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Update: I added a page for My Weight Loss Story. Check it out if you’re interested.

I baked these muffins last night because I knew I wouldn’t have time to make a good breakfast this morning. You see, as I am writing this, I am sitting in a chair at the good old DMV getting my car situation under control. Remember when I mentioned my car trouble last weekend and had to call a tow truck? Well I didn’t give any details then, but I’ll tell you now that it was because my insurance uses a Virginia address and my car was registered in Maryland. Apparently this is not allowed and as such, my plates were suspended and my car could not be driven. Wonderful. So, since I didn’t want to take off work to get everything organized, I knew I would be heading over to the DMV nice and early this morning. I wanted to sleep in as much as possible, so I baked these muffins on Friday night so I could just grab one in the morning. They definitely came in handy as I headed out the door!


Just because I had to leave early this morning doesn’t mean I couldn’t squeeze in a little workout! Jack and I went for our normal 1-mile morning jog. Fabio opted to stay in bed (possibly due to too many beverages at the happy hour he went to last night?) but Jack and I had a nice time anyway.

The weather this morning was absolutely GORGEOUS. Like seriously, it made me want to frolic around in a meadow or something. Everything was bright and green and the birds were chirping. We usually jog from about 6:45 – 7:00 am, so running this morning at 8:15 when the sun was fully up and the animals were more awake was a nice change of pace. I know I had a great run, and I think Jack did too!


I am hoping to get in some more exercise later this afternoon but we will see how the day unfolds. In the meantime, let me tell you more about those muffins!


For these muffins I used a box of Fiber One Blueberry Muffin mix. I have to be honest that this mix has been in my cabinet for almost a year. I just don’t really like the idea of using box mixes too often and usually opt for a homemade version. However, last night after I had already worked out, cooked dinner, and blogged about it, I just didn’t have the energy to whip up a batch of muffins from scratch. I turned to the cabinet, saw these beauties, and knew my muffins would be ready in minutes.


While I was pretty sure these muffins would be tasty and easy, I was equally sure I was not going to be too impressed with the Nutrition Facts.


First, the calories for this muffin seemed kind of high to me given how small they turned out. I could easily see people thinking that these are “healthy” muffins due to the Fiber One branding, and scarfing down 3 of them since they are relatively small. While it is good that these muffins have fiber, it’s important to remember not to go overboard. Keep with the serving size of one muffin, even if it seems small. The fiber should help fill you up for longer so you really don’t need the extra muffin.

I also thought this was kind of a lot of fat to have in such a small muffin, especially when so much of it is saturated fat. You’ll see below that I played around with the recipe to try to get the fat content down, and I think I succeeded. Let me know if you try any other substitutions that work particularly well.

Another thing that bothers me is the sodium. It seems crazy that 11% of my daily value of sodium should come from a muffin. I think one problem is that we get way too much sodium in our diets these days and no one seems too concerned. A lot of low-fat “healthy” foods are loaded with sodium and most people aren’t even aware. Just keep an eye on how much sodium you take in and try to cook at home so you can control how much salt you add.

My last complaint with these muffins is the fiber. You would think, based on the branding and the labeling, that these muffins would be packed with fiber. I would think they would be at least 8 grams right? Wrong! Only 5! Some of my favorite breakfast cereals can have up to 10 grams of fiber! These muffins are called Fiber One for a reason right? I just wish they had a little bit more actual fiber. However, these did keep me full all morning long, so it was enough for me. It’s just something to consider.

Ok so I know that was probably boring to read and I still haven’t even gotten to making the muffins yet, but I think it’s important to understand what your food is made of so you can control what else you eat later on. I guess my main point is to really take the time to read the nutrition information on a product that might seem healthy, just so you can make sure it actually is. Ok, lecture over. Let’s get to the muffins (which as I said were very tasty and kept me full all day!).

First I preheated my oven to 425 degrees and filled a muffin pan with paper liners. Then I added the muffin mix to a large bowl and poured in 3/4 cup of water.


Next on the ingredient list was two tablespoons of oil. However, I was thinking these muffins probably didn’t need more fat, so I substituted the oil with two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt instead.

SAM_1212I always buy a huge tub of Oikos plain 0% fat Greek yogurt and keep it on hand. I like to use it when baking- as a replacement for fats and oils, when cooking- to thicken up a sauce and make it creamy, and also for dessert- by mixing it with honey and frozen berries. This stuff is always in my fridge.

Once I replaced the oil with the yogurt, I added in two eggs and mixed everything up.


Soon the batter was mixed and I poured the mixture into the muffin cups.


I popped these into the oven for about 10 minutes (rotating the pan halfway through) and I removed them when the tops of the muffins started to brown.


I let them set up for a few minutes and then removed them from the pan to cool completely. In the morning I grabbed a muffin and headed out the door. Super easy!


Fiber One Blueberry Muffins


  • 1 box Fiber One Blueberry Muffin mix
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 2 tbsp. nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees and place liners in a muffin pan.
  2. Pour Fiber One mix into a bowl; add water, yogurt, and eggs. Stir to combine.
  3. Pour batter into lined muffin pan.
  4. Bake for about 10 minutes (rotating pan halfway through) or until tops of muffins start to brown.
  5. Let muffins cool for a few minutes before eating.
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