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Hello, hello! Happy Friday to you! How was your week? Mine was a busy one with lots of exciting work projects that made the days fly by! Love that!

Also, I know a bunch of you are interested in hearing more about what I’m doing relating to diabetes and public health for the new job, and I have some really cool stuff in the works that I’m planning to share with you next week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I thought I’d use today to take a look back at my week, Favorite Things Friday style! Please play along and tell me about something that made you smile this week in the comments below!

Favorite Reference



I know I’ve blogged about this before, but this infographic from Buzzfeed showing the best way to make hard-boiled eggs is something I have been referring back to every Sunday afternoon when it comes time to cook my hard boiled eggs for the week ahead. I’ve looked at it so many times that there’s really no need for me to keep pulling it up week after week, but for some reason it gives me confidence that my eggs are going to turn out perfectly every time as long as I follow these instructions. And they always do!

Plus, I love that Buzzfeed tested out a bunch of different methods for making eggs to make sure they figured out the best strategy. I think the vinegar really makes a difference in making them easy to peel!

Favorite Cookbook


I mentioned on Monday that I got a new cookbook from my mom called Cook’s Illustrated, and even though I’ve only had it for a week, I’ve already made a bunch of recipes from it! On Monday evening we enjoyed sautéed chicken in a lemon caper sauce, and it was delicious! We had some salad greens and rosemary roasted potatoes on the side. Yum!

Similar to the hardboiled egg approach I mentioned above, the cookbook is written by chefs who test dozens of variations on a recipe before deciding which version works best. Love this concept!

I also made the quick and easy biscuits one night this week for a last minute potluck Fabio had at work, and they were literally the quickest thing to make. Ever!

This cookbook has been amazing so far!

Favorite Celebrations

On Tuesday, I celebrated two very important people’s birthdays: Catrina’s and Fabio’s! This is always one of my favorite days of the year because I get to celebrate two of my very best friends.


Photos from our trip to the San Diego zoo!



Happy birthday, you two!! I love you both so much!!

Favorite Birthday Meal

On Tuesday, I used my new cookbook to put together a delicious pan of baked ziti, per request from the birthday boy. It was a little more work than your usual baked ziti recipe, but it turned out SO well! Plus it recommended using cottage cheese instead of ricotta, which I liked a lot since cottage cheese is higher in protein. Delicious!


I also noticed a smiley face baked on to the cheese. 🙂 How perfect for a birthday!



Favorite Birthday Outing

On Wednesday, I took Fabio out for a surprise adventure! After walking over to the metro, we hopped on and headed into DC. It was fun keeping everything a surprise, especially since Fabio didn’t know which stop we were getting off on! Eventually we got off at Metro Center, and I walked us over to Pi for pizza before the evening’s main event.

We opted for a deep dish version with sauce on top of the cheese, and it was delicious. We also shared an order of wings since we were worried the small pizza wouldn’t be enough food for both of us, but it definitely was. #AllTheFood


After dinner, we walked over to E St Cinema for the evening’s main event: a free whiskey tasting and showing of Anthony Bourdain’s new YouTube show, Raw Craft! I had read about the free event online, and since it took place the day after Fabio’s birthday, I thought it would be a fun thing for us to do to celebrate.


There was a bit of a line to get into the theater, but luckily we made it in with no problems. The seats quickly filled up, and I have a feeling some of the people in line behind us weren’t able to go in. Yikes!

Each seat had a tray of whiskey on it, plus we all received goody bags with a bottle of water and caramel popcorn.


Soon enough our host for the evening came out to talk to us about the whiskey (she’s from Scottland and explained that we were actually drinking Scotch). She also told us some interesting details about each type of whiskey, and although I thought they all tasted exactly the same, Fabio seemed to really enjoy the last one (he like whiskey a lot more than I do).

Then we watched an episode of the new season of Raw Craft, which is a show on YouTube where Anthony Bourdain interviews people who work hard to master a certain craft. While one of the episodes is dedicated to the Balvenie whiskey distillery–who provided the whiskey–this particular episode showcased a shoe cobbler in Los Angeles who makes all his custom shoes 100% by hand. It was really interesting, and the shoe cobbler was actually in attendance! It was really cool to hear from him, and we found out that his cheapest shoes sell for $6500. Woah. Guess I won’t be getting any of those anytime soon.

At any rate, it was a really fun event and I’m so glad we checked it out!


Favorite Salad Add-in

Last week I made an effort to clean out our freezer, and I noticed we had some smoked salmon that had been in there for a while. Fabio’s not a huge fan of smoked salmon so I’d been avoiding it for a while, but then I had the idea to use it in my salads this week! Yes!!

The package of smoked salmon even came with a honey mustard dill sauce that I’ve been using for the salad dressing, and my salads all week have been so delicious. What a nice change of pace!

img_6218 Favorite LOL

This Harry Potter-themed article about Donald Trump had me laughing out loud this week. I think all my Harry Potter fans out there will get a kick of this one.

Other funny highlights from the article included:

“Trump, whose unusually-styled hair is believed to hide a face on the back of his head….”

“If destroyed, this would cause his organisation to fail and his acolytes, known as the Debt Eaters for their habit of bankruptcy, to disband.”

“The Orange Lord is not concerned by this petty attack,” said a spokesman for the Trump campaign.

“To show he meant business, Trump took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves to threaten anyone who would wish him harm. However when Trump handed his jacket to his spokesman to hold, the spokesman cried ‘Dobby’s Free!’, and vanished.”

HA! People are so funny.

Favorite Jack Picture

Yesterday when I came home from work, I noticed Jack was nowhere to be seen. I finally found him hiding from me in the bedroom, and I realized he must have done something “bad.” I went to see what he had done, and realized he had taken a tupperware container out of the sink and licked it clean. All things considered, this wasn’t bad at all, but he didn’t know that. He knew he did something he wasn’t supposed to, so the guilty dog act was in full effect.

He had me giggling to myself with all his silly facial expressions. This dog is SO guilty!



Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Is anyone doing anything for Halloween? What are you dressing as?

Question of the day: What made you smile this week?

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  1. That Trump thing is hilarious!!
    I don’t even know what baked ziti is…going to google as it looks good!
    Happy birthday to Fabio and your friend 🙂

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