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Hellooooooo! Happy Friday to you! How was your week? Mine was one of the best I’ve had in a while; I think having the new job really reset my intention and motivation, and I felt so happy every single day. Yay!

Here are some of the items in particular that made me smile. Please play along in the comments below!

Favorite Fall Change

Now that cooler weather has arrived, we have been leaving the window on our storm door open to get a fresh breeze inside. This was obviously something we couldn’t do when it as a million degrees outside, and last weekend when we figured out how to open that particular window on the door it was SO nice having a breeze come through the living room. Plus, Jack absolutely loves sitting by the door and sniffing all the bunnies that seem to hang out on our patch of grass or the sidewalk.


I think they just like teasing him!!


Favorite Update

Do you guys remember the travel wall that we had in our old apartment? It was definitely one of my favorite features in our old place, and I loved seeing pictures every day that brought back such happy memories.

Well we’ve been on quite a few trips since we last updated it, so before we hung the frames in our new house we wanted to add some more pictures to the collection.


Unfortunately Ikea discontinued the black frames that we used last time, so we are going with a similar-looking white frame this time around. The frames will be almost evenly split between black and white, so hopefully it won’t look too crazy.


We’re planning to have the frames going up the stairs, and are going to try to get the pictures hung this weekend. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t look too much like a hot mess!

Psst – we are also getting our recessed lighting put in downstairs on Monday and I could NOT be more excited. #adulting

Favorite Dinner Out

Our good friend Jason (also one of Fabio’s groomsmen) just started a work project in McLeans, Virginia, so he’ll be in town a lot for the next few weeks. Yay!!

We decided to meet up with him for dinner on Tuesday at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar in Tysons Corner, and it was really good! We all agreed we loved the atmosphere, and although my warm kale salad was just ok, Fabio’s burger was AMAZING. I only had one bite, but it was one of the best I’ve tasted in a long time!


I can’t wait to have more dinners with Jason during these next few weeks! We are also planning to go to a few fitness classes together since he’s a gym rat like me. I can’t wait to take him to all my favorite spots!

Favorite Switch Up

This week I switched things up a bit by heading back to November Project! I hadn’t been in ages, but I decided to go after hearing that some folks from my job would be there to promote an event we have coming up. Cool!

I dragged Fabio with me (despite his protests) and we arrived at the Lincoln Memorial for the free workout just as the sun was starting to come up.


We spent the next 30 minutes running up and down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with tons of other DC fitness fanatics, and also mixed in a couple of runs around the Memorial, squats, and push-ups.

About midway through we were called off the stairs (per National Park Service rules we have to be off the steps by 7:00 a.m.) and I took that opportunity to snap a picture of the sunrise. So beautiful!!


After that, we did some tabata work on the ground including burpees, mountain climbers, and super mans.


All the burpees.


Before we knew it, our workout was over and it was time for the announcement from my coworkers!

The event they were there to promote is called Game on Greater Washington, and it’s a fun event at FedEx Field (the Redskins stadium) on Saturday, Oct. 22 to raise awareness about diabetes. The morning will start off with a 5K (both a run and a walk), and cycling events at varying distances. Then there will be a huge party at the stadium with live music, a zipline, an obstacle course, a climbing wall, moon bounces, and more. I think it’s going to be so much fun!

To promote the event, my coworkers were joined by former Redskins cornerback, Fred Smoot.


It was awesome that Fred came to November Project and helped pump everyone up for the event!


Then my coworkers handed out bananas and water bottles that had stickers with the event information printed on them, and then it was time for us to head home. What a successful morning! I felt so proud to work for such an amazing organization that’s out there making a difference. 🙂

Favorite Thought-Provoker

I took a spin class this week at Revolve, and though I’ve been there a bunch of times I just wasn’t feeling it this time. I think it was a mix of the instructor and her playlist, but I just kept feeling like I could have taught a better class myself.

Now I’m toying with the idea of looking into getting spin certified and possibly becoming an instructor. I know it would be a lot of work so it’s not a decision I’m planning to take lightly, but I want to at least start researching. Maybe? What do you guys think?

Favorite Oops

Last week, I placed an order for a Blue Apron delivery. Then I got an email saying my payment to HelloFresh had been processed. What the heck?

Apparently a while back when we ordered HelloFresh I must have just paused my account instead of actually canceling it, so we received another box of food from them. (This happened to me before with Blue Apron too. Will I ever learn?)

So this week we had not only a delivery of food and recipes from Blue Apron, but one from HelloFresh too. Yikes! Needless to say, we’ve had a lot of yummy dinners this week, and will continue to enjoy some next week. 🙂


Favorite Burn

Fabio’s coworker just started a candle company called Winoscandles made from old wine bottles, and she kindly gifted me a vanilla flavored one with coffee beans. We’ve been enjoying it every night this week!


Favorite Spooky

The fog was very spooky around here this week, and one particular morning when I took Jack to the park I was feeling very Halloweeny. Look at that fog!



Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today! Have a great weekend!

Question of the day: What’s one thing that made you smile this week?

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