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Hi friends! How was your week? Mine was pretty great, and I especially loved how fast it went by after the long weekend. Woohoo! Today I thought I’d share a recap of my highlights from the week in my usual Favorite Things Friday style. Enjoy!

Favorite Meal

After spending the holiday weekend in Massachusetts and New York, I was really happy to have a food delivery arrive on Tuesday since we hadn’t had a chance to make it to the grocery store. After a recommendation from an old coworker, Fabio and I tried out HelloFresh this week – a service that’s similar to Blue Apron but with a little more emphasis on healthy cooking – and we loved it!

All the ingredients for each meal come in a little cardboard box (except the refigerated meats, which are lower in the package by the ice packs) and I loved that you didn’t have to separate out all the different ingredients for each meal ahead of time. When it was time to cook dinner I just took the lid off the box, opened up the recipe book, and got started!


I also really liked that the recipe book shows you the nutrition per person for each meal. It also had helpful articles and tips on the extra pages in the booklet. The bright and colorful images with step-by-step instructions also made the recipes very easy to follow.


HelloFresh also puts on emphasis on sustainable and organic ingredients, and I really enjoyed these non-GMO black beans. They were organic and low sodium, and, in my opinion, you could taste the difference!


The recipe that we made earlier this week was Chipotle-style chicken salads, and I loved all the fresh ingredients.


It came together in a flash and Fabio and I both agreed it tasted just like Chiptole. Yum!


Tonight we are having burgers with grilled pineapple and slaw on the side, and I can’t wait!

By the way, you can save $40 on your first HelloFresh box with my code 222525LP2GQZ at checkout. If you try it, I hope you enjoy these meals as much as we do!

Favorite “Oh No”

When Tuesday’s lunch went all over the carpet at work.

After I dropped my salad – which was already tossed in dressing and ready to eat – I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Seriously, what a way to start off the week! I think maybe there was some salad dressing on the outside of my container that caused it to slip out of my hands? Maybe? Either way, I felt pretty ridiculous using the office dustpan and broom to clean up afterwords. Then I took my embarrassed butt down to Subway since it was the closest option and I needed to grab something quickly before a meeting. Sigh.

Favorite Redo

Luckily, I did much better on the salad front on Wednesday, when I enjoyed the delicious goat cheese and peach salad from SweetGreen.


This time I got my salad with shrimp instead of chicken per a recommendation from Aunt CC, and it was delicious! Yum! I’m going to be sad when this seasonal salad comes off the menu.

Favorite New Products

The folks from Skinny & Co. recently reached out to me asking if I wanted to try their coconut oil-based facial oil, body butter, oil pulling, and  sugar scrub. All their products are made from small batch, extra virgin, cold-processed coconut oil and are made with nothing but 100% pure, raw, wild-harvested coconuts. There are no chemicals, fillers, or preservatives in any of the products.

I am all about skin products that don’t have any harmful ingredients (I shudder to think about what future science will tell us about all the harmful toxins we’ve been rubbing on our skin for decades) so I was definitely on board to give them a try!

The package of products came in the mail earlier this week, and I’ve already tried out a couple of them.


I’ve been using the coconut oil moisturizer for face and body before bed (I’ve put it on my face and hands) and when I wake up in the morning the oil is completely absorbed and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and soft. I love this!


I also tried the minty oil for mouth pulling, but truthfully I did not love the feeling of having a mouth full of oil so I’m not sure if pulling is really for me. (Psst – if you’ve never heard of pulling, it’s a process where you swish oil around in your mouth which is supposed to help remove bacteria that can otherwise be tough to get out. It’s supposed to help with bad breath, oral health, and even teeth whitening. You can read more about pulling here.) Also apparently you’re supposed to swish the oil for 20 minutes, but I could barely handle 20 seconds because of the weird mouth-feel. Hmm – I’m thinking of trying again because it is supposed to be so good for you. Has anyone else tried pulling?

Anyway, whether or not you’re a fan of pulling, I think you’ll like these products! So far I’ve loved all the ones I’ve tried, and can’t wait to give the after-shower razor burn oil a try and also use the sugar scrub. If you’re interested in trying these oils out you can get 15% off any Skinny & Co. order here with the code SKINNYCO15.

Favorite Shopping Trip

On Wednesday I met up with my friend Claire for a lunchtime shopping trip to TJ Maxx! She needed some wrapping paper and I needed some more dry shampoo (they sell this stuff at Ulta across the street for so much more – why wouldn’t I buy it from TJ Maxx?) and luckily I walked out with just a couple other little things: some adorable lamb dish towels and a potato masher which I’ve been needing for a while.


I was pretty proud of myself for not giving in to temptation and buying more! Claire and I had a fun time catching up and decided we need more lunchtime shopping dates in the future. 🙂

Favorite Evening Workout

On Thursday night, Fabio and I joined my best friend (and Maid of Honor!) Bianca for a class at FlyWheel! Bianca was in town again for work, so we figured an evening spin class would be a fun way to get together.

Fabio and I arrived at FlyWheel a little early, so Fabio asked if we could stand in the cute alley next to FlyWheel so he could take over the Pokemon gym there. Sigh. What am I going to do with this guy.


Before long Bianca arrived and then it was time for class!


We wound up having a great class and it was so fun working out beside two of my favorite people. Bianca and Fabio both did absolutely awesome in the class too!

Afterwords, our little trio walked over to ShopHouse, a delicious Asian fast-casual restaurant that is set up sort of like Chipotle. Yum.


We enjoyed our massive bowls (and took tons home for leftovers) while chatting, and it was such a nice evening.

Favorite New Workout

The very next morning (oof) Anne, Fabio, and I checked out a class at Madabolic, a new bootcamp-style franchise gym right in Clarendon. (Also let me tell you how impressed I was that Fabio joined me for BOTH workouts. He was a trooper this week!)


Our class was pretty challenging and had us moving between five different stations for the duration of the class: Ski Erg (a cool new-to-me machine that’s sort of a mix between skiing and a rower), medicine ball toss, block hops, broad jumps, and resistance band pulls.


The studio seemed very well organized and had a lot of good equipment, so I’m sure the workouts here vary a ton.


Our class was nice and challenging, and I know if Madabolic gets on ClassPass then Anne and I will be frequent visitors.



Favorite Learning

I decided I want to try to learn calligraphy so that when it comes time to work on wedding crafts I won’t need to hire someone. I don’t care about it being perfect, but having some decent handwriting for things like wedding invitations and signs would be nice!

I discovered these PDFs called Learn Calligraphy for a Latte (i.e., the PDFs cost the same amount as a latte) and so far I’ve really enjoyed them! It’s also really calming writing out all those letters – sort of like what I imagine those adult coloring books are like.


The PDFs show you step by step how to create lettering in a bunch of different fonts, and though you start out with simple print like you see above, eventually it walks you through how to write in pretty script lettering. We will see how it goes!

Alright friends, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Question of the day: What made you smile this week?

*Please note this post was not sponsored in any way, but does include a few affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for your support.*

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