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Phew – we made it to Friday! I for one am so, so excited for the weekend. Why is that you ask? Oh, maybe because one of my best friends is GETTING MARRIED! I have been so excited for this weekend since last July when my friends Megan and JR got engaged, and I can’t believe it’s finally here. The festivities start tonight with the rehearsal dinner and then tomorrow is the big day. I can’t wait!

Before I get to any of that though I just have to make it through this day. Let’s hope it speeds by! To help things move right along, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from my week, shall we?

Favorite Fail

Remember last week when my friend Anne and I tried and failed to stand-up paddle-board (SUP)? Well, the same thing happened this week. We initially had plans to try SUP on Wednesday evening, however as soon as we saw that the forecast was calling for thunderstorms we decided to move our SUP date to Tuesday. Unfortunately Anne had a late evening client and I had to stop by my apartment to change out of my work clothes because of the last minute change in plans, so we didn’t wind up getting to Key Bridge Boathouse until about 7:05, and apparently they stop letting people take boats out after 7:00. Nooo! It was another huge fail.

Since we were already there we decided to take a stroll around the Georgetown waterfront, which was quite nice at sunset.


Of course it was pretty hot and muggy, but we had a nice time walking around and catching up. Lately when we’ve seen each other we’ve had to catch up in between burpees, pushups, and other bootcamp-esque exercises, so it was really nice to have some time to just talk and walk.


Although our initial plans failed miserably, we still had a fun evening!

Favorite Lunch

I am notorious for packing my lunch (as if you guys didn’t notice…) but one day this week my coworkers invited me out to eat and I decided to ditch the salad I had tucked away in the fridge and join them. We wound up going to Ghar-E-Kabob, and Indian restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet. The thought of Indian food in a buffet initially creeped me out a bit, but once we arrived I saw that it was a rather small buffet with lots of fresh food, so I felt better about it. In fact, everything we had was delicious!

I wound up trying a little bit of everything. Clockwise from the top: salad, fried cauliflower, cabbage and squash, spinach, chicken wing, butter chicken, and rice with curry.


This meal was so good, and I wound up clearing my plate with no problem and going back for more butter chicken. I even mopped up the leftover sauce with some warm pita that our waiter brought over to our table. De-lish!

I also really liked that all the food was organic and local! A sign on our table let us know that all their produce comes from a farm in Maryland. I love any opportunity to eat local!


This was definitely a great lunch, and I’m so thankful to my coworkers for dragging me out. 🙂

Favorite Sip

On Wednesday night, I came home from work and decided I needed a cocktail. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up after a hard day, you know? Luckily Fabio has turned into quite the bartender and he made us a pair of screwdrivers with a splash of cranberry. Served in my favorite mason jar glasses, with a straw of course. 😉


Cheers to hump day!

Favorite Run

Truthfully, I haven’t been running much lately. Ever since I joined ClassPass (affiliate link!) I have been trying to get my money’s worth by attending class after class after class. I do miss running though, so one morning this week I laced up my sneakers, put on Jack’s leash, and hit the pavement.


We wound up covering 3 miles at an easy pace (about 9:15). I was trying to take Jack over to the McMillian Reservoir by Howard University, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to get past the fences to get close to it. I did a bit of research online after my run and it looks like maybe you can only get onto McMillan Drive from the north and west sides of the reservoir, and naturally I ran along the south and east side. Any locals have tips for me on that?

Even though we didn’t get to run around the reservoir, we had a nice time running through the adorable streets of Bloomingdale.


I think these row homes are so cute, and I love seeing how each one’s paint colors and architecture are slightly different.



I also ran past my friend Jojo’s apartment, but sadly I didn’t see her outside. Boo. Hi, Jojo!

Either way it was a nice run, and next time I’ll have to figure out how to get closer to the reservoir. Jack had a great time too, even though he was pretty pooped by the time we arrived back home. 😉 Look at that tongue!


Favorite Sight

Speaking of Jack’s tongue…it’s just ridiculous.


When he’s tired his tongue just doesn’t stay in his mouth. What a ham!

Favorite Storm

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog, but I was lucky enough to receive a really good education in Communication/PR at the University of Maryland, and was very involved in the program there. Every once in a while I get invited back to UMD to serve as a mentor to current students or help out with PR assignments, and this week I was invited to serve on a panel to judge final projects for one of the summer classes.

My good friend and former coworker Claire was also really active in UMD’s PR program (even though we didn’t know each other in college – she was a year behind me) so she joined me on this PR panel.

To thank us for joining the panel, my former professor (also Claire’s mom…life is weird) bought us each a University of Maryland umbrella! This was so fitting because the forecast was (once again) calling for storms, and she wanted to give us each a thank you gift that would also be useful. Well, this turned out to be more useful than any of us realized because as soon as we stepped outside we wound up needing our new Maryland umbrellas to protect us from a crazy storm.

Claire and I wound up standing in the rain for a little while as we waited for our ride back to the metro, and it was actually sort of fun standing with her under our new umbrellas.


Sorry for cutting your face off here, Claire! Haha!

Fun fact: Claire recently started a new job in Silver Spring (the same city where I work), and now that I moved into DC I live just a couple of blocks from her. This means that we were able to commute from Silver Spring to College Park together, and then we commuted back home together too. I love that my office and home are so close to her so I get to see her a lot! 🙂

Favorite Excitement

MEGAN’S GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! (Come on – you saw this coming, right?)

I just want to reiterate once again how excited I am for Megan and JR’s wedding tomorrow. A bunch of my friends are flying/busing/training/driving into town for the event (including my friends Jess and Erick from Amsterdam!!), and I can’t wait to see them all!! AHH! Is it tonight yet??

Question of the day: Tell me what made you smile this week! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Favorite meal?
Favorite workout?
Favorite unexpected event?

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  1. Favorite meal: PHO! Favorite workout: Does a rest day count? haha. Unexpected event: we found a FROG on top of our DOORKNOB this morning. scared the crap out of me. i snapped a photo, it’s on instagram and is the best and most random picture of all time. have fun at the wedding this weekend!!!

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