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fashion friday 2

Good morning people! Happy Friday! I personally am so happy that it’s Friday…this week seemed to drag by for me. I think it was mostly because I’ve been super busy at work but also because three of my best friends from college (you can see a picture of them here) are coming down to visit for the weekend! Tonight they’ll leave NYC after work and will probably arrive around 11 or so. They are so much fun and I can’t wait for them to get here! Ah, I’m ready for the weekend now! Oh well, just gotta make it through today.

And you know what makes getting through the day easier? A little Fashion Friday! Yep! So here’s what I’m wearing today:

fashion friday 2

Fashion Friday #2

Jeans: Forever 21 (Only $10! I have like 4 pairs of these)

Tank top: H&M

Cardigan: Zara

Necklace: H&M

Flats: Urban Outfitter (on sale for $19.99)


Quite an affordable outfit today don’t ya think?Anyway, that’s what I’m wearing today for casual Friday!

How I cure cravings at work

Ok so now I want to chat with you guys about something that I struggle with every day and I’m sure many of you do too. So each day I eat a nutritious breakfast, and healthy lunch, and then 3:00 rolls around and my stomach starts rumbling. I start craving all kinds of sweet and salty things and I know that 1. CVS is located IN my building 2. There are food trucks right outside that sell things like burgers, mac & cheese, cupcakes, etc. and 3. I am surrounded by literally hundreds of delicious restaurants and cafes. What’s a girl to do?

Stock her drawer with tons of food options!

work snacks

Behold the contents of my snack drawer...

In one of my desk drawers at work I literally have a small pantry. People are always coming over to my desk to ask what I have to munch on. I don’t mind; it makes me happy to share! In my drawer I always keep:

1. Gum. When I first start craving something I usually drink a huge glass of ice water or pop a piece of gum. Sometimes I will find that the minty flavor tricks me into thinking I’ve already eaten and I can forget my craving. This works most of the time but every now and then I still need a snack.

2. Fat Free Fig Newtons. These chewy little cookies are delicious and work for curing my sweet tooth. I will usually eat one in the middle of the afternoon with a big cup of green tea. This makes me feel like I’m indulging because the tea fills me up and the cookie give me the sweetness I was craving

3. Air Delight Hershey Kisses. These have slightly fewer calories than regular Hershey kisses and cure my chocolate cravings. Sometimes you just need chocolate and nothing else will do it for you. Just be sure to limit yourself to 1 or 2 because it’s easy to pop a lot of these suckers.

4. Kashi Crackers. These crackers are perfect when I need something salty and crunchy. They taste a lot like wheat thins but have a slightly better ingredient list. I don’t eat these too often but they are good to have around just in case.

5. Almonds. I’ll be honest I would prefer to have raw almonds in my snack drawer but I have a small obsession with raw almonds and would probably devour the whole bag in a few days (seriously…) therefore I stick with dry roasted ones that I don’t like as much but still fill me up. I usually pop a few of these before an 11:00 meeting to keep my stomach from growling before lunch. It works perfectly!

Anyway, that’s how I deal with cravings at work! Of course there are the odd free treats here in there (cupcakes, brownies, cookies etc.) and I usually will indulge in these because otherwise I’ll feel sad if everyone is enjoying the treat but me. That will lead me to eating more later on which is NOT good. To try to reduce the calories I usually will wipe off the icing or split the cupcake with a friend. Sometimes though, you just gotta indulge!

Hopefully that won’t be an issue today though as I had one of these babies to start off the morning:

Half of a scooped out whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese

Yummmm! Happy Friday!

P.S. Don’t forget to come back later to see my recipe for the peanut butter & nutella dessert I mentioned last night!

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  1. Have fun with your friends!!!! I always keep snacks in my drawer at work too! Otherwise I’m tempted by the vending machine, haha

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