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Hey there, and happy Friday!! Who’s ready for the weekend? Anyone doing anything especially exciting?

It was a really nice week around these parts, and today I’ll share the highlights with you through a Favorite Things Friday post! Ready? Here we go!

Favorite Burn

This week I took another 6:00 am barre class at FlyWheel.


Stephen was my instructor again, and he worked us to the core – literally! This class is always such a challenge¬†because it makes my muscles burn SO much. Luckily Stephen’s playlist and encouragement were both enough to distract me from the pain (sort of…). What an excellent way to start the day! Thanks, Stephen! I’ll be back soon. ūüôā

The other day I was thinking about how much I love FlyWheel, and I realized that if I didn’t have ClassPass I would probably have a membership at FlyWheel instead. I love the barre and spin classes so much, and I love that the two are totally different. It’s also nice that they have studios in so many locations, and the nice showers + free bananas and apples don’t hurt either.¬†Definitely check them out if you haven’t yet!

Favorite Sweat

Another great workout this week was a 6:00 am spin class at Biker Barre!

Recycled photo – it was definitely darker out both before AND after this week’s¬†class!

Biker Barre is actually pretty similar to FlyWheel, and I love all of their classes too! These two studios are definitely on my most frequently visited list.

Anyway, this week’s¬†class was taught by one of my favorite instructors, Allison, but it was tabata style and I just didn’t think it worked too well on a bike. Part of the reason that I love Allison’s classes so much is because she encourages us to feel the music and match our pace to the beat. With tabata that didn’t really work because we would sprint or climb for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds, which didn’t always go with the music. I still loved the class, but I think I might skip the tabata one when I see it on the schedule next time.

I’ll save tabata workouts for one of my other favorite studios – Urban Athletic Club! So many good studios, so little time.

Favorite Costume

Check out Jack’s new Halloween costume – he’s a Maryland Terrapin!


For those of you who don’t know, Fabio and I both got our undergraduate degrees from the University of Maryland, and their mascot is a terrapin turtle.¬†A few weeks ago my friend and fellow UMD alumn Courtney (hi Court!) saw these dog costumes for sale on Zulily, and shared them with my friend Megan (hey Meg!)¬†and me, since she knows we are crazy dog mommas like she is. Soon enough, all three of them had bought them for our pups for Halloween. Typical.

Jack actually seems to like the costume, but he prefers it without the hood. ūüėČ


Haha! What a cutie. I can’t wait to show off my little Terp dog!

Favorite Meals

We had some delicious dinners this week! One of my favorites was steak tostadas, which I know I’ve talked about on the blog before, but I¬†wanted to mention again¬†because they are just so darn good!


To make these, I bake corn tortillas in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until they are nice and crispy, and meanwhile Fabio cooks up a steak (he likes skirt steak for this, which is the same cut used for fajitas). Then we top the crispy tortillas with brown rice, black beans, slices of steak, homemade guacamole, cheese, and plain Greek yogurt. These tostadas are so delicious and easy to make! Fabio and I are both huge fans.

Another yummy dinner this week was chili!


My go-to recipe is this sweet and spicy chili recipe from Iowa Girl Eats, and it never disappoints. The key is to add enough cayenne pepper so it’s spicy, and then rely on the baked beans and brown sugar (I actually use honey) to balance out the spice! It’s delicious.¬†This meal also made a ton of leftovers that I’ve been enjoying all week. Win!

Also see my revamped version with ground turkey here. Old post alert!

Favorite Running Buddy

Last week I mentioned that Fabio and I found a new dog park near our apartment, and I’ve been back two more times already this week! It’s about a mile away so I like running there and back after work to get a little¬†more movement into my day. This is especially nice for rest days where I still want to¬†get moving.


I always love running with Jack and he loves it too. Yesterday he found a stick in the middle of the trail and decided to run with it, which I thought was pretty hilarious.


The dog park is huge and since the weather has been nice it’s been absolutely packed with dogs. On Tuesday, I think there were around 30 dogs there!


I’m so glad I made this discovery and you can expect to hear a lot more about this dog park from now on.

Favorite Crunch

You guys Рhave you eaten a honey crisp apple lately? They are so crisp and fresh and juicy right now and I highly recommend them.


I’ve been loving them all week!

Favorite Sight

I got to work from home on Tuesday and Thursday this week to get some writing assignments done before my work’s annual meeting, and I loved being able to play with/watch this little guy throughout the day.


Look at his little tongue! What a treat. Now if only I could work from home with him every day…

Favorite Purchase

A few weeks ago I told you all how I bought a pair of white Converse sneakers after seeing so many women wearing them in Paris. Well the verdict is in: I love them!


They are the perfect sneaker and look great with everything! I’ve been wearing them a lot with skinny jeans but they also work well with leggings when I’m just walking Jack around the neighborhood or running to the grocery store. These are the best!

Favorite Listen

Yesterday my friends circulated this amazing video of two kids singing You Raise Me Up. Prepare for goosebumps and #allthefeelings.

I’ve also been loving this song lately and when it comes on my Spotify I can’t help but tap my toes at my desk and try not to sing out loud. It’s my new favorite “get in a good mood” song!

You’re welcome. ūüôā

Alright folks, that’s all I have for today. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Question of the day: Tell me one thing that made you smile this week.

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  1. Tostadas, such a good and simple idea! Totally need to add that into the rotation! Have a great weekend! Xoxo, ganeeban

  2. OMG those two singing Raise Me Up! #allthefeels I’ve also been loving honeycrisp apples lately – so delicious!

  3. Ahhh Jack is adorable!! As always ūüôā
    I have a question – you live in an apartment…how do you deal with Jack in the apartment? In terms of taking him out in time to use the bathroom? I’m moving into a flat (apartment as you guys call it) and I’m worried about Alfie not having a straight access to outside.

    • Since we’ve always lived in an apartment with Jack he’s very used to our schedule – we take him out in the morning and the evening (as soon as we wake up and as soon as we get home from work) and that seems to work well. There are also a number of dog walkers in my neighborhood who will come walk your dog during the day for a fee. Fabio’s dad has a much smaller dog (smaller than Alfie) and he keeps doggy wee-wee pads (like these: http://www.petco.com/product/3026/Four-Paws-Wee-Wee-Puppy-Pads.aspx) in the bathroom just in case of accidents. I’m sure Alfie will adjust in time!

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