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Hi friends! Happy Friday! Who’s ready for the weekend?? *Insert emoji of the girl in the pink shirt raising her hand*

I know I am! 🙂 Before we can get to that though we just have to make it through this last work day. To make things a little better, how about we review a few things that made me smile this week in today’s edition of Favorite Things Friday. Ready? Let’s go!

Favorite What?!

Ok, by now you’ve probably all seen this dress.


Please tell me what colors you think it is. White and gold? Blue and black? If you haven’t heard by now, this dress is taking the internet by storm because people see it as different colors! It’s crazy!

Initially I only saw white and gold and thought the whole thing was ridiculous, but then after I read this article I scrolled back up to the top and suddenly it was black and blue! It’s crazy! And no – it’s not a different image or an animated gif, because Fabio looked at it at the same time as me and he saw black and blue while I saw gold and white. It’s an optical illusion! It’s definitely silly and a big waste of time, but I had a lot of fun last night browsing through funny tweets and talking about the dress with my friends. So strange!

Favorite Proud Moment

Fabio officially started his new job this week, and he’s already been a rockstar! He was selected as the team leader not once but twice (in two different groups) and wound up speaking on behalf of his teams to a group of 90+ people. He’s off to a great start, and I know he’s going to be great!

We also received a fruit and cheese basket from his sister as a congratulatory gift, so we have been celebrating his success with some yummy snacks this week.


I’m so proud of him! 🙂

Favorite Chat

On Tuesday evening, I scheduled a little FaceTime chat with Catrina!


As I’ve mentioned here on CET a bunch of times, Catrina moved from New York to San Diego last fall, and although we keep in touch via g-chat and texting, I missed seeing her face. She was feeling a little lonely this week as well, so we figured it was the perfect time for a FaceTime date! It was so nice getting to chat with her, and we wound up talking for more than an hour until she had to leave for CrossFit. Now I’m even more excited for her to come into town for some of Megan’s wedding festivities this spring and summer! Come on, spring!!

Favorite Sign

I am still loving the little sign I made for Fabio on Valentine’s Day. Each day we take turns writing on the board, and I get such a kick out of reading the new messages.  Earlier this week it said, “I love you because you are getting better at walking!! LOL” which I thought was too funny not to share.


Right now it says “I love you because you enjoy making dinner for the family” which is also super cute. Now it’s my turn to write something, and I’ve already got a few ideas in mind. It’s the little things in life that bring us the most joy. 🙂

Favorite Snack

The other day I was working from home and Fabio got out of work super early (he had to do a bunch of trainings this week which didn’t take all day) so I decided to make a little something special for our afternoon snack. Instead of just chopping up an apple and eating it plain, I decided to drizzle a bit of melted peanut butter on top and then sprinkle on some raisins!


It was sort of like ants on a log only instead of celery it used apples. This snack was delicious and it definitely kicked things up a notch. I definitely recommend doing this if you have a few extra minutes to spare and want a snack that’s a little fancier!

Favorite Thing I’ll Miss

Well guys, yesterday was my last day working from home for the foreseeable future. Next week I’m planning to work all five days in the office, so it dawned on me that yesterday was my last day to watch Ellen during a short afternoon work break.


I’m definitely going to miss some things about working from home – being in my PJs all day, snuggling with Jack, not wasting two hours on the metro every day, making my lunch at lunch time instead of the night before – but I’m also very ready to get back into my routine. I learned that I don’t do very well with being cooped up in one place all day, so I’m excited to actually get out and about.

P.S. How’d you like that little sneak peak of my foot with no bandage in that picture above? It’s looking pretty good, right?

Favorite Meal

This week’s meal planning has included some realllly tasty recipes, and aside from the kung pao chicken zoodles I already told you about, I was really digging these cauliflower “rice” lettuce wraps with Thai peanut sauce.


They were so awesome! I think next time I would make this meal with a little chicken thrown into the mix, but they were also really tasty just how they were. I especially loved the Thai peanut sauce (omg so good) and the crunch from the peanuts on top.


I definitely recommend these!

Favorite Purchase

Last week Zulily had a sale on TOMS, so you better believe I bought a pair.


I probably should have gone with a neutral pair that I can wear with anything, but instead I ordered these fun multicolored ones.


Hey, at least with all those colors I’ll still be able to wear them with a lot. Right? Right?! Ugh, I hope I made a good choice. I love them but we’ll have to see what in my closet will actually match with them.

Now I can’t wait until the weather warms up and my foot finishes healing so I can try them out. Soon enough!

Favorite Binge

Tonight Fabio and I will be doing just one thing…



Binge watching House of Cards of course! The new season was released on Netflix today, and I know we are going to get our fill of episodes in. Let the binge watching begin!

Alright friends that’s all I have for you today. Have a fantastic Friday!

Questions of the day: What color is that dress? What’s your favorite show to binge watch?

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  1. hahaha that dress is definitely white and gold…anyone who thinks otherwise is smoking some drugs. Kidding!! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend girl!!

  2. I still can’t understand the fascination with that dress. I see it as blue and gold but the way it has taken off is crazy!

    My husband and I are also marathoning House of Cards all weekend which I am pretty excited about!

  3. I saw the dress as white and gold on Thursday night, then black and blue Friday morning. So crazy! I’ve been binge watching Friends since it came on Netflix. I haven’t watched House of Cards yet, but I plan on watching all of it soon!

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