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Hello there, and happy Fri-YAY!! 🙂 How did your week go? Mine was great, especially since it was filled with so many fun birthday festivities. Here’s a look back, Favorite Things Friday style! Feel free to play along in the comments below and tell me something that made you smile this week.

Favorite Smells

On Tuesday (my birthday!) I got three bouquets of flowers, so my desk smelled amazing!

First, when I came into work, I found a lovely bouquet of flowers from my coworker Shameeka on my desk. She’s the best! (Hi Shameeka!)

Then a little later in the day, I received a delivery of these beautiful flowers from Aunt CC and Uncle Steve!


These flowers smelled so good, and they’ve opened up beautifully. Look how great they look now!


I love smelling them throughout the day. 🙂

Then after that, another delivery guy came to our office, this time with flowers from my mom and stepdad. Aren’t they gorgeous too?


By the end of the day, my desk was resembling a garden and smelled so, so good.


I decided to leave the flowers from my mom and CC at work so I could enjoy them during the day, but I took the ones from Shameeka home. I was pretty nervous about taking them on the metro during rush hour – where I am usually crammed onto the train with tons of strangers pushing into me – but it wound up working out ok.


The flowers made it home in one piece, and they looked great in the new Tiffany vase I got from my friend Hana’s family during our engagement party. Yay!


I love fresh flowers so much, so I was definitely happy to get so many on my birthday. 🙂

Favorite Dinner

For my birthday dinner, Fabio took me out to Cheestique, a wine and cheese restaurant right down the street from our house. We ordered a bottle of wine and a mixed plate of cheese and meat to share, and everything was delicious!


After we finished our cheese plate, we decided to also split a grilled cheese with goat cheese, bacon, and avocado. NOM!

The highlight of the night though was when Fabio handed me a card (he hates spending money on cards) that had a bunch of really sweet sentiments about how this is our year, how we’re going to make our new house a home, and how he’s proud of me in everything that I do. Cue the waterworks.

Fabio and I aren’t exchanging gifts for our birthdays this year (we are opting to get recessed lighting in our kitchen and living room instead….#adulting) so this card was especially sweet.

Spending the evening chatting with Fabio about anything and everything was exactly how I would have pictured a perfect birthday evening, so I was definitely in my happy place. 🙂

Favorite Snack

When we paid the bill at Cheesetique, we received a 10% off coupon for the retail portion of the store, where you can buy cheese, meats, and wine to take home. We wound up getting some delicious aged cheddar from the Netherlands called Beemer, as well as some prosciutto. We enjoyed it after work later in the week with some wine, which made it feel like my birthday celebration continued long into the week. 🙂


So fun!

Favorite Purchase

In addition to the beautiful flowers, Aunt CC and Uncle Steve also sent me a gift card to Lululemon! Obviously I wasted no time in putting it to use and picked up a couple of goodies there earlier this week. I wound up spending way more than the gift card was for, but I hardly ever treat myself to new workout gear and I really needed some new stuff. #TreatYoSelf

My favorite item that I purchased was a pair of these green “Tight Stuff Tight II” crops. I especially love the scalloped edges, as well as the little silver detailing at the bottom of these pants. These are also super comfortable and didn’t feel like they would fall down at all during bootcamps, which is obviously important. I have a feeling I’ll be living in these this fall and winter.

Green Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight II

I also got a pair of the gray spotted “Pace Rival” crops. Again these were super comfortable, and I felt like I could match them with tons of different tops.


Love them!

Last but not least, I got a simple blue racerback tank (this one is similar) because it was on sale and I felt like I would get a ton of wear out of it.


Having new workout gear always makes me so much more motivated to get my sweat on! I can’t wait to break these in. 🙂

I also asked the woman at the checkout if I could have a small bag (instead of one of the big ones) since I use them as lunch bags. She said that was fine and even wound up giving me three extra bags!


Now I have four new Lululemon lunch bags to use, which makes me way happier than it probably should. Haha!

Favorite Workout

Workouts were pretty good this week, and one of my favorites included a class at 9Round in Courthouse where Anne and I enjoyed a quick 30-minute kickboxing circuit earlier this week.


We had a different instructor from last time, but Anne and I agreed that we liked both instructors a lot. I have a feeling we’ll be returning here much more often since these classes are on ClassPass (<– affiliate link for $30 off!).


Favorite Home-Cooked Dinner

The weather has been really crappy this week – chilly and rainy almost every day – so I made this healthy bacon pumpkin pasta for dinner last night.


I love this recipe because it’s so incredibly easy, and it uses pumpkin to create a “sauce” for the pasta, and it tastes a lot like mac and cheese! It’s really delicious and not that bad for you either. I definitely want to bring this recipe back into the rotation now that fall is here! Give it a shot! 🙂

Favorite Podcasts

I discovered two new-to-me podcasts recently, and I wanted to take a minute to tell you about them for all my podcast-loving readers out there.

First, my friend Jess told me about the Bon Appetit foodcast a while back, and I’m loving it! I think I already mentioned here on the blog, but my love for it continues so I’m mentioning it again. If you’re a foodie and like watching the Food Network, reading food blogs, looking at cookbooks, etc., then I predict you’ll enjoy this one. Be warned though: it can make you really hungry!


This next podcast is a new one that I discovered from the Top Charts feature in the iPhone podcasts app: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. This one is a bit nerdy and a little out there, but if you’re a Harry Potter superfan like I am, then I think you’ll enjoy it.

In a nutshell, the two hosts go chapter by chapter through the Harry Potter books and look for themes like friendship, bravery, commitment, etc. They read out different passages of the book and make you think about the story and the characters in new ways. I really like these podcasts because not only do they allow me to relive one of my favorite stories ever, but they help me to remember to be a better person and reinforce some important life-lessons. Like I said, this one is definitely a little out there, but if you love Harry Potter then I recommend giving it a try.


Pssst…You can find recommendations for more of my favorite podcasts here!

Favorite Upcoming Event

Don’t forget: It’s not too late to sign up to join me on Sunday, October 16 at 6:00 pm for a Sunday Runners dinner with Pacers Running at the Whole Foods on P St. Find more details here, and sign up here!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. Enjoy your weekend!

Question of the day: What made you smile this week?

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  1. Goat cheese, bacon, and avocado sandwich?! That sounds amazing!!! I also really love those Lululemon green crops!!

  2. Cheesetique is so good! My boyfriend and I have been to the one in Del Ray. Next time you go, try the goat cheese caramels. They do not disappoint. Also, Lulu lunch bags for the win. I do the same thing.

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