the beach! It was a gorgeous day and we didn’t want to waste one minute of it.


The beach was just as beautiful as I remembered from last year, and I had a blast soaking up the sunshine next to so many of my best friends. It had been forever since we had all been together, but it was like no time had passed at all. We had really great conversations that ranged from the serious (work, family, & life) to the not-so-serious (food, books, & boys)

Although we normally go to Ocean Beach in Fire Island, this year we walked a little further to get to a part of the beach where snacks and alcoholic beverages were allowed. Although it was annoying to lug a giant cooler to the beach, it was so worth it to have snacks like cold grapes & strawberries, sandwiches, and an ice cold Coronas with lime. Ahhh.

This part of the beach also allowed dogs to be off their leashes, which I loved. I obviously tried making friends with all of them 🙂


As the sun sank in the sky, we headed back to our beach house for snacks and drinks. We had a great outdoor deck which was perfect for seating our large group.


From there we spent a few hours snacking on pita chips, hummus, and a delicious homemade feta dip (thanks, Britt!) while everyone took turns showering in the two indoor and one outdoor shower (I just love those outdoor showers at the beach). We often played Catch Phrase or just spent this time laughing with one another. It was easily one of my favorite parts of the day.



Once everyone was done showering we started pulling dinner together, which was phenomenal.


The first night we had grilled chicken with Caesar salad and pasta salad, and the second night we had hotdogs/hamburgers with potato salad and strawberry salad. So delicious!


After dinner we hung around outside for a bit longer before eventually moving inside for an inevitable dance party in the living room.


A dance party is pretty much guaranteed with this group 😉

We had such a fun evening having girl time in the house, before we eventually migrated to the fun Fire Island bars.





Such a perfect first day!


Saturday was almost identical to Friday except without all the travel in the morning. Woohoo!

We all woke up and headed to the local shop for iced coffee and breakfast sandwiches around 10:00 am. After making our snacks and sandwiches for the day, we headed back to the beach! Our towels and chairs were all set up by around 11:30 am, and the rest of the day was spent ocean-side.

Once again we had great weather, and it even got hot enough for us to frolic in the waves some. It was another perfect beach day.


This day unfolded much like Friday with snacks and drinks after the beach, then a delicious dinner, then some games outside.





Earlier in the day our friendly neighbors had stopped by to invite us all to their pregame. We headed next door at around 10:00 pm and had a good time getting to know some new people our age. Later in the evening we all headed to the bars together and had another great night dancing the night away!



Megan and I set our alarms for 9:00 am on Sunday so we could squeeze in a little more time at the beach before our long trek back to Arlington. We packed up our stuff beforehand and were able to get a decent amount of beach time in before we had to leave. We wound up taking the 12:30 pm ferry back to Long Island, and from there we went through our shuttle, train, bus saga all over again. It was a really long travel day but we made sure to have some tasty treats to keep us happy.

New York pizza and Fire Island crumb cake, FTW!




(BTW this crumb cake was so ridiculously buttery and sugary that we could only eat a little at a time. It wound up lasting us the whole trip back, and I even had some last night with Fabio after dinner. It’s so good!)


Megan and I returned to Arlington around 8:45 on Sunday night, which honestly wasn’t too bad. Of course by then I was so tired from our journey that I barely had enough energy left to unpack- not to mention blog- but that’s ok. It was well worth it for such a phenomenal weekend with my friends.

Question of the day: Do you bring snacks to the beach and/or on long journeys? What are your favorites?

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! There really is nothing like getting together with a bunch of girlfriends to hang out – and a trip to the beach is even better! $700 worth of food though? That totally blew my mind until I started to think about it… that probably is about how much you need to feed 12 girls for 3 days! Did you guys go the costco route at least??

    • Yep- and that also included beer, liquor, paper plates, cups, etc. We didn’t buy any meals out either except for breakfast one day (we wound up going through like 6 loaves of bread for all of us, haha!) SO MUCH STUFF!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I love being able to cook your own meals and pregame before heading out for fun!

  3. Omigosh this sounds like such a fabulous weekend with your besties!! I think it’s so awesome that you and your friends make a point to do trips like this! I feel like it’s so hard to make it happen at our age when everyone is off different places and always busy! I’ve never heard of Fire Island before but it looks beautiful and like the perfect spot for a beach reunion!

  4. Ah! This looks like it was just fabulous! I so wish I could do a trip like that with friends. Way too awesome!
    Also, that crumb cake…omg yum! <3

  5. I have heard great things about Fire Island! We never made it when we lived in NYC. It looks beautiful and like you guys had a fun time!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic girls weekend! I love that guys brought all your food – organized bunch! It is hard for my friends to set-up a picnic let along a 3 day weekend for food. I applaud this!

  7. Omg I’ve never even HEARD of a crumb cake but I want it!!!
    Looks like such a fun girlie trip. I can totally imagine how you can spend $700 on food between you guys. I’d have done the same. Ben and me spent a fortune on food for our recent camping weekend…though we ate barely any of it! Whoops.

    • Haha I hate when that happens. We did a good job of eating most of it. We went through about 5 loaves of bread which was pretty amazing.

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