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Helllooooo, and happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but Friday just makes me want to do this. Oooooh yeah.


I have a lot of favorite things to share with you this week (in fact I had to cut some out and will make them into separate posts!) so let’s jump to it!

Here are some things that made me smile this week!

Favorite Deal

Last week I saw a deal on Amazon Local for two hours of cleaning services for $19 through Handybook. Sweeeet!

Fabio and I have been wanting to get a cleaning service for more than a year to do a bit of a “deep clean” in our apartment. I am pretty good about keeping things tidy but I wanted someone to come in and wipe down the kitchen cabinets/backsplash, give the shower a good scrub, clean out the microwave, polish the appliances, etc. I do these things sometimes but…let’s get real…not nearly enough.

Handybook was exactly what we needed! Our cleaner’s name was Shameka and she contacted me the morning of our cleaning appointment to confirm, which I thought was really comforting. She arrived right on time and was very friendly, but also got straight to work.

After an hour and 45 minutes she had only done the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, and since the two hours we paid for were quickly drawing to a close I assumed she wouldn’t get to the living room. Bummer. Then she surprised me by staying for 30 minutes longer than we paid for just to finish up the living room! I was so surprised! She was a hard worker and we really appreciated having her clean for us. Plus look at our toilet paper! Haha!

Not bad for $19, huh?

I definitely recommend Handybook if you’re in need of house cleaning services! They are available in 13 cities nationwide, so it’s not limited to just the DC area. And also if you want to be a gem and use my referral code, it’s CHELSEA9082. Please and thank you!

Favorite New Routine

As a New Year’s resolution, Fabio and I vowed to start flossing every day, and guess what? We are still going strong!! This actually has been a pretty easy resolution for us and now flossing is just part of our daily routine.

In an effort toΒ further improve our dental hygiene, we recently purchased new Oral B electric toothbrushes. I actually had this kind of toothbrush growing up, but for some reason switched to a regular toothbrush over the years. Fabio’s future brother-in-law is a dentist and he seriously recommends these toothbrushes, so once we saw them on sale at Costco we were sold. So far we are both loving our new brushes!


Our dentist will be so happy.

Favorite Purchases

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve had my eyes on TOMS for quite some time. I actually first saw them in the summer of 2010 and thought they looked stupid, but it’s amazing what a fashion trend will do to your opinions! Ha!

Anyway, I finally bought my first pair when they went on sale on Zulily (referral link)Β back in February, and now I just ordered a second pair off Amazon! They are so comfortable and are really great for the spring when it’s not quite warm enough for flip flops. I’m a big fan already!


My other favorite recent purchase is the pair of Lily Pulitzer sunglasses that I told you guys about a couple weeks ago! They finally arrived and just in time for a beautiful spring weekend. I obviously had to take a selfie in them, and I even tricked Fabio into looking for the camera too. He did not find it funny, but I sure did!Β πŸ˜‰


Favorite After Work Activity

The dog park! It’s been so nice in the evenings recently and Fabio and I have loved taking Jack to the local dog park after work. (This is definitely a huge benefit to getting my workout out of the way in the morning!!)



Obviously Jack doesn’t mind either πŸ˜‰


That is a happy camper if I ever saw one!

Favorite Season

It finally, FINALLY looks like spring has arrived! I have to say April and May are probably my favorite months of the whole year and I am so looking forward to this warmer weather.




Cross your fingers that winter won’t make a nasty reappearance!

Favorite Feature

Earlier this month I was featured on Active Life DC as part of a blogger panel to discuss our fitness routines and tips. I had just recently subscribed to the Active Life DC newsletter which sends out suggestions for free activities to do around the city each weekend (hiking trails, free yoga classes, etc.), so it was such a coincidence when Mary contacted me saying they wanted to interview me!

It was a great experience and it was also a cool way to read about what other local bloggers do to stay fit. Check out the interview here.



Favorite Video

Just some silliness with my favorite pup.

…and this.



Ok well that’s all I have for you all today! Have a fabulous weekend!

Questions of the day:Β What’s your favorite season? Would you hire a cleaning lady? Do you floss every day?

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  9 Responses to “Favorite Things Friday!!”

  1. I need a cleaning lady!! haha. Moving from a small apartment to a real house has done a number on my cleaning abilities! I just can’t keep up!! haha. But it sounds like a great service! Also, LOVE your toms and sunglasses, and I’m super jealous that you have a dog park near you. That is definitely one thing that I miss from my old city – lots of places for puppies to play!

  2. Mm spring photos! In my city already there is no snow, but to such beauty to us is still far! What it for a tree with pink flowers?

  3. Love the photos of Jack! That is one happy pup πŸ™‚ I’ve been wanting a cleaning service to do the exact same thing to our apartment; I’ll look into Handybook!

  4. Hahaha your selfie with Fabs in the background – on point. Also ummmmm I love your toms. I’ve been obsessed with them for awhile now. I have a gray, yellow, cream crotchet and black and silver houndstooth ones. Obsesssseddd. Warning though: they make your feet smell like something died if your feet sweat a lot like mine and you don’t like wearing socks with them. πŸ™‚

  5. That selfie with Fabio is brilliant.Very funny.
    I wish we had a dog park near us, I bet Alfie would love it! We can’t really let him off in any of the parks near us because they’re not enclosed and I’m sure he’d get distracted and run after a cat or bird or something.

  6. I bought the SAME Toms during the Zulilly sale and a pair of the magenta sateen-ish ones. Wore them all weekend in this beautiful weather! <3

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