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Hi all! How is everyone on this fine Friday?? I’m doing well except I have to admit I am feeling pretty crappy after my activities last night. Whenever there are $2 Caronas involved you know it’s going to be a good time.

But before we get to talking about any of that, it’s Fashion Friday!! Let me show you all what I am wearing today…

I spy with my little eye….sleepy Jack! Ha! This is pretty much what he does when I’m getting ready in the morning. Aka, nothing.

Jean jacket: Gap (I’ve been loving this denim trend lately)

Dress: H&M (the one I bought last weekend)

Earrings: H&M (also bought last weekend, obvs)

Shoes: Target

I like this outfit because it is comfortable and I can relax in it. Plus I love coral so it’s fun to wear such a bright colored dress. Yay!

So as you probably gathered from the beer photo above, I went to happy hour last night to celebrate Britt’s birthday. We went over to a bar called Front Page in Dupont Circle right after work to take advantage of their free tacos and $2 Caronas.

The line for the tacos was really long, but at that point there was no where to sit anyway so our choices were 1) stand and linger by the bar or 2) stand and linger while also in line for free tacos. Can you guess what we chose??

Obviously the tacos 🙂

They were laid out on a big buffet table and right smack in the middle was a roasted pig. EEK!!!!

How disgusting. While I do like pork and enjoy pulled pork as much as the next person, this was enough to totally gross me out and keep me far away from the pork tacos. No thank you. I’ll have the chicken please!

I topped my tacos with black beans, salsa, and a bit of coleslaw (weird, but tasty) and dug in. I wanted to take a picture but we were standing while eating and trying to hold our beers. Aka, no extra hands for photo-taking. Bummer.

After we ate we hung out for a while waiting for Britt and Jess to arrive. Things started out very civilized…

But as soon as Fabio’s friend Max ordered shots of bourbon things went quickly downhill.

I have to admit, I do love me some bourbon.

Soon Jess and Britt arrived and everyone happily wished Britt a happy birthday. Then the beers continued to flow, the place cleared out a little, and we saw a wide opening on the dance floor. Dance like crazy people to awesome 90’s music on a Thursday night?? Well if you insist!

Hey Jess!

Hey other Jess!

[Please excuse the poor iPhone photos]

The boys had fun too!

Hey boys!

It was a great night and we had so much fun just dancing, being goofy, and enjoying each others company.

Hope you had a great birthday, Britt!

So tell me, do you usually go out on work nights? I used to be in a happy hour phase where I would go out every Thursday after work (those college habits are hard to kick!) but lately I’ve been staying in more and avoiding the weekly happy hours. I’m always just so exhausted in the morning and hate going to work hungover. Plus all the calories from beer and drunk food are not something I miss. Sometimes you just have to make exceptions though 😉


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  1. Looks like you had a great time!! I went out quite a bit during the week probably for a year and a half after I graduated from college, but have definitely toned it down quite a bit since last summer. I can’t hang like I used to! My body isn’t as forgiving either!

  2. PS– How weird is it that your 13th Fashion Friday is on Friday the 13th!!!

  3. Nights like that make any hangover an exception 🙂 Glad you had such a great time, and Happy Birthday to your friend Britt!

    –No going out for drinks over here with alcohol being illegal.. boo 🙁 It is so funny to me though, because if you go to restaurants there are still “Margaritas/Beer” on the menu… just all alcohol free! haha.

  4. Hey! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I can’t wait to keep reading more. Keep up the great work! <3

  5. LOVE the outfit! I miss when I lived near Tysons and could go to H&M whenever I wanted…

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